1910 – Sitting on a Park Bench with Andy Daly


In studio notes by Garon Cockrell

Andy Daly

Andy Daly

Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Hello welcome in! 1910!

Jimmy’s got some crotch crumb.

Trump talk. It’s insane that Trump has gotten this far.

Talking “Grab her by the pussy.”

Dirty Carson shows up!

Talking Trump furniture!

Eliot has a question for Dirty Carson. What does Ruth Buzzie do?! We still don’t know. Besides gardening.

Deplorable pickin’!

Talking about Billy Bush being terrible, maybe even worse.

Billy was like a nerd sucking up to the jocks.

05 – Jimmy talks about people talking the way Trump did.

Eliot talks about comedians making dirty jokes versus Trump being a monster.

Jimmy really wants to see that entire map blue on election night just to show the world we aren’t full of hate.

Research Mike Pence independents! He’s just as much as a monster.

What Matt is referring to: https://bluenationreview.com/mike-pence-brazenly-stripped-power-from-an-elected-dem/

10 – More Trump talk!

We don’t know how it’s happening!

Matt talks about the applause break when he said he’d put Hilary in jail.

Our guest is here!

Talking NBC’s treatment of Trump.

15 – Mark Burnett – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Burnett


Talking to Andy Daly!

We’ll be back!

25 – We’re back!

Picture down! Jimmy takes the blame.

No C in Kojak!

Andy confirms Don DeMillo registered to vote.

Jill Stein: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jill_Stein

Cosby’s PHD Dissertation was written by the writers of Fat Albert?!



Jimmy explains the missing gavel. Oliver is using it for his show that he writes “directs” and stars in.

His first episode was shown at school!

30 – Matt talks about Zoe trying to do shows also.

Oliver is shooting a short film this weekend. Jimmy doesn’t want to show him up so he wont appear. Oliver is in Renegades! He plays young Pavel Chekov.

Jimmy confirms he will be the manager that steals that money. He’s explained this to Oliver already.

Andy’s brother Paul is a lawyer.

35 – Matt had a friend in school who’s parent ate roadkill.

Talking me in school: no dances.

Jimmy wore a hot pink mesh shirt and a Miami vice jacket in his first headshot.

Andy talks clothes growing up and parents. His dad sold picture phones starting in 1985.

40 – The Actor’s Gang – https://shakespeareinla.com/2016/08/04/romeo-juliet-pokeman-go-with-the-actors-gang/

Romeo and Juliet Pokemon Go!

“Who’d have thought my grandpa was a table hopping madman!” – Oliver on Star Trek.

Matt talks Hell or High Water. He liked it.

Andy saw his movie Middle School twice and both times he cried. The second time he saw it he cried a third time!

Andy talks about whether or not to take his daughter to see his movie or to the premiere.

45 – Andy talks about doing CarMax commercials.

Andy has cut the cord on TV/cable.

50 – Andy talks more about cutting the cord.

Talking changing cable to DirecTV.

Still trying to guess Andy’s dad’s name.

It’s Edward!

55 – Andy saw the Monkeys at the pantages and is seeing jethro tull soon.

Jimmy might go with Andy to see Jethro Tull.

Jimmy and Matt are going to see Rick Astley! Matt’s trying to back peddle out of the concert.

60 – Jimmy talks about the Cat Stevens concert. He starts with his sobbing at the show 18 months ago. This show, he got weepy on the opening song, but the structure of the show didn’t really lend to emotions.

Jimmy has a celeb sighting from the show (not Jim Jeffries) and one on the way here.
Time to guess!!

It’s Billy Idol! I got it!

65 – The gang talk Billy Idol.


Not Miles from Murphy Brown.

70 – Constantine Morales! No guesses. Jimmy says he looks great.

Jimmy saw him in Jekyl and Hyde. Andy saw that show with Sebastian Bach.

He talks about 2nd acting shows in NYC, including one with liza mineli where she had a broken hip and did choreo from a stool.

Andy talks about Jekyl and Hyde and how dumb it was, including the duet between Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.


We’re back!

75 – Eliot interrupts on accident because he wanted to be ready in case we talked about his Trevor Noah twitter interaction.

Happy birthday Eliot!!

We’ll talk more to all of us next week!

Back to Andy. Jimmy asks him to walk us through the Carmax Five Day Guarantee.


Not every car is perfect for every person. You can return any car for any reason within a 5-day period. See store for details.

Andy reads the description of the Jethro Tull show.

80 – More Jethro Tull talk.

Andy has a THIRD ticket available.

Talking seats at the Pantages


85 – Jimmy had a great time in Madison over the weekend. He talks about it.

Steven Avery Update: Manitowoc Residents Against Next ‘Making A Murderer’ Installment

Leslie Van Houten – http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/23/us/manson-family-leslie-van-houten-parole-denied/

Talking Cults with Andy Daly.

Welcome to Leith talk.

90 – Friday Night Lights talk. Andy is watching Better Call Saul. Matt loves it!

Talking binging shows!

WKRP in Cincinatti – https://www.amazon.com/WKRP-Cincinnati-Complete-Gary-Sandy/dp/B00KYCA4QY/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1476137309&sr=1-1&keywords=wkrp+in+cincinnati+complete+series+dvd


It ran for 4 seasons.

95 – Final season of Review is coming soon! It’s a 3 episode wrap-up. He has no idea when it will air. There is talk of a complete series box set too. Andy hopes for lots of deleted scenes and features.

Talking Lin returning to Hamilton.

Matt talks to Andy about Hamilton and the soundtrack.

100 – Jimmy’s taking Oliver to see Hamilton in Chicago in November and he already has his tickets for LA.

Andy talks about the sketch he did with Rob Corrddry back in 2000 that was an annoyingly well researched sketch about Alexander Hamilton.

Matt talks about comedian Jon Roy’s album sales going up because it was called Alexander Hamilton.

105 – SNL talk!

Jimmy blames it on the rain!

We’re done!

Except Jimmy asks Andy about Black Sabbath and if he went with a mutual friend. He talks about Ozzy constantly yelling at the audience to put their hands in the air.

Talking about that random musician off on the side of the stage. Including the fourth member of Green Day.

Andy talks about the latest U2 tour. He’s seen every U2 tour since 1985. He had the chance to the new one twice. The first time he ended up behind the stage which was too loud and ruined his next day. He ended up turning down the second tickets only to find out the seats were fantastic.

Jimmy tells him that he made a big mistake turning down those tickets and makes a point to point out his thoughts on Ozzy and Ronnie James Dio in Black Sabbath versus Solo.

My pleasure,

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