Never Not Notes: The Return! This Time It’s Personal! Electric Boogaloo! Never Not Note-ier!

Hey Never Not Funny and Jimmy Pardo fans, as you may know, real life has kept me from my Never Not Notes obligations for the past few months. But there is good news! The NNN machinery is cranking back to life in a cloud of steam, a spewing of oil, and the sound of blurt-laughter.

It would be impossible for me to make up all the episodes I missed, but super-intern Tobasco Ears Danny Katz has graciously granted permission for me to use his in-studio notes in raw form. In my standard procedure, I use Dan’s notes as a guide as I write my own, but you lucky people now get to see Dan’s notes (with minimal editing) with your very own eyes! It’s just like sitting there in the studio yourself, in a tight ironic tee shirt and unnecessary glasses.

Episodes will be added as often as I can add them, so keep checking back, or friend me on facebook and watch for update announcements.

So, let’s get started: here’s Episode 803 with Pete (not Dave) Holmes.

And here’s Episode 804 with Pat Francis.

Thanks for your patience everyone, and for your kind words and well-wishes.