33B – Dreaming on with Zoe Friedman

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
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NNF Platinum 33B – Zoe Friedman

00 Welcome in! 33B! We’ve won an award!

Door open and closed!

We’re not afraid to bore you but we’ll also make you laugh!

Jimmy did Will Anderson’s podcast! He’s a huge fan of the program. He recommends everyone listens to the podcast. It’s the most honest and vulnerable he’s ever been in an interview.

Wilosophy Podcast

Wil said something about the show that made Jimmy tear up! Go listen!

In Australia its Kangaroos and Wil Anderson!

Jimmy talks Greg Norman.

The guys chat about the history with hats and beards.

Winter is coming!

Jimmy wants to go back to his straw hat experiences where it looked like he was a kid in a sombrero. He talks about a golf outing with a friend and his ex, Jennifer 1, was at the lunch spot. He was friends with her mom still because of community theater.

He approached Jennifer wearing his straw hat and she said “oh boy.” About the hat. Jimmy ended up tripping and falling after they talked and he was walking away.

Matt’s house! – Rose Neumeyer.

Jimmy’s grandparents were friends with titanic survivors


15 – https://deadline.com/2023/09/bluebird-cafe-broadway-musical-taylor-swift-1235539052/

We spent a bit of time trying to figure out who Jeremy Jordan was on Nashville. He wasn’t. It was Smash Jimmy was thinking of. *Prevagen!

25 – Carpet talk! We need to clean it or replace it.

Jimmy talks about doing Murray’s show and afterwards some paparazzi had things for him to sign!

30 – I’m back to nerd talk.

What shenanigans would we get up to or want to as teenagers.

Eliot was scared of Aids.

35 – Zoe Friedman is here! She used to go to Studio 54!

The legend of Studio 54 is real!

Jimmy’s gotta pee!

40 – Bros and Jimmy Pardo making noises in the bathroom.

Zoey wonders how jokes like that work in a gender-neutral bathroom.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Jimmy talks about Zoe and Bud Friedman. He talks about being honored at having been invited to perform at his 90th. It meant the world.

Wendy Liebman was there as well!

45 – Zoe fills us in on Comedy Gives Back!

Zoe explains the new partnership with HealthNet that people in the comedy community have access to.

ComedyGivesBack.com – click on the HealthNet Portal to apply!


55 – Jimmy will sponsor a young comedian to get a year of that service!

60 – Zoe talks about taking her son to college and being worried he wasn’t going to succeed based on the wild summer he’s been having.

There are gender neutral bathroom’s at her son’s dorm.

There is a bath tub in a stall and jimmy insists it’s a sex tub.

1h10m – Bathroom talk!

Zoe talks about the bathroom situation at Letterman when they moved to CBS.

1h15m – Zoey shares a story about a comedian who had a dook sitch and let lose away from snorklers in the ocean. The fish all swarmed to him and the snorkeler guide told everyone to go over there to see the fish.

Jimmy sort of recounts the Paul Parteka story where he crapped his pants playing tennis.

Zoe talks about her husband’s band!

1h20m – Round the horn!

Horror talk!

Oliver is in a play called Fools!

Jimmy talk about his dad coming to see him at a battle of the band and not voting until AFTER the bands performed.

Rainbow Bridge talk. Bad name for a band?

1h30m – Letter game!

Jimmy’s guess is Burt Reynolds.

My guess is Bradley Cooper

Deliverance on Framed!

Southern Comfort – https://www.amazon.com/Southern-Comfort-Bluray-Combo-Blu-ray/dp/B00JGR3M80/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=southern+comfort+blu+ray&qid=1694120957&sprefix=southern+comfort%2Caps%2C241&sr=8-1

Zoe used to be Bradley Cooper’s neighbor – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bradley_Cooper

1h35m – Jimmy talks about the family watching Rhoda and all being upset that Rhoda and Joe broke up. It’s ruined the house!

Eliot’s guess is Ben Affleck!

Matt did just watch Air for a second time.

1h40m – 3 ways!

Zoe suggests good communication if your Polyamorous!

Zoe is gonna go with Ben Affleck!

1h45m – Let’s hear the fans!

Bradley Whitford and Phil Rosenthal talking the strike.

We lost Wilford. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilford_Brimley

Dream On!

Zoe should do her stand-up version!

6) Bob Odenkirk
5) Bryan Cranston
4) Brian Benben
3) Ben Stiller
2) Bill Cosby
1) Billy Baldwin

No winner!

Jimmy’s in for watching Bobby Canavale and Rose Byrne.

2h – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_80

Bette Davis & Martin Short – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZX–1zzFWmw


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