26G – Moving Out with Christian Finnegan

Christian Finnegan

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Ashe



26 Gin Blossoms 

00 – GG! Great Going! Yahtzee! 

Welcome in Platinum! 

Jimmy got an email seconds ago! He’s gonna read it though! 

Uh oh might be a bad one. 

This is an outer circle email! Brand new listener! 

Subject line: podcast. 

“There is nothing funny about another crybaby Californian cunt whining about Trump.” 

5 – Slice of life! Real world! 

Jimmy talked with his postman. He thanked him as he does every time he gets a chance to. Jimmy loves the postal service! 

Buy stamps!

Text USPS to 50409 and they’ll contact your state reps on your behalf with a petition to save the damn post office

Matt thinks Jimmy is wearing a shawl. 

It’s bad posture hoodie!

Hey got it from Meijer! 

10 – Who has a clothing line at Meijer? Not Kathy Ireland, Not Paula Dean like Eliot said. Kathy Lee Gifford is Matt’s guess. It’s Daisy Fuentes! 

Jimmy asks about Schitt’s Creek. None of us are caught up. 

No one watched Modern Family either except Garon (me). 

Jimmy is watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. 

15 – Alex Trebek is 79 and doing well amid the virus. 

George Stephanopoulos has it though courtesy of his wife.


Iceland tested population and 50% of the population had it without it. 

20 – Talking the Tiger King after show hosted by Joel McHale. 

Tiger King talk. 

25 – It Takes A Tiger – Hillary Clinton’s new book.

Jimmy talks about Amazing Race. 

30 – The guys talk about how they would handle being on the show. 

Ninja Warrior briefly touched upon.

Christian Finnegan is in the waiting room! He’s our first east coaster during this new era! 

We’ll be right back! 

We’re back!

G for Godzilla!

35 – Matt has clapping issues. 

Talking stuff to watch online!

Christian is doing 45 minutes on a zoom comedy show on Friday! HE talks about it. 

Christian also talks about having to move during the pandemic and moving he and his wife’s stuff into storage and staying at their cabin. 

50 – Eliot has a story related to antiques roadshow situation. He has a mickey animation cell! 

Special guest from my former crush William! 

Green Day is william’s guess! 

My G is Gin Blossoms!


60 – The guys talk about Goo Goo Dolls. 

Jimmy doesn’t recognize Name by Goo Goo Dolls. 

Jimmy’s got a goo goo dolls story related to his appearance on The List. 

1h5m – Eliot’s changed his name it Ass-Knobbler!

He’s been going through some old things of his dads. Turns out his dad is a Korean war hero!  He reads some articles about it. 

1h10m – Eliot’s G band is Go West! He decided against Gin Blossoms. 


The Pardo fam watched Stripes. Jimmy enjoyed it! He hadn’t seen in in decades. 

1h15m – Matt’s in Sherman Oaks at the studio. He’s got some mail! 

It’s a Tim Quick Skate board! This one features Metal Detector Mike!

1h20m – Matt’s G word is Genesis! 

Jimmy is reading Phil Collins autobiography. 

Christian is about 2 hours outside of manhattan. 

Christian’s G word is Girl School. 

1h30m – We hear the fans! 

1h35m – I’ve got a divorced dad quality apparently. 

Christian and Rachel Maddow have the same birthday and birth year! 

We all love Rachel. 

1h40 – We hear a little Twilight Zone by Golden Earring. 

Jimmy’s 5 G picks are: 

5) The Grass Roots

4) Greta Van Fleet

3) Go West

2) Genesis

1) Giuffria

No Winner!

Thanks Christian! Good luck on your move! 

Thanks everyone! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth