1919 – Tasting Chicago with Joe Mantegna

Joe Mantegna

Joe Mantegna

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello! Welcome!

Jimmy talks about having strep again. He went to sweet sweet Sugarman.

Talking celebs they don’t recognize.

Joe Mantegna is coming in today! Along with Peter Pardini.

1919 Hardcastle!

Jimmy talks about his leaky toilet and it taking hours to fix when it should have been just a short fix.

He did all this while being sick and he DID IT! He felt like a man…only to find out that he also had to replace the gasket.

Four hours + and still had to have a plumber come out and still didn’t fix it.

05 – Long story short: new toilet.

Talking electoral college.

Matt dreamed more electors said they wouldn’t vote Trump.

10 – Talking Trump, Russia, and the fate of the United States.

It’s not about Hillary anymore. It’s about saving the country.

“This country has been invaded cyberly!” – Jimmy on Kelly Anne Conway’s “sour grapes” comments.

Trump talk continues!

Matt talks about welcoming Trump’s supporters back.

15 – Talking Russia!

Talking RNC hacks as well.

Matt talks about the Cold War.

Talking Eliot’s Temple and how clean he keeps it. He comes in here clean but now Jimmy wants to know what that means?!

Prescription-Drug-AbuseEliot admits to being a light dabbler.

We keep our temples clean here! Jimmy might resort to drug testing.

20 – I come in with Peter but no Joe yet!

Jimmy gives Peter the business on his appearance. He digs it all!

Jimmy wants a spin on his jacket. Matt might claim it.

Some brief talk on Peter’s movie.

Jimmy watches AM Joy on the weekend.

Peter’s fear is that some tragedy happens and his movie doesn’t air.

Is Trump Anti-horn?

Jimmy tells Peter what he hopes happens. He wants the doc delayed so it’s not overshadowed!

25 – I run out to get Joe.

Jimmy immediately goes on about the potato wedges.

Joe’s got fries now! He gets the Joe’s half and half it’s named after him! Half sausage half Italian beef.

Taste Chicago! Verdugo and Hollywood Way.


Talking expansions! Joe wants to keep it a neighborhood place.

30 – Wall to wall fans when the Sox won AND when the Cubs won.

Everybody’s got hair!

We’ll be back!

Welcome back!

Episode 1919!

We’re gonna get through it. Everything’s breaking bad.

Jimmy got green on green. He’s ready to fight!

hairdadgalleryHaircut talk!

Joe gets on set cuts.

Criminal Minds talk. Joe talks TV vs Movies and the lifestyle differences.

He talks about taking over Criminal Minds and loving it. He’s been on for 10 years.

35 – Joe talks barber shops being bookie joints in his youth.

Jimmy’s grandpa and Dad did it to.

Jimmy talks Frankie Moon.

Peter used to go to Sports Clips all the time because they used to give out free haircuts on campus.

Peter’s hair looks great! Jimmy tells him to be proud of it!

January 1 on CNN! Saturday in the Park does not make the movie!

Now More Than Ever: The History of Chicago


Joe talks about Chicago way of doing things and why they keep going.

Joe gives us some history of Chicago and his association with the band.

45 – Chicago’s first album helped Joe decide between acting and music. That and getting cast in Hair on Broadway.

Jimmy asks about a possible reunion for Joe’s band. One passed away, one had a stroke, one is a psychic in Florida so odds are not good for a reunion.

Talking singing with Chicago. Joe sang with them but wishes the song was more in his range.

50 – No Easter Eggs in Peter’s flick, unless you count the formats they shot the film on.

Joe tells a story about going to a Chicago show in Toronto while shooting Searching for Bobby Fisher. He brought Ben Kingsley and Joan Allen along. Chicago got all proper when they saw Ben. Pancow broke the tension: “I can’t believe it we got fucking Gandhi on the bus!”

8PM eastern, 5PM pacific January 1, CNN: Now More Than Ever. It’ll be on Blu-ray and DVD in a couple months.

55 – Peter talks about using an iphone for audio on the movie at one point. Jimmy asks him about shooting the Now video on iPhones.

Eliot bought some Nazi stamps over the weekend…at an estate sale…he talks about it.

60 – Jimmy asks if Joe ever saw Bob Hope in Toluca Lake. He said he saw him all the time driving in his cart that had a big nose on the front of it.

Joe tells a story about how his neighborhood had limos and security all over one night. It was Bob’s birthday and three presidents were there.

Jimmy talks about how he was in Joe’s play, Bleacher Bums, at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, and played the same part that Joe originated.

Joe talks about the play and its origins.

70 – Joe talks about how he might change the story of Bleacher Bums to factor in the Cubs winning the World Series. Jimmy loves it!

Jimmy’s in!

Quick break!

We’re back!

Peter reveals who is cut from the shorter version of the Chicago doc. Jimmy’s out!

Peter talks about Director’s Cuts, blu-rays, and an even shorter version coming on CNN.

Joe talks about a conversation about editing with Francis Ford Coppolla on the set of Godfather 3.

75 – One of Joe’s friends called the Godather movies the “Italian Star Wars.”

House of Games – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093223/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_119


Talking the inappropriate movies Jimmy saw as a kid.

Joe talks some parts he’s had and David Mamet.

80 – Joe talks about doing Glengary Glen Ross and winning the Tony.

Jimmy asks about Glengarry Glen Ross play vs movie and why Joe wasn’t in the movie. Joe tells a story about that exact situation. “Joe, just sold the rights to Glengarry to Hollywood, you ain’t in it.” – David Mamet . He followed it up by showing the scripts to House of Games and Things Change and said he wasn’t doing these movies with out Joe.

85 – Peter reminds Joe about his Woody Allen story.

Joe also had Bells Palsy!

90 – Joe almost tossed the script out thinking it was some random person named Wendy when in reality it was Woody. He ended up doing Alice a few months later!

That original script was for Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Joe is off to do more Criminal Minds today!

“You can get lucky with a heart shaped pizza.” – Joe.

hotdogJoe talk all the types of people that come to Taste Chicago.

Don’t put ketchup on a hotdog!

Try the mayo on Italian beef!

A joy! A Pleasure!

Jan 1, CNN, Now More Than Ever, Blu-ray probably around February.

Before we go Jimmy wants to talk Game 7 of the World Series.

Joe talks about the game at the restaurant and it being jam packed. He couldn’t handle the pressure so he went out and watched the end in the Fox News truck.

We’re done!

My pleasure,

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