21O – Throwing Shoes with CeCe Pleasants


CeCe Pleasants

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – O! 21 O! Indeed x2.

O’reilly talk


Fucking tailpipes?

You want hot melon?

Two Prong Schlong

05 – Jimmy throwing a shoe at Matt.

Welcome in!

AYDS really works!

Deez nuts.


Auto Immune was bought out by O’Reillys. – Jimmy

10 –Talking school functions.

Oliver is playing an actor in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Talking parents at school events. Want them there or not?

Go Fact Yourself should be out in the beginning of December. Listen to Jimmy be proven to be a fraud!

Sketch fest tickets are on sale! NNF will be there! January 12 and 13. Playing Games AND NNF with April Richardson.

Schedule and Tickets

Pardcast-a-thon is March 3!

15 – Talking when Jimmy and Matt saw the cast of This is Us.

20 – Talking Smilf. Jimmy likes it.
Does not like the term Milf.



This is Us cast was on the way to Salt Lake City.

Talking podcasting for huge crowds.

Jimmy talks about guest suggestions.

30 – Last one cums has to eat it! Did anyone do that?

Talking an ice cream truck that drives Eliot crazy.


35 – CeCe Pleasants is here!!

Twister 2 without Bill Paxton?!

CeCe is in on the bet.

Jimmy talks about her hair.

Vinyl talk!

Tryign to guess that marillion song.

“don’t say help me pull it!” – Jimmy

40 – Jizz tree.

It’s Kaylee!

91/2 Weeks bet

Jimmy: 1985
Matt: 1986
Eliot: 1989
CeCe: 1981

The answer is 1986!

CeCe is lucky to join us! And we’re lucky to have her.

We’ll be right back!

45 – We’re back!

Be ready Eliot! This is Nam! We don’t know when Charlie is gonna sneak in here.

When Eliot comes out with his abuse at the hands of Jimmy the press will ask two questions according to Matt: “Who is Eliot Hochberg and who is Jimmy Pardo?”


Talking split cock. I’m sorry.

50 – Talking Karate Kid and jimmy making a joke at the theater.

55 – Is charms a euphemism for something else?

I’m On Fire – https://genius.com/Bruce-springsteen-im-on-fire-lyrics

Jersey Girl has charms in it.

Mail is here!

We got some Go Fuck Your Gun shirts! Eliot and Matt get theirs. Jimmy and I have to wait.

60 – We’re betting on this gift!

12-inch single of Wham Rap!

No winner on the bet.

1h5m – Round the horn!

Jimmy changes his word.

What was Robin Williams first animated part?

American Pop is Jimmy’s answer.
CeCe says Ferngully!
Matt : An American Tale
Eliot: Roger Rabbit

The answer is Ferngully!
1h10m – Talking Ferngully and getting kicked out of a mall.

Round the horn!

My O word is Sinead O’Conner!

1h15m – “That’s bangles shit.” – Jimmy on Prince using an eye symbol.

Talking Prince and Paisley Park.

Talking Red Hats.

Apparently we killed Liz Smith.

Lee Lee Sobieski – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005447/

Talking disaster movie.

1h20m – Jimmy talks about seeing San Andreas in a 4D theater.

Lee Lee sobieski talk leads to Matt taking more shoe.

1h25m – CeCee is tossing a shoe at Matt!

The Shoe Challenge! “Did we just make it better for women?!” – CeCe

The key master! (an off air reference)

Jimmy does some Chicago accents.

1h30m – Eliot’s O word was Ozzy Osbourne.

Eliot go this court decision. He talks about what happened and the outcome of it.

Screwed the pooch!

Matt’s O is Rick Ocasek which was his back up. Roy Orbison is his other option.

CeCe Pleasants is here! A legend on this program thanks to Sevens.

Her O word is…Billy Ocean!!!

1h35m – Billy Ocean – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_Ocean


Talking the Chinese/Japanese rhyme.

1h40m – Jimmy pulled a calf muscle playing baseball with Oliver, talks about it.

Talking Arby’s!

Jimmy’s word is Mike Oldfield. Back up was Joan Osborne!

1h45m – Matt talks about someone thinking her song was making waves.

Prince covered that song – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_of_Us_(Joan_Osborne_song)#Cover_versions_and_parodies

Sevens With CeCe!

We love CeCe’s motorcycle sounds.

Matt has a crazy story he never told us. A motorcycle drove down the sidewalk and almost hit him.

Eliot’s going balls deep into a blunderbuss.

Matt gives to CeCe Pleasants: 13 (Food)

Matt immediately points out that the average score in food is 30. s

Jimmy gives to CeCe Pleasants: 14 (Celebrities)

Nukes in seven!

Thank you CeCe!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth