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Andy Peters

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Players Club 15P – Andy Peters

00 – Hello and indeed! The door is open! Jimmy sings My Way whilst checking his cell phone.

He’s getting an email from Gold Star that Kinky Boots tickets are on sale.

Jimmy talks about the thanksgiving holiday, passing the gravy boat, and sharing his rendition of My Way.

Pardcastathon right around the corner.

Busy day for Jimmy on the 24th.

Got a nice write-up from Entertainment Weekly!

That guy parked in front of Jimmy’s house again. They’re constantly doing something with his yard.

Mail chimp? 

Jimmy talks about Serial and how some journalists are acting like it is the start of podcasting. Give proper credit people!

05 – Journalists just not wanting to do the research to see that Serial isn’t the first podcast.

Jimmy can’t get into specifics on what he is referring or the person he is talking about will know.

Jimmy talks about Serial having the NPR lilt sometimes.

Serial is not Sgt. Pepper. It’s great but it’s not the best.


10 – Matt’s already listened to the latest episode. Jimmy hasn’t listened yet. Jimmy asks if Matt has googled about the subject matter yet. He hasn’t but he is in a facebook group with fans of the show.

Jimmy thinks the show is more involved with the case than Matt does like they are trying to prove the guys innocent.

barbarino15 – More Serial chat! Jimmy and Matt give their theories and suspects.

Our guest is here! He’s dancing around.

Sarah Koenig born in 1969. 

20 – Jimmy got the 30th anniversary edition of Bryan Adams’ Reckelss from Pat. He hasn’t heard it in years and he still loves it.

Jimmy talks about Billy Idol’s new album again claiming that it might be the best of the decade. He needs to further research that though. He still calls it Phenomenal.

Still shocked Sarah Koenig is 45.

Pardcastathon is November 28!!

Matt says that Jimmy and Andy Kindler were way ahead of not liking Bill Cosby.

Matt blames Eliot for his tardiness.

It is BARBARINO btw. 

25 – Jimmy’s Randy Travis info is still on the page. It’s been cleaned up.

We’re taking a break on the image of Jimmy shooting a load all over Sarah Palin’s glasses.

Andy Peters is here! Jimmy likes him. He’s a good kid.

Jimmy and Matt fell back into Serial. Jimmy would listen to a podcast about trying to solve the Serial case before Sarah Koenig does.

We’re gonna solve Serial, Vinnie Barbarino, Cosby and whether it was actually Norm Crosby.

Matt mangles Jen Kirkman’s tweet about the cosby situation and him being a Gyno with an office downstairs from his house.

We’ll be back!

30 – Welcome back in! Never Not Funny presents The Players Club. Jimmy admits the dumbest question he got about Serial. Life Cereal? Mikey likes it!

Jimmy watching Abbot and Costello Colgate comedy hours at home. Oliver LOVES the commercials.

The reporter asked about crowds now that the podcast is out there. He said yes 60% crowds come to see him. The reporter asks if he attributed that to Serial.

35 – Lamont Germany chat.

Episode 15 Potassium!

40 – Jimmy revisited Genesis and realized he enjoys them.

I’m here! Here is my book: 

Eliot’s word was Potemkin.

45 – Andy sings some Suzanne Vega but its actually Squeeze.

Lyrics to Tempted

50 – Matt’s word was Pantera.

Flannel looks like a washcloth.

Simply Red covers 

If You Don’t Know Me By Now is the song they were thinking of.

Andy doesn’t like Van Halen!

55 – Why does the drummer in Van Halen have gongs?

Jimmy has seen Neil Pert and Peter Criss hit the gong but not the van halen drummer.

Squeeze is indeed an English band. 

Andy gives credit to Jimmy for his album title.

The vinyl comes with a download of the album. Get it at AST Records!

PrintJimmy thinks it is a good looking cover. He was supposed to be a part of the show but couldn’t make it.

The record is blue! Looks excellent.

Jimmy says to hang this on your walls comedy clubs!

60 – Be proud of that album Andy!

White Madonna LP 

Andy talks about having to sell his drums and comics when he moved out to LA.

65 – Jimmy tries to guess the brand of drums Andy had. Dixon, a brand he’s never heard of. He had Sabian cymbols.

Andy’s P word was Privacy Please.

Jimmy is loving blackish!

Guys talk about the recent Thanksgiving episode of Modern Family.

Andy and his wife just adopted a dog. A terrier collie mix. It was a shelter dog. His name is Shanley after John Patrick Shanley.

The guys talk Gary Shandling.

Ian Buchanan was on the show but not playing himself.

70 – Apparently, watching Blackish on Hulu will play How to Get Away With Murder after you watch Blackish. Eliot calls racism!

The McCarthys 

75 – Matt saves Nashville for Thursdays.

Andy goes through the shows his wife watches, he watches, and the shows they watch together. They watch Blacklist together.

Andy does an audition for a tech guy on a procedural. He wonders if they still make you show off your hands.

Matt wants Obama to pardon that Adon guy from Serial on the way out of office.

80 – The Clinton Foundation – 

The X-Presidents – 

The guys talk about the sketch SNL allegedly ripped off.

Sarah Keonig should be on that case.

85 – Jimmy wonders if anyone bought it or cowrote it. Andy doesn’t think so.

We’re playing the pyramid! Andy vs Jimmy.

90 – Looks like Andy got 3.

Jimmy’s turn to guess! He gets 2.

Jimmy vs Matt. Jimmy guesses 3.
Matt guesses 3 also.

95 – Matt wants to name our pyramid 6 in 60.

Dylan Walsh of Nip Tuck – 

Andy Peters Exclamation Mark Question Point available now at AST!

Also at iTunes.

Don’t forget the Pardcastathon! Please tweet and FB to let everyone know we are doing this! #PCAT14

Jimmy did an interview with a guy who thinks we’re gonna make 175k.


We’re helpin’ the children!

See you next time!

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