3303 – Hugging it out with Olivia Flood-Wylie

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 Hello! Welcome in! however many times you listen a week, we appreciate you!

How many episodes? 1700+

Should we count the isolation files? What constitutes an episode??

Jimmy’s apologizes for Eliot to any new listeners.

Haircut jokes!

Jimmy’s got clock issues.

5 – Jimmy talks about seeing the Live How To Survive!


Jimmy talks about the crowd mouthing along to the lyrics of the theme song!

Great crowd of fans, friends, and family!

The Flappers YooHoo room needs a bit of an update in terms of the seating arrangement.

10 – I was giving out awkward hugs like crazy!

PopCultured is coming to the UCB Theater! October – Decemeber!

Pop Cultured with Jimmy Pardo

Jimmy taking a couple months off from his Flappers show but will return in December AND will have a virtual show in December as well!

Diminishing returns at his Flappers show so he’s gonna give it a bit of a break.

Jackie Kashian and PJ Baio (yes related) opened for him.

Karma – https://carbuzz.com/cars/karma

15 – Jimmy talks more about his crowd size.

Jimmy heaps praise on Jackie and how she is one of the greatest stand-ups right now.

20 – Jimmy names 10/11 of the audience member. Sorry Steve’s wife!

Matt and fam went to Les Mis on Saturday. Matt still doesn’t like it but acknowledges how phenomenal the cast is.

Elyse and Zoey LOVE it. Charlie was bored to tears.

25 – “Life just fucking sucks” – Les Mis

Talking Dear Evan Hansen vs Les Mis.

Jimmy talks about Oliver still not liking horror but watching stuff like Resevoir Dogs.

35 – American History X and Scarface talk!


Talking about intermissions in movies.

More Les Mis!


40 – The Belknaps went to Disneyland!

Charlie doesn’t wanna ride the incredicoaster yet!

Hotter in the valley!

45 – Eliot has suggestions for getting on roller coaster.

Olivia Flood-Wylie is here!

Jimmy liked a Metallica song but does not want to try and figure out which one it is.

50 – Cousin Richie from The Bear is Ebon Moss-Bacharach.


Jimmy’s pulling the shoot on this so we can take a break.

55 – We’ll be right back!

And we’re back!

Jimmy resets and intros Olivia!
Olivia talks about her name and her parents origins.

Her mom does voice work!


60 – Sabrina – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0047437/?ref_=fn_al_tt_2

Olivia talks about her growing up and living in Yosemite for 6 months before going abroad to finish college in the Netherlands/Amsterdam.

1h5m – Olivia talks about the guy who introduced her in a trench coat.

Olivia talks about the super awkward hug she had in her intro on her special.

She hired a videographer and it looks amazing!

Her boyfriend is named Hoyt (Andrew Hoyt).

1h10m – Apparently, Dave Collier is strikingly handsome.

Get some sun on your skin young Siegel and Sagat!

Olivia taught and was on the house teams for Chicago Boom!

1h15m – Jimmy needs to hang up the phone on what Olivia’s dad teaches. Spanish and US History!

1h20m – Lots of Big Fat Greek Wedding and Nia Vardalas

Hoyt loves comedy! They met at a board game night!

Olivia isn’t even a fan of board games she just went to make more friends in Amsterdam.

1h25m – Wavelength!

Jerry Ferrara plays Turtle!

Who is Olivia’s biggest celeb sighting? She doesn’t really know.

1h30m – Olivia is 28!

Jimmy’s gonna tell us what happened. He grabbed some Soda’s on the way but got them closer to home so they sat too long.

Trivia time!! Full results below!

Oliver’s Jeopardy club is returning!

A new theme from Rubber Chicken Knuckles.

1h40m – We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Olivia used to speak “restaurant dutch.”

She talks about how she and Hoyt communicate being so far away.

1h45m – Round the horn!

The Haunted Palace!

I did not see the nun but Jimmy did! He did not enjoy it.


Rhoda talk!

My answer is Statue of Liberty.

Olivia talks about how her parents met! IT was overseas in Madrid and they went to the same college.


Eliot went to a political event! He went to a Katie Porter event.

1h55m – Eliot guesses Harriet Tubman!

Matt guesses Amelia Earhart

Olivia guesses Harriet Tubman

Jimmy goes Sacagawea

Talking coins!

2h – Trivia results below!!

Spoiler: no winner

2h5m – Always put the mic in the stand MCs!

Olivia suggests always taking the mic out of the stand at first when you get on stage. It makes you look not so newbie!

Lots of mic stories!

Matt talks about Andy Kindler pulling the mic right off the XLR cord.

2h10m – Fight Flight Fawn?

Also Freeze!


Olivia hasn’t really had to deal with those situations.

She had a closet door fall on her head so she had to go to the hospital for stitches in Amsterdam. It cost her $250.

2h15m – Eliot derails Jimmy ending the show but turns out it was worth it for his suggestion of using Flatter instead of Fawn.

New friend of the show!!

Subtoberfest is coming!

Go listen to the Wilosophy podcast with Jimmy!

Wilosophy Podcast

We’re done!

Trivia Results:
Category: Currencies
Question: So far, who is the only woman to be featured on US Paper Currency?

Garon: Statue of Liberty (4 pts)
Eliot: Harriet Tubman (14 pts)
Matt: Amelia Earhart (3 pts)
Olivia Flood-Wylie: Harriet Tubman (10 pts)
Jimmy: Sacagawea (9 pts)

Answer: Martha Washington

No winner but Matt takes the winnings with his bet!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Little Asshole