2306 – Taking Your Licks with Chris Fairbanks

Chris Fairbanks

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Billings vs Missoula


00 – Hello! Welcome in! Lots happening.

Eliot’s dying and I’m opening a soda.

He tried to breathe his soda.

The talk regarding a podcast about other podcasts gave me a flashback to the infamous mic-throwing incident in episode #523. There was a story about a similar topic that Jimmy wasn’t able to finish due to interruptions. -Darryl

Eliot got a new phone, with a keyboard on it. He talks about it.

Talking autocorrect.

S is the sound a snake makes when you string them all together.

Jimmy continues to apologize for the ice cube situation.

10 – Talking recyclable straws.

From one tragedy to another

15 – Talking Trump removing Braille from elevators.

Talking computer keyboards. No one gets it!

More ice!

20 – ASMR!

“How about I put the dressing on the side for you?” – Waiter gave Jimmy ASMR.

Talking Blondie.

25 – Jimmy flipped me off!

Jimmy caught in a loop!

30 – Music game!
Kix – Don’t Close Your Eyes

Grayson Hugh?! Never heard of him.

Chris Fairbanks is here!


35 – Mail!

More mail!

We got some comic books!!

Thanks Casey!

Drivin’ Around with Karen?

46 – Do You Need A Ride? – podcast.

We’ll be back!

Welcome back! 2306! Chris Fairbanks is here!

He still goes to the skate parks.

Stop hitting yourself Chris!

50 – Talking Chris’ Paul Ryan show.

Chris talks about the tour and the show.

Missoula, Montana. Home town of Chris Fairbanks.

Mike Huckabee’s band is called Capitol Offense.

Shut up and brush your gums, Eric Trump.

Trump talk! Matt talks about his step-brother witnessing Don Jr getting slapped.

Chris talks about his college. He majored in Fine Art and went to U of Montana.

Jimmy always thinks Chris is from Billings, which is where I live, but Chris is from Missoula. He’s not wrong that Missoula is a more scenic city than Billings. It’s a beautiful college town, nestled right in the mountains. Billings is much larger and more of a business/health care/industrial/retail hub. Not nestled in the mountains, but bordered by buttes (or mesas) that we call “The Rims.” A more rugged kind of beauty.

Billings, Montana. Current town of Darryl Asher (whose home town is Detroit.)

Buttes were once part of flat, elevated areas of land known as mesas or plateaus. In fact, the only difference between a mesa and a butte is its size. Most geographers say a butte is taller than it is wide, while a mesa is a much larger, slightly less elevated feature

60 – Chris talk about poison pits in Montana.

Evel Knievel talk.

We’re betting on this movie

Evel Knievel

The poisonous Berkeley mining pit in Butte, Montana.

Chris: 71
Matt: 77
Jimmy: 78
Eliot: 75
Garon: 73

Chris wins!

1h5m – Talking Big Lebowski. Matt discusses his favorite moment.

1h10m – Talking the REAL big lebowski –

Chris talks about a comedy club trying to pay him with a gun.

1h15m – Talking Cher!

Smokey and the Bandit talk!

Marc Summers vs Burt Reynolds talk.

Chris is a horse baron!

1h20m – Hooper fight scene talk.

Chris talks about getting basically beat up by Terry Bradshaw and Owen Wilson.

Eliot anchors that story so it’s break time!

1h25m – We’re back!

Jimmy had a postman encounter heading to the bathroom and he left it a disaster.

A Simple Favor talk.

Chris says she has a little mouth.

Matt wants Tina Fey and Anna Kendrick in a movie together.

John Cena talk.

1h30m – Smoke Bone!

Brett Michaels talk. Chris talks about getting jumped on after mentioning his bandana coverage.

1h35m – Lost Boys talk!

1h40m – Gionne and Dino – Jimmy went to thanksgiving with them.

Talking Leslie Anne Williams and Jim Jones.

King of Palms!

1h45m – Nothing terribly important except for running a Karaoke show.

Eliot sang some!

1h50m – Nugent talk.

Jimmy and Chris don’t like the word Cutie.

Moist panties!

1h55m – Chris talks about watching live comedy and enjoying it.

Matt talks about the guy at a Halloween party with a huge dick costume.

Talking Boney Island, a local Halloween tradition.


Jimmy gives to Chris Fairbanks: 14 (Movies)

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth