23L – Joining the Circus with Paul Gilmartin

Paul Gilmartin


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! 23L! Heated conversation after Eliot reveals his dad calls him “El”

Talking emotions.

Talking showers and sheets!

05 – Eliot talks about when he had money.

Talking trusting car dealer and leases!

10 – Talking Gap!

Jimmy talks about getting money to buy wardrobe on Movies At Our House.

15 – Talking PE in school

Silk is just bug butt stuff.

20 – It’s Matt’s first date anniversary!


Where did Jimmy see Styx?! Kern County!

Talking Nightmare Before Christmas.

35 – Halloween talk!

Betting on Hoda Kotb’s age!

40 –

Matt: 53
Eliot: 49
Jimmy: 51

Audience singing the show themes is so great!

Jimmy saw Hunter Killer. Last 40 minutes were great.

45 – Paul Gilmartin is here! Looking like a woodsman!

Mustache and stubble!

Eliot’s gonna start putting disclaimer on his comments.


Funny Lady

50 – Talking Babs on Carpool Karaoke!

Eliot needs a nickname!

55 – Matt addresses the death of Arrested Developments Baba Oje – 

60 – We’re taking a break! Paul is here! Jimmy mentions the guy who made ornaments out of Scroll Saw.

Paul’s back to woodworking!

We’re back!

Paul learns the origin of episode numbering.

Talking Mental Illness Happy Hour live shows.

1h5m – Paul had Tiffany Haddish on the show before she blew up!

Matt watched Adam Sandler’s latest stand-up. He enjoyed it!

Paul wants to join the circus?!

1h10m – HF talk Homewood Flossmore – Jason Benetti!

1h15m – Paul’s seeing a lady! Christina! They’re going to see Bohemian Rhapsody!

Jimmy hasn’t met Christina yet.

Caravan talk and hedgefund managers snatching money.

1h20m – Nick Offerman makes Oars!

1h25m – The Gundo!

Eliot asks about the workshop.

1h30m – Talking dogs!

1h35m – NYPD Reboot – 

Jimmy talks meeting Roger Daltrey with Oliver and he being super nice!

Podswag.com! Get your stickers!

Eliot goes with Leonard Nimoy.

Talking pronunciation of Nimoy.

Matt’s L is Luke Wilson.

1h50m – Talking elaborate kids costumes.

Jacob Wohl talk!

1h55m – Paul has some insane guesses.

Tommy Westphall Theory – 

Talking The Comeback

2h –
6) L. Ron Hubbard?!
5) Lon Chaney Jr
4) Larry Fine
3) Laurence Olivier
2) Larry Storch
1) Lance Kerwin

No winner!

2h5m – Paul talks about seeing a guy in white shorts with a pee stain on them at the gym.

Thanks Paul!

Eli Hochberg!


My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth