20M – Skinny-Dipping with Tess Rafferty

Tess Rafferty

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


20M – Mary Tyler Moore Show

00 – Hello in! It’s cold!

Jimmy talks illness and his body being the US. DIVIDED!

It’s freezing. We talk about it.

Can we get an NNF Hoodie?

New NNF PINS coming! Players club exclusive news! Mustachioed Eliot! It’s apparently fantastic! It’s a set of five!

“The dude looks good in the ‘stache!” – Jimmy on Eliot

Eliot’s dad was a CB Radio guy. Eliot thinks that might effect his hair.

05 – Jimmy addresses the bunch of live shows lately.

Two choices: Listen or don’t listen.

Matt and Jimmy talk about the shows.

Talking about Steve-O merch. IT’s low-rent apparently.

Cryptic message on Jimmy’s phone! Michael Kosta! The episode Jimmy did came out this week. Funny and good guy!

Jimmy talks about our guest Tess Rafferty and the videos she’s done.


10 – Talking Spicer and Huckabee-Sanders job. Is Spicer on the way out?

Oliver’s riding his bike now!

Jimmy was shopping for a kickstand. .75 – $75!

Good luck in your ventures everyone!

Lotta caffeine today for Jimmy. He didn’t sleep well last night.

Charlie Sexton talk. He was supposed to be huge.

Toured with Bowie and Dylan.

15 – soundtrack talk.

Iris – City of Angels

Talking bodyguard musical.

Jimmy loved I Am Battle Comic.

20 – Tess Rafferty is here!

Jimmy talks about the Andy Dick documentary that he is in.

Everybody Has an Andy Dick Story


25 – Andy Dick was at the screening and apparently drunk “cape fearing” the movie.

Talking hate mail. Tess loves correcting their spelling.

“A coward of republicans.”

Look free texting from matt to jimmy. Tess said “Four score and seven years ago.” Whatever Matt sent is untypable aside from Years.

30 – Jimmy needs some kind of a downer.

“Mensch is toons!”

Talking grand jury!

Eliot text: For Sure and Deck years ago.

Four S…Jimmy wrote: Four Scedded…..cant finish. Graham Haddu?

Tess: Four z odd. Cuz s hz; ,&

Jimmy’s trying one more time.

We are so fucked is Tess’s new video.

20 M! We’ll be back!

40 – We’re back!

We’re back!

20M! Jimmy’s squinting!

Tess Rafferty is here! Go fuck yourself world (and Jimmy?)

Brockmire? http://www.ifc.com/shows/brockmire

Panel talks about the show.

Celeb sighting!

BL – Beth Littleford!

Tess has been to Italy 10+ times!

45 – Matt’s gonna call some spam caller back.

Tess is married to a TV Producer.

50 – Jimmy tells a story about Tess at his wedding and him telling her to shut up and having it bug him at his wedding day.

Tess tells a story about people on a boat in Italy.

Tess swims topless??

Talking swimming naked.

55 – Tess talks about running into Brian Posehn at a Burke Williams

Jimmy saw a former conan coworker at the gym naked.

Jimmy and Danielle went to see Saturday Night Fever on the big screen.

60 –

Hoofer – http://www.dictionary.com/browse/hoofer

a professional dancer, especially a tap dancer.


Admit your simple Matt!

Talking Tom Holland on Lypsynch Battle.

Matt is not here the lipsynching.

Elyse was on Lip Service on MTV?!


Barry Sobel – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_Sobel

Elise won a trip.

1h5m – Health insurance chat.

Talking WGA health insurance.

1h10m – Airline talk.

Horn continues!

Eliot talks about his trip to Portland for Joseph’s wedding. It was a “little bit” like a ren-fair. “Did you have to roll for matrimonial power?” – Tess

Eliot was in portland for 5-6 days. 95% fun, 5% Eliot’s fault. He yelled in a chinese garden.

Temporary Tattoo rings…

Eliot also went to a show at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival. He saw Reunited. It’s a fake reunion of a fake sitcom. Eliza Skinner and Patton Oswalt was there.


Eliot’s M word is Magnum PI. It’s one of Matt’s favorite shows! Jimmy’s never seen a second of it.

Talking blindness on Little House on the Prairie.

1h15m – Blue Bloods? Who watches?

Jimmy talks about New years eve and having a Jenny McCarthy Donnie Wahlberg make out session forced upon us.

Welcome back Eliot.

1h20m – Matt’s M word is Moonlighting!

Tess talks about a doc she watched on Amazon called Bob and the Monster.

Tess Rafferty is here! She has two books/three actually. One published, two looking for a publisher.

Todd Barry’s book – 

Tess’s word was Murder She Wrote but she said it out loud earlier so she is going with Mannix.

1h25m – Jimmy’s word is…Murphy Brown!

Rare second break! Jimmy’s gotta pee.

Talking about the show!

EW Bingeworthy shows guide? Pass.

Welcome back!

Jimmy used the bathroom, as discussed!

1h30m – Tess has never had a skinny dip party at the house. She’s not into it. Tess might have a fear of swingers.

Jimmy talks about a girl they met at a rally last night. Danielle wanted to make a 3-some joke with her.

2 dicks one hole.

Doc Talk! It’s Gonna Blow.

1h35m – More talking swingers.

1h40m – Sevens!

Jimmy gives to Tess Rafferty: 13 (TV)
Jimmy gives to Tess Rafferty: 18 (TV)
Matt gives to Tess Rafferty: 27(80s Music)
Jimmy gives to Tess Rafferty: 18 (70s Music)
Tess Rafferty gives to Jimmy: 25 (80s Music)

1h50m – Last go!

Tess Rafferty gives to Jimmy: 6 (Broadway)

Fela! – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fela!

Thanks Tess!! A joy! Tess did not go to the rally she tweeted she was going to.

The end of Jimmy’s marriage comes with asking to swing.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth/Caffeinated Sick Ass