2612 – The Hills are Alive with Janet Varney

Janet Varney

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Indeed! Welcome in! 2612!

Jimmy talks about people outside of our world and how they introduce themselves to NNF to decide not to do the show. 

Jimmy talks about the Obama commencement speech and how our friend Caissie St Onge’s son is partly responsible for making it happen! 

Jimmy has started phone calls! A joy! He’s loving talking to everyone. We do have the best fans in the world. He’s using Zoom! 

SetMore.com for appointments for Zoom. 

He talks a lot about the calls. 

10 – Eliot’s typing away and now changing his orange shirt.

Matt talks about the survey and asks people to make sure to answer it and to email back if you want to adjust your answers. 

Shirts are coming! 

Posters for sale on JimmyPardo.com! 

20 – Jimmy’s been doing a lot of podcasts lately. He talks about them. 

He was on the Chiaspora podcast! 

Quarantine Film Fest talk! Oliver is ranking the films they’re all watching. 

Over the weekend they watched Once Upon A Crime. Danielle was bored. 

Also Opportunity Knocks! 

Neither were enjoyed all that much apparently. 

Talking Steve Martin. 

30 – Talking about Eliot’s enjoyment of LA Story. 


Beer before liquor kick him in the dicker – Jimmy on quiplash 

Janet Varney is here! She is in the Zoom waiting room. 

We’ll be right back!

2612! We’re back! Janet Varney is here! In the mountains! 

40 – Jimmy talks to Janet about being in Sound of Music and whether she can sing. 

Hot bitches of comedy? Janet talks about it. 

Janet did a Hanes commercial with Michael Jordan?!

Jimmy needs to talk about The Last Dance. 

50 – Jimmy was ALSO in a commercial with Michael Jordan?! 

Jimmy and fam started watching Zooey’s Extraordinary Playlist. They’re all in! 

55 – What’s Janet Varney’s favorite Steve Martin movie? All of Me, Man with Two Brains, and LA Story are her faves.

I shoe-horn in Clue. 

Trivia time! Category is Pop Culture. 


She talks about her background. 

60 – Lots of Dolly Parton talk! 

1h5m – Janet thought Jimmy’s glasses were huge. 

Jimmy gives a Covid update: all negative! 

We’ll be right back! 

1h15m – We’re back! It’s round the horn/trivia time!

But first, Jimmy asks Janet how she’s holding up. 

Hot bitches of comedy! Let’s do it again!

Janet talks about meeting Jimmy at Mbar. 

Pam Stone story. Jimmy talks about mishearing a word Pam challenged him to say. He said it (C-word) and it brought his show to a screeching halt. 

1h20m – Janet talks about the stuff she’s done during the Quarantine. 

I watched A Few Good Men!

Jimmy rewatched That Thing You Do and it holds up! 

Trivia theme song! 

Thanks Fen!

Talking Mohammad Ali’s words for certain kinds of people. 

1h30m – 


In A Season Seven Episode of Bob’s Burgers, entitled ExMechTina, where she pilots a robot. Avoid Philly meaning avoid Philadelphia, this is a bizarre reference to a real – life robot who’s mission was to do WHAT Human Activity. 

Garon: Fall in Love – 25pts

Eliot: Hitchhiking – 6pts

Matt: Run upstairs – 22pts

Janet: Cheesesteak. Heavy Sigh. 

Jimmy: Boxing – 

Eliot is correct!! Hitchhiking! The people of Philly murdered Hitchbot. 

Oliver can’t read his own writing. 

We lost Ali – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muhammad_Ali

Jimmy mentions Fred Willard. 

Janet talks about having Fred at Sketchfest. 

Thanks Janet! 

See you next time! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth