16I – Sounding it Out with Matt Gourley

Matt Gourley

Matt Gourley

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – The door is open and closed! We started late after a heated debate. Might have a shorter start this time.

Matt Gourley is our guest! 2nd time.

Matt preguessed Igloo correctly so Jimmy changed his word.

Jimmy almost pulled a Robert Durst and whispered the word to himself.

Jimmy doesn’t remember the sandwich situation.

Watching Hungry! (Temple of the Dog parody)

Jimmy talks about Eliot stopping him on the way to the bathroom to tell him something not at all related to anything at all anyone was saying.

Jimmy reenacts the incident with his hands.

Matt doesn’t love his son since he calls him buddy.

Jimmy again confirms Matt’s neck is okay with that heavy head of hair.

05 – Jimmy first French kiss was in 6th grade with an 8th grader.

Eliot explains his email situation.

Eliot came up in Jimmy’s house yesterday. Game creator of Swipe It was over and Jimmy thought he knew Eliot. Apparently they don’t know each other.

Matt compares Swipe It to Tinder.

It’s the rhythm Eliot! It got you! Gloria has been warning us for years!

10 – Matt Gourley is here!
Maybe I’m moving to KY maybe not? Who knows.

Jimmy and Matt talk about Justified.

Jimmy wishes ill to Matt G so he can catch up on Justified.

Jimmy talks about his accountant’s office.

They talk about Regul offices.

I’m fine!!!!!!!!!!!

15 – Matt Gourley is wearing his Andy Daly costume.

We’re talking body hair!

Half of Jimmy’s shin is hairless. Matt G goes in for a feel.

Matt G says it looks like Jimmy is going through Transgender surgery.

20 – Jimmy is wearing his sketchers.

I saw meth heads licking each other.

Jimmy gets into Wham Rap!!

We’ll be back!!

We’re back!

16 Imbecile!

Jimmy’s in the old style headphones. Feels like Scanner into Westworld.

Jimmy loves Lexington.

Lexington Vs Louisville.

Lexington is the hip city.

25 – Kentucky cities

Rick Pitino – 

30 – We’re talking Planet of the Apes!

Matt G suggests Remo Williams! Its on Netflix!

Remo Williams trivia. Who sings the theme song and what was the title. Tommy Shaw What If (Remo’s Theme)

40 – My word was Idiot!

Eliot’s word is Indiana!

We talk about the Indiana law. Jimmy talks about seeing a homophobe on a music message board regarding John Mellenkamp’s speaking out about it.

Matt says Little Pink Houses is about gays. Jimmy says no straight man would live in a pick house.

They made 842k.

45 – Matt G went with Indigo or Ill!

180 gram vinyl

Jimmy bought a couple more 180g albums.

Eliot says he wants to see the movie 180 grams.

Matt wins the never mention the 180 g again.

Jimmy bought KISS Asylum for $19.99.

The most he spent was $38 on Cat Stevens Live.

50 – Jimmy went to Freak Beat before the show. Had a sluggish guy behind the counter.

Matt G says Matt’s getting a little Jimmy Neutron in the hair.

Matt’s going to get Matt G a windscreen.

Jimmy thinks of Matt G daily.

Jimmy talks to Matt G about the E-Golf since he recommended it to Jimmy.

We’re talking about Matt Gs Volkswagen commercials. Jimmy correctly guesses the studio they shot at.

55 – Matt G just got a new car before he got the Volkswagen campaign so he currently doesn’t drive a Volkswagen. His wife drives the diesel golf.

Jimmy True or Falses meeting Tommy Shaw drunk and telling him his second album was the greatest album of all time.

We’re trying to guess this voice over.

Matt G is a fan of this guy and was excited to meet him.

Big role in the 80s.

60 – Alan Ruck! Matt guessed it!

Young Guns 2 – 

Oliver has taken a liking to Bon Jovi! Matt G compares it to a 50s dad finding out his son wants to be in theater.

65 – Matt wants to know finally why Jimmy doesn’t like Bon Jovi. Jimmy thinks it’s his voice but Matt doesn’t buy that.

It’s My Life by Bon Jovi – 

May 23, 2000.

Jimmy talks about Don McClean discussing the lyrics of American Pie.


Bets –
Jimmy – 2006
Matt B – 2002
Matt G – 2007
Eliot – 2004

No winner! We’re letting it ride!

Jon Bon Jovi, actor

Matt B got a sound bar from Vizio.

75 – Jimmy and Matt G are both fascinated by the sound bar.

Matt loves it.

Matt G says you want that quadrophonic sound for submarine movies.

That sounds like a great way to get caught in a sound mistake. – Matt Gourley makes the opening of next season.

The guys talk sound bars and speakers.

80 – We’re moving on to Universal Remotes and Hue lights!

watchApple watch – 

Guys talk left handed phoning.

85 – Eliot would like to weigh in on the apple watch topic. He references Jimmy wearing his Garmin and perhaps switching to the apple watch wouldn’t be much different.

Apparently Jimmy didn’t know about the Health app on the iphone.

Eliot speaks up again and Jimmy is unsure how to react to it.

90 – Jimmy demos his Garmin by moving his arms around, no change in the steps. He then gets up and walks around. No change in the steps.

Jimmy talks about buying Oliver an off brand tablet and having to return it. Matt suggests the LeapPad.

No progress on getting Jimmy on General Hospital.

Matt G doesn’t want to let this go. He’s gonna fight to get Jimmy on GH. He’s working on it as we speak.

“It’s night and day dude.” – Matt on his sound bar.

Nashville talk!

95 – Back to Justified! It’s not streaming on Netflix but it is on Amazon Prime – 

Jimmy asked Timothy Olyphant about a deadwood reunion and he said it will never happen. 

Jimmy calls Deadwood his favorite show of all time or at the least Top 2.

Ken Cosgrove lost his eye to a hunting accident with the crazy GM executives

Ken Cosgrove lost his eye to a hunting accident with the crazy GM executives

100 – The guys talk about their favorite shows.

Mad Men Chat.

Matt G talks about the last episode of The Sopranos.

105 – Eliot has a question about Mad Men. He wonders if the ending will have to do with Don’s secret.

We’re done!

See ya next time!

My pleasure,

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