21H – Making the Donuts with Matt Donaher


Matt Donaher


21H – Henley, Don (Susannah Hoffs)

00 – Hello! Welcome in! The same name as Never Not Funny! Plenty available!

21H third place is a man!

Dealing with some heat issues. It’s freezing now and Matt make some kind of makeshift buffer system.

Talking about the cover Harry Styles did of The Chain. Jimmy thinks it’s okay.

Matt talks about having access to some kind of Harry Styles Q&A thing.

Harry Styles Charms Grammy Museum Crowd, Is a Nomination Next?

Talking future grammys and albums of the year? Will Kesha get nominated?

Jimmy went to see Allison Moyet last minute last night.

Talking Ford Theater vs The Fonda.

05 – Jimmy talks about the show. It was jammed. 90% gay guys.

She was great and Jimmy talks about his favorite moment of the show. “Shut the fuck up I’m talking!” – Allison to someone in the crowd who yelled something to her.

Jimmy had someone behind him who was standing extremely close to him and how this same guy was part of a couple that was really clingy, uncomfortably so.

Talking Allison Moyet and Boy George.

10 – Fan at the show last night kept calling Jimmy Jim, too many times for Jimmy’s comfort.

Jimmy goes through the people who call him Jim and it isn’t the guy from that concert.

Birthday surprise for Eliot!


20 – Barely toasted!


Talking happy birthdays.

25 – Talking Trump!

How can you defend him?!

Talking reactions to the NFL and people’s commenting on facebook about it.

30 – Taking flags and games.

Matt Donaher is here!

He brought donuts!

Talking about his voice.

Mike Henry brought them last time.


Funny openers for Jimmy!

Hannah Hogan and I missed the other one.
Hannah’s husband does comedy too. Dusty something or other (Hogan?)

We’ll be back!

35 – We’re back! It’s Eliot’s birthday party!

Matt D’s second time here!

Matt has a package to open. It’s his iPad! It’s just thrown in an envelope. No padding at all. It arrives in perfect condition!

Matt D’s friend found an iPad and she kept it.

Matt D found a rick and morty trade paperback. He kept it.

40 – Matt D doesn’t use cases. He talks about the protection options he likes.

Is Jimmy a tech guy?

Matt says that Jimmy is an early adopting luddite.

Matty Garlic fingers!

Matt publically thanks American Airlines for sending his iPad.

Talking phones. Oliver will be the last kid to have one.

45 – Matt talks about wanting to give his kids old motorolla razr phones.

Jimmy wants Oliver to be bored in line for a while before he loses him to a phone.

“I think I’m gonna go on the computer tonight.” – Old guy Jimmy overheard.

Stop being so positive Matt Donaher!

50 – Talking Movie Pass!

Jimmy liked two sitcoms last night and liked them both!

Me Myself and I and Young Sheldon.

Talking The Mayor.

55 – Matt D. suggests Downward Down and Playing House.

“I tried that with Downward Dog and I watched every episode!” – Oliver on saying he doesn’t like a show.

60 – Talking appointment television.

Talking about Jimmy’s Tonight Show appearance. Matt D wants to see it because it can’t be as bad as Jimmy says it is. Jimmy assures him it is.

Jimmy talks about how bad the audience was at that show and wanting to get bumped.

Round the horn!

I watched Don’t knock twice and Cult of Chucky.

Matt D had to clarify he was not taking a shot.

1h5m – Matt doubles down on his bundt pun talk.

Don Henley is my H.


Matt D is guessing ages!

1h10m – Talking about Eliot’s birthday.

He went to Pieology.

Pizza talk!

Eliot goes with Corey Hart.

Talking about weird Band meet and greet

1h15m – Matt D talks about seeing a community production of Julius Caeser with Rivers Cuomo.

Jimmy talks about a tweet about the Ink Master finale. “Like a high school musical, everything is horrible.”

1h20m – Talking about American Vandal. Matt D calls the editor a genius.

Matt’s H is Bruce Hornsby!

He switches to Jimi Hendrix!

Matt D. goes Whitney Houston.

I think Oliver can watch Die Hard.

1h25m – Eliot apologizes to his lady friend.

Jimmy’s H is Sammy Hagar! Whitney Houston, Daryl Hall.

We’ll be back!

It’s a sauna across the hall apparently.

1h30m – Thermostat set for Eliot according to Matt D.

Matt gives us an iPad update. They wrote on his case!

Donut time!!


2h – Matt wins!

We’re out of here!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth