26K – Grading on a Curve with Pete Schwaba

Pete Schwaba

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! 26K!

Talking isolation files jewelry store round.

Jimmy and Matt talk about their families playing Jack Box.

Talking switches! I have had to get a switch before and I was hit with it. 

We’re talking about being spanked by parents.  

10 – Talking Gypsies and switches and Animal Crossing! 

20 – Jimmy goes back to getting hit with a belt. One time his mom chased him around the neighborhood. 

25 – Not today Jim! – Jimmy’s teacher

We’ll be right back with Pete Schwaba! 

We’re back! 

Jimmy talks about a 26k. 

Pete Schwaba is here! 

30 – Jimmy asks about the 89 earthquake. He doesn’t remember. 

Talking the quarantine with Pete. 

People protesting the lock downs and not wearing masks? The Worst. 

Still spiking happening in Pete’s small town. 

Talking Masks. 

Jimmy doubles up masks. Doctor Zaius and a regular mask. 

Can’t hurt to wear a cup and leg warmers!

35 – Don’t Be Cruel – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Don%27t_Be_Cruel_(album)


Beastie Boys vs Donnie Osmund in 1989. 

Jimmy asks Pete if it’s time to get the crops. 

40 – Jimmy talks to Pete about his kid’s college living situation. 

Jimmy talks with Pete about working a lot with Brian Noonan. 

Pete’s down to hitch to any of our wagons. 

45 – Jimmy talks about how he’s had Pete on his mind lately while watching The Last Dance. 

“Shooter he’s back!” – Pete on Jordan’s return. 

Pete talks about a comedian changing his name and keeping the same closing song. Jimmy has no memory of this. 

Pete talks about getting “graded” after a set at certain rooms. They asked him to go get Cream he did so he’d get a good grade. He got a C. 

50 – Jimmy talks about the F he got at a room in Mt Pleasant. 

Round the horn! 

Doc talk! 

Eliot insists on creating improv songs for this segment. 

I watched Circus of Books and Jimmy watched Matinee! 

55 – Picture this: Peoria, Il Jimmy and Pete at the theater seeing Rocketman. 

My K is Kajagoogoo!

Pete talks about Making a Murderer. He lives nearby. 

60 – Mike Cusik ran for and lost a run for council in Manitowoc. 

Talking fights! It’s been 25 years probably for Pete. He talks about fighting with a guy on the road when they passed someone and this guy freaked out. It was on the way to a show in Appleton. He got an A on that show. 

1h5m – Pete’s brother likes squirrels! 

Is Black Squirrel the next marvel character?

What happened to New Warriors?


Pete talks about the last films he saw before quarantine. 

1h10m – Talking Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. 

Talking Tarantino. 

1h15m – Cult talk! 

Eliot (the perfect muffin) shows off his new license plate and talks about how he got his hands on it. 

1h20m – Jimmy and Pete talk about their kids. Pete’s daughter is 15. 

Talking possibly homeschooling the kids.

Pete wonders why Jimmy can’t be a manager. 

1h25m – Eliot’s K word is The Knack! 

Matt’s K is The Killers!

Godfather of Green Bay will be on streaming soon! 

Pete’s K is KC and the Sunshine Band! 

Eliot reads the fans. 

Jimmy’s Ks:

5) Kaiser Chiefs

4) Killers

3) Krokus

2) Kiss

1) The Knack! Eliot wins! 

Eliot gets that $5. 

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth