BONUS – Live at Flappers

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Live at Flappers







00 We can hear you!

Jimmy immediately moving audience members!

This is breaking bad!

Lights off! Let’s go!

We’re starting over!

We’re doing it over! Let’s go!

Welcome in! First time for Jimmy on stage with glasses but he tries to see the crowd without them.

One day we will see this very tall man’s shoes in the audience. Hi Jordan!

Jimmy has never been prouder of Oliver in the crowd!

Jimmy has never met the guy in the front row.

We’re gonna need cookies in 40 minutes.

Nightmare Alley!

Dana Carvey is here on Saturday and Jimmy takes down Jay Leno.


JImmy can’t hear himself and we talk about the audience members giant feet.

Jordan Keith Castlebury!

10 – Jimmy not a fan of the stools.

Thanks for moving Jeff.

Jimmy talks about his preshow peptalk.

We’re delivering a full 74% tonight!

We’re gonna turn Jordan’s toes into Zuckerberg and Musk so they can fight.

Burn Feet Do Jokes!

28 yo audience member, James, ready to retire already (if he was in sports).

Jimmy recounts his ey issues, which apparently includes time warps and multiversal adventures according to Matt.

Poppin Lenses is Jimmy’s favorite rapper.

Matt sings some Papa Roach.

Jimmy wants Mat to guess who James sounds like but Jordan from the audience guesses Matt Donaher.

Matt’s actual guess is Colin Jost. Jimmy disagrees but wants James to take his shirt off.

Matt says the Donaher guess was money. Jimmy thought James sounded like a young Doug Benson from a time when he was not the Doug we know.

Send in the clowns and close the doors Jackson!

20 – Eliot is basically the only adull on the show.

No Hard Feelings talk!

Schmidt didn’t like it and let jimmy know.

Does Jordan look like Korn?

In The Mouth of Madness talk!!

25 – uh oh! Kevin is here!

Matt was not thinking of Korn he was thinking of Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit.

Jordan’s only 6’4?!

Scotty Pippen!

30 – Lotta Scotty P talk!

It took Lincoln 9 hours to die. He was seeing My American Cousin.

The bullet had entered through Lincoln’s left ear and lodged behind his right eye. He was paralyzed and barely breathing. He was carried across Tenth Street, to a boarding-house opposite the theater, but the doctors’ best efforts failed. Nine hours later, at 7:22 a.m. on April 15th, Lincoln died.

Which of the kids do drugs first?

35 – Jimmy thinks Charlie gets Ludes on the soccer pitch.

Qualudes are collecto’s items?

quaaludes are not currently manufactured or legally available. Quaaludes, or methaqualone, were a sedative and hypnotic drug that gained popularity in the 1970s but were subsequently banned due to their potential for abuse and dependence.

Sally in the audience did ludes in the 90s. she laid in the street.

Nightmare Before Christmas talk.

40 – Jimmy saw it opening night.

Jordan’s dad is here also!

Jay Leno never touches his tonight show cookies.

45 – Matt saw Janet and it was great!

Did we talk about it??

50 – Matt loves the Bowl fireworks.

Matt unhappy about an audience singalong while jimmy chokes

Shes known for the moves not the voice!

Janet is 57!

She turns a blind eye!

Ed Sheeran

55 – Jimmy and Matt talk about concerts and parent drop off.

Jimmy saw many concerts with his mom.


60 – Jimmy needs a pen!

furthest birthday goes first!

James is up first!

Garon gives to James (Horror Movies): 11

Jimmy gives to Mike (80s Music): 28

Who heckled oliver?!

Jordan’s a Naruto fan!

Neither Jordan (long time supporter) or Oliver (Son of the host) know the categories.

Oliver gives to Jordan (Movies – Action) – 2

We’re doing it again. Jordan’s FATHER is here!

Oliver gives to Jordan (90s Music) – 0

Matt gives to Sally (The 90s) – 10

1h25m – We’re done but we don’t know how to end it!

Thanks everyone!

Stop saying dunks!


Matt gets picked last more than he thinks?

Ok bye!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole