3220 – Riding a bicycle with Jodie Sweetin

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF 3220 – Jodie Sweetin

00 Hello indeed! 3220!

Welcome in! It’s HOT.

We used to be special! We were one of the first!!

SAG/WGA strike is on!

HTS is back! Mumble Mouth Jones!!

Jimmy’s back from Ann Arbor.

Good flights.

Jimmy hung out with his buddy Steve! They hung out at an Outback for 4 1/2 hours!

“I missed the break pedal. I’ll wait for the police.” – Steve in response to wanting to drive his car into the person involved in Jimmy’s story’s house.

Lots of NNF fans came out!

Abbot came out and was recognized by the audience.

Lotta fans named Drew.

One fan invited Jimmy to a Fierro show.

Jimmy talks about his old boss shitting on his Fierro and calling it a death trap all the time.

10 – Matt has a story! When he was younger some dude was tailing him for a bit and he got finally got away from him, he then sped up his car to 115mph. the person tailing him was an off duty cop who called ahead to another cop and got Matt a ticket.

Jet’s right in the name of Matt’s old car (Jetta)

Must is right in the name of Eliot’s old car (Mustang)

Eliot shares his story about being tailed by a car and he pulled some spin around trick.

Eliot got catfished? By a Camaro.
Jimmy’s eyes are 98% back to normal!

20 – His eye doctor said it’s something he’s never seen before.

Thanks for coming out to Ann Arbor!!

Great shows!! Jimmy loves the club.

It’s really in his top 5!

25 – Matt and Eliot guess some clubs Jimmy likes.

Delayed flights at DTW due to fog, but Jimmy’s flight got out early! He does not know why.

Eliot: The Unobstructed View! He’s got a new monitor. Jimmy shuts down that nickname.

30 – Crystal Clear view of Eliot for Jimmy!

Jimmy talks about Sound of Freedom. He did NOT see it.

Jodie Sweetin is here!

35 – Mail! It’s a baseball zine.

Thanks Charlie Zilner? Zilmer? I missed it. I’m sorry!

We’ll be right back!!

We’re back!

We’ve reached out to Charlie! We need closure immediately.

45 – We’re talking Jodi’s bike!

Her daughters Zoe (15) and Beatrix (almost 13) are teenagers.

“What will be embroidered on her cheerleader uniform?” – Jodie’s mom about Beatrix’s name.

Her mom wanted the name Lola. Her parents live in OC.

50 – Jodie talks about her parents and her dad coming out here to be a migrant farm worker. He’s a little on the right but he doesn’t vote.

Beatrix goes by Bea!

Is Willie Aames an asshole? It seems like he is.

55 – Caveziel talk.

60 – Taste test for Jimmy! He’s trying Jodie’s tea.

Jodie was a guest on Pop Cultured recently!

He’s doing a show on his birthday.

1h5m – More crossword!

Jodie talks about her show she did last night.

Jodie talks about almost dying during childbirth.


Jodie’s kids are in Summer School.

1h10m – Happy anniversary!

Jodie talks about kids and malls. 330PM on a weekday is a nightmare. They’re all there.

Jodie is fascinated with the q-anon shit. The internet is mostly terrible.

Jodie is grateful that the internet wasn’t a thing when she was a kid. She talks about the stories written about her in gossip rags and how none of them were remotely true.

Jodie talks about how creepy people were/are about child actors.

1h15m – Jodie dated a lot of Ryans.

She talks about meeting her husband working in Drug and Alcohol treatment. She was a director of operations.

Her kids love him! One of her daughter’s is taller than Jodie now!

Matt saw Yachtly Crew!

1h20m – Steel Panther talk!

24 years sober on the 19th!

Full Trivia below!

1h25m – Jimmy’s got some issues caused by Whole Foods

We’ll be right bak!

We’re back!

Oliver not a big mall guy. A lot of his friends scattered to various trips around the globe.

Jodie talks about her shenanigans as a kid/teen.


Jodie brought her bike in!


Trivia guesses! Round the horn!

1h40m – Let’s call Charlie!

Jodie Sweetin is here! Charlie is a big fan actually!

Jodie guesses words right!

Glow, GREs, Fewer, Wit,

1h45m – We hear the original question and eliot interrupts and also gets it right.

Jodie’s got a show coming up! She talks about what it is.

Family Dinner! August 19!

Have fun at the mall!

See you next time!!

Trivia Results:
Category: Books
Question: What 1876 Novel was the first book ever written on a type writer.

Garon: The Great Gatsby (15 pts)
Eliot: Crime and Punishment (6 pts)
Matt: A Tale of Two Cities (8 pts)
Jodie Sweetin: Sherlock Holmes (19 pts)
Jimmy: It’s been a Great 100 Years by Thomas Pain Jr (4 pts)

Answer: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Jimmy wins with his wager!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole