32A – Setting the table with Lizz Winstead

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 Hello!

Welcome in to 32A!

Enjoy your perks when you get them! Enjoy the video and the bonuses!

Jimmy talks about Mindy being 70.

Talking about classic rock and how it has never gone away and never feels “old.”

Jimmy relates and listens to the young people!

No back catalog for Oliver!

Speaking of listeners, Jimmy’s gonna address something on the air. Someone reached out about some Eliot hate at the start of the show.

Unsolicited notes are not part of the perks!

Jimmy is kinder than Eliot’s father so it all works out.

Listen or don’t listen!

I am a pile of laundry on a chair.

New shirt!


Jimmy had to go to a new doctor.

20 – It’s not very convenient and the 8-mile drive takes WAY too long.

Jimmy was on the Bob and Tom show this past week.

Talking Tom’s son Willy.

Hilton Home 2 is where Jimmy stayed and now he’s getting calls from Hilton.

He lost his temper with them and Oliver always goes nuts laughing.

Jimmy gives us a health update.

25 – Things are getting better but other stuff is creeping up unexpectedly but he feels like he’s taking a turn for the better.

Jimmy’s blaming covid for a lot of his mind issues.

The drops are a work in progress.

I’m back from our guest!

Eliot’s getting his praises.

30 – It’s an NNF Lovefest!

Jimmy’s grateful for all of us!

One of Jimmy’s issues is stress related though!

The Windmills of Your Mind is from Thomas Crown Affair.

Talking covid tests.

Butt plug thermometers!

35 – Vibrators that react to music and Eliot’s pirate shirt wearing professor who made sex music.

Jimmy is loving Streets of San Francisco!

40 – Michael Douglas chat!

Evangeline Lily chat.

Michael Douglas is 78!


Matt talks about Shrinking, which he loves.

Matt is watching Ted Lasso with Charlie.

45 – Lizz Winstead is here!

Jimmy’s wearing the shirt for her abortion causes.

Round the horn and letter game coming up!

Jimmy and Lizz have never met!

Jimmy gives Lizz some history about a time he talked to her on the phone on accident when he was calling for his friend.

Top ten comedy club is in Madison!

50 – Talking Tom Barnard – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Barnard

Greg Gutfeld – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Gutfeld

Charlie Kirk is mad at Lizz for some reason.

Golden Corral!

Lizz gets her food from the grocery store.

55 – don’t get between Lizz and taco bell or burger king if she wants it.

She recounts the time a McDonald’s opened next to a Burger King and you could get a whopper and McDonald’s fries.

Whopper Burger!


We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

First lettered episode of the season!

Lizz Winstead is here! And she’s got a dirty story for us about a guy who really wanted the August issue of Eating Pussy magazine.

Yes I googled it.

Jimmy talks to Lizz about The Daily Show and launching it with Craig Kilborn (who he enjoyed!)

She talks about it.

Lizz was just on the show with Sarah Silverman hosting.

Jimmy and Lizz think she might be the answer!

1h5m – Jimmy wants to manifest (?!) something. Sarah Silverman hosting The Daily Show in Los Angeles so Jimmy can have a job.

How do people watch late night anymore?

Lizz talks about the origin of The Daily Show.

1h10m – Jimmy put some of Olivia’s habanero jelly on his bagel this morning.

Lizz doesn’t talk to Craig Kilborn much. They didn’t get along much.

Lizz talks about hiring a lot of news people who they hired for The Daily Show.

The Daily Show was launched with a year guarantee with no pilot!

1h15m – Lizz had a radio show for two years with Rachel Maddow and Chuck D.

Doug Herzog was in charge of Comedy Central at the time Daily Show launched. Lizz recommends listening to the podcast Basic that Doug is doing about the creation of Basic Cable.


1h20m – Magaga!

Lizz talks about Trump and how New Yorkers hate them.

No joy for bad people.

Ben Gleib vs Charlie Kirk – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRroUOQzH1w


You can learn how to do an abortion on a papaya.

Lizz has given us the basics on Abortion.

1h25m – There is a major court decision coming up regarding access to abortion medication access.

1h30m – Conservativism isn’t going away. There is a lot of bad things happening.

Texas vibrator buy back program! Jimmy and Lizz are gonna do it.

Round the horn!

Jimmy’s gonna connect Mario and Lizz!

Jimmy was storage neighbors with Brian Unger.

I might do a game show!

Cocaine Bear and The Road Comic are on the movie agendas for the weekend.

Competing Emo Philips stories!

1h45m – Jimmy asks Lizz about the Aristocrats joke. Neither of them had ever heard it before the Roast of Hugh Heffner and the movie.

Billy the mime!


Lizz talks about doing Paul Provenza’s show The Green Room.


1h50m – Talking about audiences and cancel culture.

Lizz set up Tom Arnold and Roseanne. She talks more about her history and who she came up with in her career.

Lizz talks about the Minneapolis Comedy Scene and how special it was. There was a time there were six full time comedy clubs.

2h – Round the horn for real now!

NNF radio for old folks’ homes?

Eliot’s answer is Allison Brie!
Matt”s answer is Ann(i)e Hathaway!
Lizz’s answer is Aubrey Plaza!
Jimmy’s answer is Angela Landsbury!

What did the fans say?!


5) Amy Adams
4) Allison Brie
3) Ashley Judd
2) Anna Kendrick
1) Angela Bassett

No winner!

We’re done!
A Joy! A new friend! No regrets!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole/ Pile of laundry of a chair