3311 – Picking sides with Rob Riggle



00 Welcome in!

It’s Monday and hotter outside than we expected it to be.

“Newn!” Who is Jimmy impersonating?

Vincent Price??

Jimmy talks about his impressions and jokes through the years.

Trump trial talk!

Is he competent to stand trial??


10 – Can we not talk about Trump in 2024? Unlikely.

Jimmy and Oliver went to see Kiss over the weekend! Jimmy fills us in!

They got better seats thanks to Brendan Smith!

Jimmy thinks Gene is starting to feel his age and is slowing down.

20 – Lots of Kiss talk!

I went to see to our guest.

25 – Talking Kiss popularity and Van Halen popularity across the country.


Oliver loved the show as well!

Jimmy would have liked a few different songs in the setlist but also “who gives a shit.”

We’ll be right back!

30 – We’re back!

Rob Riggle is here and raring to go on trivia!

Jimmy and Rob address why it’s taking him so long to get on the show.

Rob talks about his podcast Riggle’s Picks and how it started prepandemic with Sarah Tiana but life and the pandemic put it on ice until now when he’s relaunching it with a new cohost.

35 – Jimmy and Rob talk about the Kansas City baseball event he does and how Samm Levine has been to every single one.

Talking first concerts! Rob’s was Motley Crue opening for Ozzy Osborne! Jimmy also went to this tour.

40 – Jimmy has a scientific question for Rob.

Taylor Swift is a billionaire now!

Rob talks about taking his daughter to an earlier Taylor Swift tour and their insane level of screaming.

Rob’s daughter is 19 and his son is 15.

Rob talks about his daughter and her acting experiences and how she gets and appreciates comedy.

45 – Scientific question:

Who did Rob know first in KC, Van Halen or Sammy Hagar?

He loved Sammy but he thinks he was more Van Halen focused.

50 – Matt confirms Rob was born in 1970!

Rob talks about going into the military at the age of 19 and being in the active reserves when he was on SNL and The Daily Show.

He got called up after 9/11 and went to Afghanistan.

Rob’s introduction to Oingo Boingo was Back to School. He never heard them on the radio back home.

Weird Science peaked at #45!

55 – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dustin_Pedroia

Harry Chappas was 5’3’’


Jimmy compliments Rob on Holey Moley!

They talk his co-host Joe Tessitore


60 – Rob talks about the status of Holey Moley. It’s not canceled but it’s not renewed. They’re basically on a holding pattern.


Rob talks about which of the holey moley holes he tried out.

1h5m – Trivia time!

Rob talks about how he used to dislike the BeeGees and now has a great appreciation of them.

Jimmy’s got updated test results! “Looks good.”

1h10m – Jimmy and Rob talk this decade not being great so far.

Trivia results below!

Jimmy tossed some paper at me and aggravated his tennis elbow which leads to some Pickle Ball talk! Rob doubts Jimmy’s claim as a Pickle Ball champ in 1984, thinking it didn’t exist then.

1h15m – No nut November talk! Rob had not heard of it.


Get that poison out!

1h20m – We’ll be right back!!

We’re back! 3311!

Rob talks about his son not wanting to go do anything with him.

1h25m – Rob talks about how much he learned from his dad just watching him interact with other people. He’s gonna drag his son out more now.

Eliot suggests Battle Bots.

1h30m – I went to the Back to the Future mall!

Teddy Roosevelt talk!

Eliot fills us more on Kiss LA tour stops.

We’re on protest until we get some Kiss info.

1h35m – Will Jimmy go to NYC for the last Kiss shows?

If the answer is Warthog, Rob is destroying the entire studio.

Full results below!

1h40m – Riggle’s Picks!

November 15th!  Travis Kelce is their first guest!

Is this a top five first appearance?

See you next time!!


Trivia Results:

Category: Presidential Pets

Question: Theodore Roosevelt had many interesting pets including a one legged-rooster, a badger, a bear, and this animal that is native to Africa and Asia, that was a gift from the Emperor of Ethiopia.

Garon: Monkey (7 pts)

Eliot: Elephant (8 pts)

Matt: Warthog (14 pts)

Rob Riggle: Elephant (18 pts)

Jimmy: Elephant (8 pts)

Answer: Hyena

Theodore Roosevelt’s Hyena

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole