20J – Going into battle with Jordan Brady


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

Jordan Brady

I Am Battle Comic
Jordan Brady

00 – Welcome in!

Jimmy stands nor waits for no man.

Time and tide on the 8s.

Hot dogs talk!

Talkin’ Chicago dogs. Tomato but no ketchup?

Jimmy goes through the ingredients.

Oliver stayed with his grandpa and that allowed Jimmy and Danielle to watch FIVE episodes of Big Little Lies.

The guys talk about it. Jimmy wants no info.

Misheard lyric since the 80s!

Matt’s gonna guess it.

Talkng lyrics.

05 – Matt’s mad at lyrics according to Jimmy.

Everyone sings My Perogative!

Jimmy recreates a joke he did for Danielle.

It’s not Evil Tricks. Jimmy thought it was beetle juice is not my thing?! Second choice ego juice is not my thing.

It’s actually Ego trips!

Zooped – 

10 – Talking the visitors at the white house today. Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, Sarah Palin. Not taking hats off either.

Talking about the visit and them being idiots in front of the Hilary Clinton painting.

15 – Matt can’t believe Ted Nugent and Kid Rock can’t be subtle.

Matt has some lyric problems with Invisible Touch.

Eliot knows it! A built in ability. Matt though it was “a built in billy jean”

Roll Nipsy Russel?!

20 – Jordan Brady is here! He had a Coke slurpy.

He can’t burn a DVD?

Jimmy wanted to watch his latest movie but it wouldn’t play.

Building up Matt’s story again.

We have options guys!

Lyrics for Jordan!

He blanks on the My Prerogative lyric.

Jimmy talks to Jordan about his original thoughts for the lyrics.

Eagle Juice?

Double B! 

30 – All of Nipsy Russells pants were pocketless so he could write them off as a costume.

Matt goes back to his Genesis lyric issue.

Jordan came early as a professional and to enjoy the show.

Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx is hosting a game show.

“an actor acts!” – Jordan

Jordan makes the best buy reference. Matt says the next person to make that comparison gets all the coins.

Is the floor open for questions Eliot? It is.

Jordan asks why Jimmy and Matt don’t do You Bet Your Life. Sore subject?


35 – We’re back with some Invisible Touch!

Jimmy talks about I Am Battle Comic!

I Am Comic: Military Grade?

In The Vicinity of Bravery was Wayne Ferderman’s title.

40 – Jordan talks about the movie.

Jimmy talks about getting buried by a comic and thinking that the club told him to.

45 – Jordan talks more about the trip for the movie.

50 – “You’re smarter military still listens to us.” – Jimmy

Eliot wonders if there are restrictions on what military can download. Jordan thinks anything.

Sometimes Troops have to pay for internet?!

They did not know the bombs were coming (They’d have made a cake).

Jordan talks more about it.

55 – Matt says he would go to the middle east if asked. Jimmy says it would never get to Matt’s desk. He wouldn’t do it.

Red lights!

Eliot’s singing under his breath.


Jordan came back with PTSY.

60 – pardcast@gmail.com if you missed an auction or something.

Pardcathelp@gmail.com for TECH ISSUES.

Cathy Ladman

Cathy Ladman is here!!

Just here to say hi!

Jordan meets Cathy!

No one knows what’s happening.

Cathy talks about the meal she made.

Ancient Grains!!

Jordan talks about the pilot he did with Cathy.

It was called Next Exit. They talk about it.

1h5m – Lutefisk – 

Jordan was in a port-a-potty at Coachella.

Cathy is snapping pictures for her mom.

Didn’t everyone have a crush on Cathy in the 80s?

“Lots of low energy lots of low energy.” Director to Jordan and Cathy.

Cathy can’t believe how many details Jordan recalls.

Cathy posted a third grade photo of herself on facebook from 1964.

1h10m – Cathy says she didn’t blossom until this year. Matt: “Worth the wait.”

Jimmy knew Cathy was gonna stop by, it was all an act (none of us knew)

Talking my job!

Guys jerk ladies diddle?

Cant do jerk off jokes at the military shows? Jordan got a complaint!

No rape jokes either.

Jordan talks about Dana Gould’s rape joke.

1h15m – “Good to see you eating.” Jordan’s inappropriate joke at Cathy.

Her eating on mic is “animal like” according to Jimmy.

Women of the Night – 

1h20m – Cathy talks about her eating disorder.

Protein referred to in laundry: Blood semen or chicken.

1h25m – True or False Jimmy was hired for a commercial of Jordan’s and asked the day before not to come.

Respect The Process is Jordan’s podcast about advertising and commercials. http://jordanbrady.com/

Jordan talks about his first commercial for Kia and wanting to bring in comedians. He talks about Paul Provenza stopping in the middle of his audition and recognizing Jordan.

1h30m – Jimmy talks about his favorite Wayne Federman commercial. “Not exactly!” for Hertz.

Jordan put Wayne in a movie in a rooster costume.

Cathy wonders about the hierarchy of making fun of friends.

J word?

Kevin Spacey – 

1h35m – “Why won’t no one address what’s going on with the rivers in this city?!”

Trump supporter in a cape!

Jordan misses the cape.

Jimmy tells Cathy about he and Danielle’s night and Big Little Lies marathon.

Talking sleep hours.

Jimmy talks about getting to sleep and being alone with your thoughts.

Cathy talks about texting therapists.


1h40m – talking more about the online therapy stuff.

Talking Therapy.

Jordan has 4 kids. Two of them look alike so people thing they’re one person. His son Jake does improv. His other son Ben works in the Camera Dept. He’s wants to be a DP.

1h45m – Jordan also has twin 16 yo daughters.

Cathy’s daughter is almost 14, into sports. Softball is her game.

Jordan and the family went to Coachella.

Jimmy talks about Oliver laughing at a joke he did.

Cathy talks about the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant.

Hi Eliot!

Jordan went 3 days for Coachella but didn’t see all day.

No access for his son having worked with Radiohead in the past.

Jordan talks about meeting solders and what supporting the troops is.

J Word?!!!

Jericho – Me
Jetsons – Cathy/Jordan
Justified – Eliot
John From Cincinatti – Matt

Mother’s day is terrible according to Jordan.

Talking Jen Aniston’s dry eyes.

Jimmy’s J word is…Jeopardy!

Kiss song.


We gotta go!

Pitfall talk?

Cathy finds Alex Trebek to be creepy.

What’s the deal? Jimmy and Matt’s new show.

Some upcoming screenings of I Am Battle Comic proceeds benefit military charities!

Jimmy talks about seeing Rob Reiner at the theater once and he hated a movie and talked about it in the lobby. He was asking people if they were watching it. Jimmy kept walking past to get talked to bu the never asked him.

Thanks Cathy and Jordan!

We’re done! See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth