20 Bonus – Nug Nahrgang Live in Toronto

Live Show Notes by Kaitlynn Smith
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Nug Nahrgang


0– Yeah, play that music on a loop, don’t stop!

Welcome to NNF, Toronto style!

Jimmy bares his soul in comedy.

Shatner killed his wife (for humor?)

Amateur Weird Al Karaoke is loud next door.

Phil is a boring name, Phillipe is French name that isn’t as boring.

Canada–USA wall would be expensive with a bad conversion rate.

5– Jimmy and Danielle’s wedding officiant was the daughter of the original Bozo the clown, Larry Harmon.

Chris the Rush guy is here and Jimmy is the “don’t give a shit” guy.

Chris has terrible choice in Rush music (pretentious).

John Rudsy from Rush passed away sadly or happily in 2008.

Calendar talk.

10– Welcome Matt Belknap!

Matt fist punches instead of bumps.

It’s Toronto, you gotta mention Rush.

Which Beastie Boy member is from Brooklyn?

Fitbit switch and Garmin talk.

15– Jimmy’s watch is number 9, very sleek.

New purple belt.

Listen up!

Transparent. FUNNY!

MCA died sadly.

Glass drop (1 of many).

20– Jimmy listens to a Rush CD three times, then throws it out the window

Windsor, Ontario is not great.

Jimmy ate white beef in Windsor, could be cat or dog or just rotten beef.

Bridge or tunnel to Detroit
(The Ambassador Bridge goes over the Detroit River to Windsor. The Detroit Windsor Tunnel goes under the river, right next to the GM World Headquarters aka The Renaissance Center. -Darryl. I was raised walking distance from the tunnel.)

25–Beastie Boys are from Manhattan, Mike D became a vegan and a skeleton

Matt says Rogers is the Windsor of phone companies (crowd agrees).

Jimmy flew first class, Matt was in steerage.

Matt watched Logan, Wolverine crawled.

What’s the difference between a den and a family room?

30– Corey Hart is Canadian.

Truth cuts like a knife, sorry Bryan Adams.

What types of Indians are there are here?

Baby Gordon.

35– If you could read my mind

Matt never got an answer if Big Mouth Billy Bass can change songs,

The video is security camera high.

Heads or tails?

Regarding Jimmy, he gets amnesia and doesn’t remember doing NNF.

People are excited about Star Wars.

40– Neil Peart is looking at wheat.

Spoiler alert– The Force Awakens ends with Mark Hamill on a cliff.

Ghost is kinda funny.

Kaitlynn has a Terrible list of top 5 movies.

45– American Beauty, ew.

Is Kevin Spacey perving on a girl in modern society, acceptable?

Would you let Kevin Spacey grab you in the cock, still a good story if he tries!

The Howling, terrible movie?

The Shawshank Redeption, unimpeachable just like Trump.

Jimmy is a season’s pass holder for airplane wifi.

Put the bodies on the floor.

50– What dumb thing did our president do in a 5 hour flight?

Why are there no pictures of Donald Trump golfing from drone view?

Fitbit jealousy.

Gentleman in the audience who is a touring freak show, welcome Orbax!

Lights are a bit much for a man who puts nails in his face.

55– He has pointy ears and a forked tongue too, Jimmy disapproves.

Lollipop dick? Sunglasses up the dick hole?

Oh dear God. Sunglass arm in the nostril, oh God he licked it.

Jimmy cowers, Matt watched.

Matt ate a burger and a piece went in his nose. He was blowing burger pieces.

1h– Orbax, the Monsters of Schlock


Welcome Nug Nahrgang!

Where do goggles go?

Where are your glasses?

1h5m– Canada= Tom Hortons and Wrestling.

Tom vs. Tim Hortons is sibling rivalry.

Old man Jimmy.

Canadian Jeff.

Mike Myers talk.

Le freak c’est chic!

1h10m– Nug’s top 5 movies.

RIP Harold Ramis

Canadian? Nope.

Kids in the Hall on the farm.

1h15m– Smothers Brothers talk

Hogan’s Heroes. FUNNY!

Chicken feet salesman.

Jimmy sat in a booth back to back with Jonathan Winters, our condolences.

Kevin always has cookies on his desk.

Nug and Lauren Ash…related?

1h20m– “Somebody hose that broad out of my van!”

Ex girlfriend shirts, throw them out?


Wham rap.

Jimmy gets a Celine Dion concert tee, PUT IT ON!

Matt gets a Turonno tee (Toronto phonetic spelling). PUT IT ON!

1h25m– Matt Belknap who are you wearing?

Weak all here.

Only 1 “R” rated movie.

1h30m– Sevens!

Hamilton the musical or Hamilton the Canadian city.

We all saw Seinfeld.

Jimmy gives to Nug: 27 (80’s Music)

Jimmy gives to Chapstick Ben: 18 (80’s Music)

Jimmy gives to vampire John: 17 (80’s Music)

1h40m– Jimmy gives to gum hand Sarah: 32! (80’s Music)

More chapstick for Ben.

Matt calls blowjobs a dick smooch.

1h45m– Thanks Toronto!