16O – Making it Through the Wilderness with Pat Francis

Pat Francis shows off his lip tattoo

Pat Francis shows off his lip tattoo

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and addiitonal notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Welcome in! Jimmy is swiping apps.

Matt was out on the sea. He talked in depth about Jimmy’s tattoos.

He and the family went on a Disney cruise.

Vacation talk!

Eliot’s camera movement is bothering Jimmy.

Wide and Divide!

Matt says the one thing to yell at Eliot over and he’s doing his job.

05 – Matt gives us more details on his Disney Cruise.

Matt calls the shows the “C-team” Eliot and I think it’s the Sea team. Matt mad he didn’t think of that. Then calls them the D team.

Matt saw Avengers 2 on the boat. Enjoyed it since he had no expectations.

D-box-seatingJimmy reiterates that that movie sucks and blames Matt’s enjoyment of it on seasickness.

10 – D-Box

You don’t need to lean in Eliot!

Jimmy reminds Eliot about his microphone usage.

Bette Middler at The Staples Center

3 days not enough for a cruise according to Matt.

15 – Jimmy would have had Matt bring him some antibiotics had he known he was heading to Mexico.

Lots of buddys but not “buddies”

Our guest just wandered in.

Camouflage shorts.

Hi Pat!!!

He’s all green.

20 – Jimmy almost crashed into someone doing a u-turn then some “cooze” walked into the space he was trying to park in.

Baseball time!!!

Jimmy can’t work the wifi.

Mad Dog is here! Wishes me a happy birthday!

League update:

Jimmy’s in first place!
Vagabonds of the night in 2nd
Mama says Tanaka You Out in 3rd

Thanks mad dog!

Guess my age. Seems like 32 is the popular guess.

25 – Jimmy likes MC Lytes new song!

30 – Matt might strangle Pat.

Jimmy does some Stranglehold.

Best President talk!

MC Lyte Video

35 – MC Lyte info

Vance Gilbert’s New Album is out! Its called nearness of you

Trying to guess this song from Jimmy. It’s Kris Kristofferson 

Ray Price died in 2013

40 – Matt tells us that he lived two doors down from Phil Everly. He died because he didn’t like living near the Belknaps.

Pat’s hear to talk about Rock Solid 200 with Steve Lukather!

Jimmy calls it a great episode!

45 – Luke’s friends with Clooney. Pat failed in talking about it.


We’re back!

Pat’s writing down his O Word.

Jimmy’s electric car rebate is approved!

Jimmy’s got a hanger in Burbank where he keeps his cars. He drives a different one every day lets the people take pictures etc etc.

Good Humor – 

50 – Purple Rain tour was 11/84 – 4/85. 

Like A Virgin Tour was April-June 85 – 

55 – Madonna setlist

60 – Jimmy suggests Rick Astley as a guest for RS.

65 – Pat’s getting close to landing Brian Setzer on the show!

70 – Jimmy was right Brian Setzer was indeed on EMI.

The guys talk about the last David Letterman episode.

Closing montage – 

Jimmy talks about trying to get Don Rickles on the show and his PR people being super nice.

Pat says to get Brad Garrett on the show.

Leads to discussion of The Munsters and the Universal Tram Tour.
80 – Pat wonders about James Cordin’s Late Night. He’s not a fan. Jimmy though this comments on David Letterman felt a bit forced.

The guys talk about late night shows.

Jimmy says that Conan’s speech about Letterman having the same problem.

85 – Letterman Wikipedia

Jimmy auditioned for Letterman. Says the Gatekeeper wasn’t good at his job.

Eliot jumps in with the D&D Box.

Jimmy’s gonna wait for 90 minutes to introduce the show.

90 – 15 Origami!!! Fold that paper!!!

Movie with Pat chat!!

First and only matt/pat movie – orphanage. me/pat – texas chainsaw

95 – Happy birthday me!!! My word was Octopus.

Eliot’s off to Frisco for Kublacon! We started early so Eliot could get this episode ready!

Eliot’s game got a publisher! Named changed to Elios.

100 – Eliot talks about showing up 3 hours early for Pat’s party.

Jimmy talks about wanting a pizza at a party of Pat’s and craving Big Mama Pizza.

Jimmy talks about Kyle’s jokes.

Jimmy’s doing a Kiss episode of Rock Solid soon. The guys talk about it.

Kiss discography: 

Jimmy and Matt think it’ll be too long of an episode. Pat thinks it’ll be fine.

Jimmy talks about the funniest thing Pat’s ever said.

Benatar is out as a guest from Rock Solid apparently.

Pat brought us all gifts! Rock Solid T-Shirts!! Thanks Pat!!!

Apparently it was Mash font and just said Bowen.

Back to the Nashville concert! The Clare Bowen T-Shirt mystery.

Jimmy does an about face, now things the Nashville concert was terrible after he discovered how many songs they didn’t do.

120 – More Nashville live talk.

Jimmy and Pat are going to Irvine to see Bryan Adams.

Matt goes to pee.

Jimmy will murder Pat if he has to pay for tickets.

Matt’s O-word was Ottoman.

Pat’s word was also Octopus!!

125 – Pat did something stupid. He tells us about it. He got into an inversion table when he was home alone. He was stuck upside down.

Here is an instructional video for an inversion table

Craigslist can suck it!

Cajun Jimmy is here!!

‘M. Night Shyamalan talk

Pat talks about getting blocked by Scientology on twitter.

Happy birthday me!!!

Taylor Swift talk!

See ya next time!!!

My pleasure,

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