15J – Park-hopping with Matt Gourley

Matt Gourley

Matt Gourley

Join the Players Club, baby!

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Players Club 15J – Matt Gourley

00 – Hello and welcome! The Players Club is open! No stragglers! Jimmy sounds tired and matt looks tired. Matt up at 515. Jimmy at 620. Matt will never be able to replicate his current hair.

Jimmy references “America’s Hair Dad” from episode 206.

Mike Schmidt took Matt out at the knees with a hair joke. He’s done the same for Jimmy.

We’re done but Jimmy needs us to come in twice a week. Except me, I’ll be via Skype.

There is Ranch dressing all over the world!

Jimmy is sick to death about sponsored ads with that “you’ll never believe what happened!” style titles.”

05 – Jimmy asks if matt ever clicks the 12 things you never knew about blank posts.

9 days in on Eliot’s rebooted facebook challenge!

The podcast suggestion of a talking dead style show of never not funny is a snooze according to Jimmy.

10 – The president is in town. Deal with it.

Jimmy saw a car with 2 donuts on it. (Spare tires).

Greg Fitsimmons is on Monday at 7 eastern.

Matt correctly guesses Stan Ridgeway! I’ve never heard of this guy.

Here is a setlist for him from a show last may in Melbourne.

15 – Jimmy not dropping $1500 to meet the band.
Best of Bases is a Swedish band per Matt.

Jimmy knows 8/21 songs from that Stan Ridgway show.

Jimmy tells a story about being at a party with Corey Haim’s dad and Stan popped by to say Happy Thanksgiving.

20 – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees 

Our guest is here! Wearing socklets? No show socks? He hates them.

Matt Gourley tells a story about PFT “taking him to town” over socklets and now he wears them constantly.

25 – Matt G has toe claustrophobia. No toe shows for him. Matt asks about socks with no toe covers. Like Dice clay gloves as Jimmy describes.

Jimmy doesn’t want his toes exposed.

“A little more air down there.” – Matt’s tagline for his toeless socks.

Jimmy tells him to take that to Shark Tank so he can get punched in the gut by the cast.

Gone Girl chat coming up.

Matt Gourley is here!!

30 – We are back!

Welcome to 15 Jackal! No winner!

J for Jersey Boys is my guess! (original guess was Jerk)

Matt G has a James Bond podcast.

Jimmy’s only seen 3 James Bond movies. The first two Daniel Craig ones and Die Another Day.

Never Say Never Again is the bond film Matt has seen the most.

The Meltdown Studios are hot apparently.

35 – Jimmy just sang Dr. Who to the tune of that Gary Glitter sports song.

Jimmy saw Jersey Boys! Loved it. Some sound issues.

Jimmy talks about the songs from Four Season he likes.

Matt and Jimmy talk BeeGees

45 – Eliot’s thumb is up! Eliot’s J word was Jumanji.

Matt’s J word is junkie.

Matt Gourley is here! Jimmy calls him the King of Podcasts.

He is on Andy Daly’s podcast 

50 – Matt G’s favorite episode was the German episode. Where they all did german accents.

Jimmy loves it!

James Bonding is Matt G’s bond podcast.

He is also on Superego.

Matt G is now a Daniel Craig as bond fan.

Bond themes

Matt G’s word was Jammies?

55 – Jimmy puts himself to sleep.

The panel talks Gone Girl! Jimmy and Matt G liked it a lot. Matt hated it. He thinks it is garbage. He also found it to be misogynistic.

60 – Matt warned us ahead of time that there was no funny to be had from him on the subject of Gone Girl.

Matt thinks Fincher is a great director but doesn’t seem to like most of his movies.

Jimmy thinks Gone Baby Gone is better than Gone Girl. Jimmy loved GBG. He doesn’t think there is a Ben Affleck movie he hasn’t liked.

Rat Race 

65 – Matt G worked at Disney for 13 years. He did an improv show.

His girlfriend worked as a princess at Disney.
Mouse Tales 

70 – Matt talks about the process to becoming a princess to walk around the park. At one point they get moved from room to room with black bags over the head, not unlike terrorist hostages.

Jimmy calls Matt G Dr. Theme Park.

His girlfriend played Aurora.

Euro Disney is now called Disneyland Paris. 

75 – Matt G’s first job was at the Soap Opera Bistro. Greatest job!

He then became an improve player in The Department of Untapped Hilarity that started on the street then got a stage and was a hit.

He also did “Push: the Talking Trash Can.” He loved it.


80 – We’re back! Jimmy is touched that Matt G is laughing at him. Matt G was on Jimmy’s pilot. Jimmy said he was terrific. Jimmy asks him if he interacted with the people in the audience.

Jimmy can get Matt G. a copy of the audience.

85 – Jimmy points out that Ty Burell was great on the recent episode of Modern Family as was the entire cast.

Matt G talks more about Disney and his day job. He teaches acting and improv around town. He drops a Marlo Brando impression in there.

90 – Jimmy and Matt G. discuss his General Hospital fandom. Jimmy could not remember the word happened. He was trying to think of the word revelations.

Jimmy admits to writing a letter to the editors of Soap Opera Digest when his favorite characters got written off.

95 – Apparently Uber has ratings for riders as well as drivers. It’s secret.

Matt G. knows the name Chip Chinnery because he apparently worked with an ex girlfriend of his at Disney.

100 – Matt G. talks about he and his girlfriend’s Date and Knock game.

Burger King trying to move to Canada

Jimmy wants to talk about ISIS. We need boots on the ground STAT – a term from GH. Jimmy wants to be on GH in a scene with Sonny.


95 – True or False: Jimmy’s father in law was on GH. TRUE! He played Teenage Thug.

He was not on Twilight Zone or Outer Limits. 

Mary Badham was on The Bewitchin’ Pool episode of Twilight Zone.

Jimmy asks about a trailer for a spy movie with Colin Firth. Its called Kingsman: The Secret Service 

Jimmy says enough with Sam Jackson.

Matt G and Jimmy talk Men at Work/Midnight Oil and music they love. Def Leppard and Van Halen are two of Matt G’s favorites.

115 – Matt recounts the story of Jimmy discovering the new lead singer of Journey, Arnel Pineda.

Matt G. gives Jimmy a soap opera line for him to do his audition.

Volkswagen E-Golf 

120 – Jimmy is worse as reaction guy than he is as one line guy.

Jimmy’s gotta go! Jimmy’s worried the president is in town and he’s got to do stuff in a certain amount of time.

Matt G. has done a lot of improve around town. Jimmy’s gonna be in Utah in January.

Finger tapping us out.

See ya next time!

My pleasure,

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