701 – Al Madrigal

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Released 5/19/2010

Intro: What’s happening out of the doors, in of the doors, and with The Doors?

1:30 The End (The Doors)

1:50 It’s Jimmy’s brother’s birthday!

2:10 Don’t let iTunes fool you, regarding the success of Never Not Funny

3:45 This is Jimmy’s selfish time

4:20 Don’t be thrown by lack of Monster Drink

4:35 Intros

5:10 Matt rubs Jimmy’s ears the wrong way

5:30 Dan’s hoodie is a little girly

5:50 Questioning Dan’s sexuality

6:20 Matt looks exhausted

6:45 Let Jimmy tell you about Al Madrigal, the half-Mexican, half-Sicilian

8:00 Al on Welcome to the Captain, and Gary Unmarried

8:15 How do Jimmy and Al feel about Jay Mohr? And what’s Jay gonna do about it?

10:15 Al doesn’t like people who aren’t cool

10:50 We wish all millionaires the best of luck

11:20 Matt has a long-term goal for Jimmy and Chelsea Handler

11:50 Philippinos make the best ghost writers

12:30 Chelsea Handler sex tape: real or myth?

12:00 Hotel talk with Jimmy and Al

15:15 Just got back from MaxFunCon, and the bonus episode is up

16:30 May 22 is Jimmy and Danielle’s 6th anniversary / Al’s 9th is June 2

17:00 Al and Jimmy are both nuts

17:30 Al has opinions about hotels and their locations

18:20 Rent a car vs. have a driver?

20:00 Al wants one of the good rooms

21:40 Mid-room hot tub: selling point or gross?

22:00 Al’s room may have the Village People in it

23:00 The signs of a crap hotel

24:00 Food and catered chicken

25:40 Comedy Condo talk: Like a hotel, but it comes with a story

27:45 Who cleans the Comedy Condo?

28:00 Al’s solution for Comedy Condo linens and towels

28:45 Jimmy knows that other comics are as disgusting as him

29:45 There one thing Jimmy is on-board with at the Comedy Condos

30:00 Wait, Jimmy owns a periscope?

30:45 Al can dish it out, but he can’t take it

31:30 Landscaping talk with Al Madrigal

32:15 Al’s mas macho gardener doesn’t like jotos and jotitos

34:00 Al scurries off to do what his gardener tells him

34:40 Does Al paint his hairs?

35:45 Dealing with gardeners

36:45 Reclaimed concrete is like a pizza oven

38:00 Santana, master of a single guitar track

38:40 I’m joto for Santana (Thanks to Rob Tafoya for the tee shirt image!)

39:50 Jesse Thorn, kingmaker

40:00 Jimmy hates the new Meat Loaf album

42:00 Brian Posehn’s album cover

43:45 The attractiveness of Jeff Foxworthy

45:20 Jimmy admires Brian’s honesty

45:45 Al’s neighbor is rapper Mad Lib

48:00 The career of jotito Rainbow Bridge

49:20 Matt compares Jimmy to Mick Fleetwood

51:00 The clothing style of Rainbow Bridge

52:00 Rainbow Bridge: where are they now?

53:30 The NNF Curse is broken. Or is it?

54:00  Ronnie James Dio’s passing was sad. And Ronnie was short.

55:00 Al’s hip-hop Latino parody comedy rigatone Mad Lib pasta album

56:50 Calling back to MaxFunCon Zyrtec lady

57:00 The guys are pretty much tired of Dan already

58:00 Arguing over Dan’s joto hoodie

59:00 Could this be a regular segment?


1:01:10 Rainy Night in Georgia (Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Conway Twitty)

1:01:30 Jimmy own that he stunk in Rainbow Bridge

1:01:50 Eliot has quality questions

1:02:45 Al got a nice handbag from The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien

1:03:15 Sounds like Matt has an eBay plan up his sleeve

1:03:30 Al got swag well after he deserved it

1:04:30 Gary Unmarried behind-the-curtain drama

1:05:30 Danny Nucci: Al’s auditioning nemesis

1:07:00 Fred Savage and the Great Headshot Encounter

1:08:00 Community vs. Modern Family

1:09:00 Jimmy likes everybody, including Joel McHale. Really.

1:09:30 Joel shows up at the Improv and BRINGS IT! Or maybe not.

1:10:45 Celebs bumping comics is not cool, says Jimmy

1:11:30 Dat Phan held his own against Chris Rock

1:12:15 Joel McHale: “He knew what he did.”

1:13:00 Why don’t people watch Community?

1:14:00 Jimmy’s tummy is so loud that it can be heard through Dan’s hoodie

1:15:30 Jimmy’s free shows for drive through employees

1:16:00 The multiple talents of sneaky Asians

1:17:10 Jimmy chose the perfect show to not have a strong voice

1:17:30 Papered, flat fleet, bonuses and other inside talk

1:18:30 Jimmy loves everything about Three Non Juans

1:19:45 MaxFunCon made Jimmy sick! (Well, the cat room did.)

1:20:15 Cayenne pepper will heal Jimmy

1:20:45 Jimmy’s cajun accent inspires a whole new Pardo character

1:22:30 Comedy writing is rife with tension

1:23:00 Mud Flap, Mad Lib’s cajun cousin

1:23:30 The way of the Wayans

1:24:30 Tim Allen is back at standup

1:25:30 What kind of celebrities can do successful standup?

1:27:00 Archer and the Gervais cartoon

1:29:00 Shorty talk

1:30:30 Cajun Judge Jimmy

1:31:15 Paul F. Tompkins’ southern  gentlman

1:31:30 Stupid Question of the Week: Ryan Buds: Party Clown or Magician?

1:32:20 Anyone who says they don’t like magic is lying!

1:33:00 Matt doesn’t like comedy in his magic

1:34:00 Reptile show at the birthday party

1:35:00 There are only a couple great clowns: Bozo and John Wayne Gacy

1:36:00 This was a solid double!

1:36:30 Al’s benefit for 826LA

1:38:00 Why no dog acts?

1:38:30 Jimmy gets an insulting, mean email about how much he hated him, but loved Al

1:40:00 Jimmy is not a smart man

1:41:13 Al encounters our beloved Ken Roberts (complete with impersonation!) (link to AST comment)

1:43:30 Take the quiz, and win a prize

1:44:14 Donkeytees.com / almadrigal.com /

1:45:20 Next time ooonnnn eeeeeehaaahawwwww

AK-47 gone, not forgotten


  • NeverDave

    Interesting time-space anomaly at 40:00-32:00-43:45…

  • Judie

    Just thinking Hoto is actually “Joto”, right?

    • Ah thanks Judie! I was trying to figure out what the hell the right word was, but not knowing anything of Spanish, and not being joto, I couldn’t find it. And Dan’s notes had it spelled entirely differently as well. Urban Dictionary confirms your spelling! I’ll change it on this page. Whether Rob wants to change his fake tee shirt is up to him.

  • Darryl, I can’t remember which episode they were talking about that show that was like Seinfeld. I want to look it up, any ideas?