2013 – Throwing Pants with Russell Howard


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Russell Howard


00 – Hello! Jimmy may have REALLY yelled at Eliot on accident (?). He talks about it and apologizes.

In Your Eyes!

Matt admits to us that he has dry eyes.

2013! Welcome!

Jimmy talks about Rich Eisen, not Matt Isman.


Our guest is a bit early.

05 – Eliot talks about the malarkey outside.

Jimmy is very serious and NOT kidding around.

Who of us would go nuts first? Clearly me, then Eliot, then Jimmy and Matt.

Talking Never Not Drunky. @NeverNotDrunky on twitter.


“Our friend Darryl Asher started a SoundCloud account.”

The guys talk about it.

10 – Talking Jimmy’s Wikipedia!

15 – Spice Girls reunion talk?


20 – Lots going on here today. Mail, phone calls.

Talking Zoe watching something in 2 years?

Britney’s version says souped – 

Oliver’s favorite song of all time: Never Gonna Give You Up!

Talking Rick Astley and Jimmy blaming Matt for his lack of merch.

We’ll be back!

30 – We’re back!

2013! Russell is here! Jimmy enjoys his glasses.

Russell talks about minority report! And that dude (Tom Cruise)

He talks about having a lazy eye and having it fixed and how different seeing the world is now.

35 – “kill or be killed” Russell on being a kid with a lazy eye and growing into comedy.

Talking favorite movies.

The guys talk Lion.

Russell is not a fan of the musical. Jimmy thanks him for his time.

Matt tells Russell about Sing Street.

Russell talks about his brother-in-law being in Once in London.

Russell sells out mansions?! Jimmy has a misspeak issue.

40 – Russell talks about Tom Jones still getting underwear tossed at him.

Jimmy talks about Tom Jones not liking it.

Matt can’t get his head around the words flying around.

Fanny v Pussy.

Russell asks Jimmy about his English dates. Jimmy talks about doing The World Stands-up.

Jimmy would go back to London if the price was right.

Talking Ricky Gervais.

Talking Derek.

45 – Around the Horn!

Jimmy talks about the phrase. Russell talks about “got the horn” means you’ve got an erection.

Circle jerk?!

Talking my job!

Gardening leave?!

Talking to Kumar. He’s Russell’s Tour Manager.

Provincial sloppiness.

50 – Russell talks about his Zany’s appearance in Nashville being “weird.”

He had a full room and isn’t sure how anyone knew him.

Russell talks about the difference between the big arenas in the UK versus smaller rooms here.

He’s doing the Roxy on May 20!

Why the fuck is Taylor here?!

NNF Live in England?! Is demand strong enough?

Talking Stuart Goldsmith.

55 – Talking The Comedians Comedian podcast. Russell talks about doing the show and how Stuart is able to get stuff out of people.

The guys just got in from Dubai on Sunday. They’re here in town until 23-23 May.

We all take turns trying to say Kumar’s name!

Russell loves a water park and watching big men coming out of the “flumes.”

Kumar made Russell partaking in Archery.

60 – Oliver tried Archery also.

Jimmy talks to Taylor. He’s the publicist for LA. We can blame Taylor for the booking.

They’re at sunset highland. No Chick-Fil-A for Taylor.

It’s gross.

Taylor’s from North Carolina. Russell and his mom did a demolition derby there for a tv show.

Russell talks about going around the country for this show and there being a lot of “titty bars” around in the south.

Russell has a girlfriend who is looking for houses despite him not saying he was over the place they’re at now.

She’s an elderly care doctor and apparently annexed his office.

1h5m – Russell talks about Steve Martin’s books and doing huge stadiums.

Jimmy’s dad saw Steve Martin twice. Once at Alpine Valley, which holds 37,000 people.

Jimmy wants to know what Taylor’s done with Russell and K. Nothing they just met.

Burt Reynolds voted for Trump.

Hi Eliot! He did not like the parking situation.

1h10m – Roof it!

Matt has to go on the roof to change an AC Filter.

Talking Nashville.

Can a rancher get solar panels for his cows?


1h15m – Russell talks about doing a Thanksgiving in London and their being a Vicar there that asked him what the biggest animal he could kill to death with his bare hands.

He said a pig.

McVicar – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McVicar_(film)

Matt thinks he can take a Great Dane.

Jimmy says he could kill another person.

Russell calls Matt a “sneaky weirdo” for his great dane kill.
We’ll be back!

1h20m – We’re back!

Jimmy’s got some back problems. Matt asks if he wants the “old great dane.”

Russell talks about doing acupuncture. He loves it. He’s also done cupping and doesn’t mind it. Says it looks like someone with ocd is beating you up.

Russell talks about living with an OCD comic.

Matt talks about his OCDs.

Russell wonders about masturbatory socks.

1h25m – Russell talks about self help books and the stuff he does before he goes on stage. He won’t reveal any of them, too embarrassing. He has a lot of “piccadillys” he once blamed a bad gig on having money in his pocket because he never has money in his pocket.

Jimmy talks about his own superstitions, including keeping a setlist in his pocket for every show, even though he doesn’t really need it. He also has an allergy pill, a bar napkin…Russell wonders if Jimmy wears a cargo pant.

Russell wonders if Jimmy’d ever wear shorts on stage.


1h30m – http://www.thefashionspot.com/buzz-news/latest-news/401637-tbt-5-famous-fashion-designers-ties-to-the-nazis/


1h35m – Eliot would rather the headbutt than the great dane.

Jimmy reminds us how he thought Cesar Milan would go nowhere. He tells Russell about working with him.

Jimmy asks Kumar what kind of band he was in. It was a 70s cover band.

Kamala Harris as president one day?

Talking Clinton, election, and Russell experiencing American Talk Radio.

“Yeah right in the schmoo.” – Jimmy

1h40m – Matt reveals he has a neighbor that supported trump and had a flag and decorated his lawn with homemade Trump signs.

Talking UK flags and the St. George’s Cross flag being coopted by right wing racists.


Kumar could be a huge character actor here.

We’re done!

We’re gonna bet!!

We’re betting on Taylor’s age.

Russell: 26
Matt: 29
Eliot: 33
Garon: 24
Kumar: 31
Jimmy: 27

Jimmy does his backwards cap joke.

Taylor is 30!

K wins!

What a joy!

We’re done!

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth