1921 – Buddying Up with Rhett & Link

Rhett & Link

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Happy holidays! 1921!

Stay tuned in 10 years for a big announcement!

Will we still be doing NNF in 10 years? We all hope so!

Has the floor been constantly open for questions?! Apparently. So shut up Eliot! “Shut it the f down!”

The floor is not open for questions!

More important, we discuss what is happening with Eliot’s hair.

Marty Allen

Marty Allen and Kevin Dubrow!

Or 80s Doctor Who, Tom Baker.

Doctor Who talk. Why isn’t there a film franchise?!

05 – I’ve been talking to the Publicist!

10 – How Fro Can You Go?

Eliot starts to sing along while Matt is talking at him. Gets scolded for it.

Moving trash cans!


Talking Market Pantry logos!


Matt gives us the hair details including hair drying and teasing.

15 – More talk about Matt’s hair.

Frizzy hair wants to be big!

Matt describes Eliot’s hair as hair saddlebags.

Jimmy suggests trying privately to fix his hair, but the show probably needs to see it.

Whore’s bath!

Dirty Carson! Captain Kangaroo and Mr Green Jeans are involved.




Off air meeting to shut Eliot up?

20 – who’s shit music is whose?!

Gonna go through He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper.

25 – Talking Collateral Beauty.

Not getting great reviews. “When you explain this movie to friends, they won’t believe you.”

Talking masturbashame.

30 – Rhett and Link are here! Walking in on Eliot’s masturbation story!

Right to the table for Rhett and Link! In Military greens?!

Plenty of room for boots. They’re toms so “an orphan got a pair of boots too.”

Link needs new boots.

Jimmy wonders how much copying is going on.

Jimmy references the guy’s show.

Oliver is making an appearance later on! Danielle is bringing him in to meet Rhett and Link.

Separate garage, it’s an air-gapped garage.

Penis bone talk! Humans are the only species without a bone apparently?

Hingeless bone!

35 – Jimmy talks hat head! He had hoped Link would have his hair on display.

Talking about the comments the guys get on their videos and how a lot concentrate on appearances.

Link talks about hair interference. Rhett might have glasses infringement he talks about his trip to the eye doctor and all the robotic stuff they have now.

40 – Matt suggests a complete flip of appearances.

Buddy System is on YouTube Red!

Rhett talks about shaving off his beard and his mom’s response: “I still love you baby.”

Jimmy talks about an episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy where a guy gets rid of his toupee and his mother stopped taking to him.

45 – Jimmy asks Rhett and Link to evaluate Eliot’s hair. Link calls it a side toupee.

Jimmy talks about what he told Oliver about the guys. He thinks he is going to a doctor’s appointment! This is full of lies. Oliver has no idea he’s gonna meet the guys.

We’ll be right back!

Welcome back!


Horn time!

Moana talk!

Rhett and Link saw it and loved it!

They ended up getting tix to the same showing on accident.

50 – Crying at Moana!

Local commercials with Rhett Link and Jimmy?

Talking Fast and Furious!

55 – Talking crying at commercials!

Talking first movie cries.

Rhett tells a story about performing the song Ben at a childhood friend’s funeral (who was named Ben) and not crying at his grandmother’s funeral. Jimmy didn’t cry at his Grandfather’s funeral.

Link doesn’t cry at movies but he does remember crying when King Kong was killed.

Link talks about some girl looking like she was really into his 11 year old son Lincoln. She kept staring at him and did it all the way out of the theater. When Link mentioned it Lincoln said he stuck his hand in her drink when reaching for his popcorn.

60 – Rhett and Link talk about their kids and if they’re into girls yet.

65 – Rhett talks about how people from their past know they talk about them because they always drop their full names.

Talking high school reunions. Jimmy wants to know what their experience was. He talks about what happened to him before Rhett and Link tell us what happened to them at their reunion. Rhett talks about what his mom told him about not going to the reunion.

The reunion was the same weekend as Hurricane Matthew!

Link missed the reunion due to the storm but he made it to town.

Rhett says the reunion was “chill.”

70 – Talking an accident that scarred a guy for life.

Jimmy’s got a snot situation.

Matt talks more about the scar with the guys.

Link tells a story about their 10 year reunion. One of their classmates, a band geek, showed up ad told them she was in a Trace Adkins video.

Talking Trace Adkin’s You’re Gonna Miss This.

75 – Matt tells Rhett and Link that they are this generations DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince. They gladly accept that.

R & L did a parody of OPP for a fall festival “You down with Hall-o-Ween”

Talking rapping, sampling, checks and balances, and more.

Matt talks about sampling and what should be paid for.
85 – 12 is the hard out!

More Fresh Prince track list talk.

90 – Jimmy resets the stage. Good Mythical Morning M-F! Buddy System on YouTube red!

Rhett talks about the shows. 8 Episodes of Buddy System.

Jimmy talks about enjoying Good Mythical Morning. He truly enjoys it.

Talking Red House Furniture.


100 – We’re back! Jimmy resets! Pony up!!

The tension of Oliver coming in!

We’re trying to figure it out.

Oliver is here!!!

Playing Sevens!

Oliver gives to Rhett and Link: 1 (Food)
Oliver gives to Rhett and Link: 1 (Superheroes)

Rhett gives to Link: 19 (Animals)
Rhett gives to Link: 5 (Action Movies)

Buddy system on YouTube Red! Good Mythical Morning on YouTube!

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth