24P – Slaying the Dragon with Rebecca Loebe

Rebecca Loebe

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – 24P starting that clock!

Talking my hair and a vacuum and a fan.

Does anyone in the building have a fan?

We are betting on whether the neighbors have a fan.

They did.

We blow a fan in my face for a minute.

15 – Talking Curb Your Enthusiasm!

Talking Palms election!

20 – Boogie Nights talk!

Someone can still listen because I’m not gay anymore? For humor!


25 – Over 274 thousand dollars for PCAT this year!

Jeff sent over 4 hard cover books of his photos from the show!

30 – Matt talks more about the New Kids concert.


Talking Kennedy.

Funky Bunch – http://blastecho.com/marky-mark-or-no-marky-mark-the-funky-bunch-funk-on/


We’ll be back!!

45 – We’re back!!

Rebecca Loebe is here!!

She talks about her video Popular.

50 – Rebecca talks about the people who show up in her video.

Rebecca sings Popular!

55 – Rebecca talks about her boyfriend, who’s had his man bun since 1997, and her trip to the Netherlands and getting signed to a deal in Europe.

She talks about having to cancel the first tour because of getting on The Voice.

60 – She talks about how smart and English savvy they are in the Netherlands and they LOVE sad folk songs. She’s gone every year since 2014/5.

My hair looks great I guess!

Rebecca has LA traffic question. Why does the highway patrol go back and forwards across the freeway lanes of traffic?

1h5m – Rebecca talks about the 285 in Atlanta and a social experiment her friends did driving the speed limit of 55 across the lanes of highway.

1h10m – Talking Booksmart!

Talking Love Simon.


Talking books!

Matt’s reading Robin William’s bio.

Talking Melania Trump’s facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/MelaniaTrump/

1h20m – Talking Trump and politics.
Rebecca compares current politics to NyQuil creating their own market.

Talking Perfection in Politics.

My P is Petula Clark!

1h30m – Another song from Rebecca!

Growing up!

Talking Loebe shirts!

1h35m – Talking PCU and the concert t-shirt issue.

Concert shirts for the performer to see idea from Eliot.

Rebecca talks about hearing from a new fan that found her shirt at a thrift store and discovered her music.

We’re back!

Rebecca talks about her side project Nobody’s Girl.

She got 2 record deals in a month!

Nobody’s Girl is going to make a full LP!

1h40m – Eliot’s Election is on Sunday!


Eliot talks about Palms and his speech tonight.

Eliot’s P word is Patti LaBelle.

Her New Attitude really turned her around.


Matt’s P is Paula Abdul, not Patti LuPone.

Talking New Kids tours.

Rebecca does my favorite song! Tattoo

Gonna try not to cry.

Rebecca’s P word is Pricilla Presley?! Ends up with Patty Griffin. Or Lupone.

We hear the fans!

2h10m – Jimmy’s Ps: Patty LaBelle, Peggy Lee, Patty Page, Patti LuPone, #1 is….Pat Benatar!

Fans match!

We’re leaving with a song. Rebecca Loebe performs Ghosts!

Songs Rebecca performed:

Growing Up
Part of I’ll Make Love To You

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth