19G – Tuning In with Shane Mauss

Shane Mauss

Shane Mauss

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Shane Mauss

00 – Players club! Welcome to the program. Regular time. No jury duty for Jimmy today. He wanted it Monday, now he doesn’t want it.

Talking about The Night Of. The guys love it. Jimmy spoils something for Matt. Matt doesn’t care. Matt talks about a jury selection advice seen on the show.

Raise that monitor Eliot!

Jim Croce talk. Matt says Eliot looks like him. Jimmy insists Eliot get on that one man show, despite zero interest.

Jimmy talks about Jim Croce maybe having more draw than Buddy Holly.

Jimmy talks about the oldies section at record stores still being 50s.

05 – Get on that mustache Eliot!

I tell our guest to come back in a few minutes. He just wanted to make sure he was here on time.

More The Night Of talk.

The Heartbreak Kid – 

Jeannie Berlin- 

Jimmy takes a call from Volkswagon and talks about suing them for his finger injury.

15 – Jimmy and Matt try to go through the trial.

Represent Yourself

Hope and Gloria


Doc Talk!

Who Took Johnny?


Jimmy saw someone taking a whiz.

Matt was right by Jimmy’s house.

20 – Shane is here! He talks coffee and shirts.


Jimmy talks about the C word.

He talks about first day at Charter School.

Jimmy talks about a parent who is annoying all the other parents.

25 – Shane Mauss is here! Still in the chair though.

Last time Shane was here it generated a lot of uncomfortable emails.

Jimmy talks about him.

30 – http://ultimateclassicrock.com/ted-nugent-donald-trump-ad/

Ted was in a Trump ad.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Round the horn!

19 G

Blair Witch talk!!

Jimmy asked jeeves about the original BW.


35 – C stands for caboose.

Twitter account talk.


Doc Talk


Animal Odd Couples

19 genesis?! Jimmy has to pick another word.

45 – Superman talk!

Jimmy and fam have started watching The Andy Griffith Show. Loves it!

50 – 19 Gravity! Did I win?

Space/Gravity talk.

Matt tells Jimmy about the Vomit Comet.



Sex in space?

55 – Talking space boner!

Gravity is not a winner!

60 – Eliot’s here! He’s got a screwed up finger or something. He scraped it on something.

Eliot’s girl has access to the players club now! They remain together.

The wives listen!

Matt talks about how big a fan of Jimmy Elise is.

Jimmy talks about getting mad when Danielle says Matt is funny.

Leads to a terrible song.

65 – Shane talks about his podcast. http://www.herewearepodcast.com/

Dr. Oz is a brilliant man.

70 – Stress will kill you. Relax more!

Shane and Jimmy talk about Meditation.

Eliot’s G word is Ghost Dad or Gone Girl.


One opening in the Familiare. Flooring issues.

75 – Shane broke his feet TWICE in his life.

He has a divot in his foot. He shows it to us and its not as bad as we expected.

Three shows a night is too much comedy clubs!

80 – Matt’s G word is… (The) Godfather! His other one is Goodfellas.

Godfather Vs Goodfellas Vs Scarface

Cribs talk! Matt talks about an episode of the show with Redman in his apartment in queens.

Sean William Scott had a roommate apparently on his Cribs.

85 – Jason Biggs got $5 mill for the American Pie reunion movie.

Shane talks about his upcoming tour having a theme about psychedelics. He brought a coloring book for adults.

Shane’s word was Goodfellas.

90 – no winner!


Shane lists some of his tour stops. Find more at shanemauss.com!

95 – Shane talks about the psychedelic community and his show openers.

Jimmy is friends with two of Shane’s roommates.

Shane lives right by Eliot, in PALMS.

Apparently Culver City is NOT part of Los Angeles so it doesn’t use LADWP.

100 – Blind people don’t hve eyes?! Just marbels?!

Big boi commercial talk.

We’re done!
The Mayor!

See ya next time!

My pleasure,

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