BONUS – Live at Flappers

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Live at Flappers








00 sex off the bat!

Jimmy and Garon switching places.

Jimmy wants to wrestle with someone and cannot use a chair.

5 –

Eliot apologizes for his failure to turn on Matt’s mic.

Matt forgot he saw Paul McCartney.

Jimmy and Matt talk about Scarlet Opera.

The Echoplex seats 780!

Ted Lasso talk!

Matt talks about the WB tour. It was very Gilmore Girls heavy, thanks to their tour guide tailoring it to the only other people on the tram.

15 – More than Bug Bunny! Gilmore Girls is the 3rd most popular WB IP?

Lance Barber of Young Sheldon and Godfather of Green Bay –

Miles has made us look the fool with his “Mike is my brother” bit.

20 – Trump should use tiny cups.

Parking Lots are busy in Burbank tonight.

More Eliot Angry texts!

25 – Matt and Jimmy are comparing Apple Watches.

30 – Gabby in the audience flew in from the Bay Area just for us!

The Eliot saga continues!

35 – Jimmy is full of local references.

We could have called Eliot but then we wouldn’t have this story.

Eliot’s sorry that he was late.

It’s a new Eliot!

40 –

Jimmy spills some tea about Sharon Osborne being horrible and sabatoging Iron Mainden shows

45 – Who is more famous? Jimmy or Dylan Walsh?

55 – Blow Dart!

You can get a blow gun on amazon (state dependent)

John DeKoven is here!

60 – in 2008, 500 euro would be $735.

Matt’s brother in law did not make it to the show.  Matt fills us in about what happened.

Talking about the wives listening to the show.

1h5m – More about Matt’s family.

Matt insists he did work today.

1h10m – Long story short: the fam stayed at Universal Studios.

Jimmy’s matching belt to shirt text.

Talking Sofia Coppola.

Talking to Patty! Arianna’s sister. Kevin’s Sister-In-Law

1h20m – SNL Cold open –

1h25m – We’re almost done!


I got the gays!

Jimmy got Gabby

John gets Matt

Patty gets Eliot.

Jimmy gives to Gabby: 7 (Celebrities)

Matt gives to John DeKoven: 4 (70s Music)

Eliot gives to Patty: 8 (TV)

Garon gives to the Nate: 10 (Movies)

Gays win!

Before we leave Jimmy and Matt talk to Sam and Amers!

OK Bye!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole