16K – Painting the Town Red with Joe Wagner

Joe "Cool" Wagner

Joe “Cool” Wagner

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – Hello and indeed! Jimmy needs his phones up! Pat was in here yesterday, Jimmy suggests his stuff is different. Matt calls him the goldilocks of podcasting.

Jimmy’s not happy with how these headphones are sounding today. He switches inputs and sounds much better. Nope he’s going back to 2! Jimmy and Matt talk about Pat’s microphone skills.

Jimmy just listened the Richie Zito episode of Rock Solid. He talks abut Zito having worked with someone artists that Jimmy on paper should like but doesn’t. He says it was a great episode.

Jimmy spent an hour testing out office chairs. Took one home and realized he didn’t like the one he picked.

05 – Jimmy doesn’t want to get a footrest. Jimmy not a big spender on office chairs. He gets a new one every couple years.

Herman Miller chairs –

Harvey Corman died in 2008. 

Jimmy and family are watching old Carol Burnett shows thanks to me loaning it to them.

Oliver got a big kick out of Dinah Shore singing 50 ways to leave your lover.

Jimmy compliments the warm up comic Bob Oshack (Sp??) @midnight. Said he was great and a brilliant comic mind.

Jimmy talks about his latest @midnight appearance. Credit to Danielle for Down Syndrome Abbey.

10 – Kiss and Scooby Doo together again! 

Drone strike today – 

15 – Apparently they had to edit around Jimmy on @midnight after they revealed Serial won a Peabody. Jimmy doesn’t remember but he might have literally went bananas on Serial winning a Peabody.

I went to grab our guest and come back to Mad dog giving us the run down on the rankings of the NNF Fantasy BBall league. Jimmy’s Spineless Windbags are in 6th.

Jimmy’s got a pending trade out there but has not heard back yet.

20 – Only the winner gets to stay in the league next year along with Jimmy and Steve. The rest of the drafting is all new!

Jimmy’s watching and enjoying Secrets and Lies. The guys are worried Nashville might not return next season.

Our guest Joe Wagner, gives us his info on Coke Zero.

25 – The guys talk Ray Charles on Diet Pepsi. Cindy Crawford did both.

Sandra Bullock sexiest woman alive. 

Joe and Matt teach Jimmy how to point and click.

Sprite: LeBron’s Mix – 

Kevin Bacon’s commercial – 

We’ll be back!!

30 – We’re back! 16 Koi. UGH.

Koi pond.

Matt says Koi always look sad.
RIP Sirens. Our best to our buddy Kevin Bigley.

Joe says he was just cast in the reboot.

Jimmy talks about Joe being in the audience of a show pilot he did. He gave jimmy the charge he needed at one point.

Joe Wagner was on the first episode of AST Radio!

35 – Happy 4/23!

My k word was Kevlar.

We talk Secrets and Lies!!

40 – Jimmy is close to microphone throwing!!

Eliot’s word was Kesha.

45 – Joe gives us some gossip on Kesha. She might have a bit of a crush on Zach Galifianakis.

Jimmy regrets leaving the kesha show before seeing Pitbull.

Joe asks Jimmy if he listens to rap. Everything Jimmy knows about rap is from a 60-70 year old crooner (Tom Jones). Jimmy performs the song for us.

Jimmy tells everyone how it would go if he went on America’s Got Talent and did that Tom Jones rap.

50 – Rhinestone Buttons was Jimmy’s DJ name in 82 country radio.

The single at the complex has interest and an approved application but needs some new windows and doors.

I’m gonna go check on the Sprite at 7/11.

No luck.

60 – I come back to glass bottle talk.

Matt’s k word was Killroy.

70 – Jimmy’s backup word was Koala. 

Joe wants to go on a mud run.

Matt gave Joe his first ever written review. Joe remembers it clearly. Matt does not. Matt described Joe’s voice as a cross between Jeff Garlin and Paul Rudd. He also described him as “a friend of doug’s.” Joe says Matt didn’t really say if he was funny or not. He saved that for the big guys. Jimmy calls Matt on turning from reviewer to recapper.

75 – Joe says Matt was the “lance bangs” of the la comedy scene in the 90s. He ruffled some feathers.

Jimmy said he affected play buy reporting on the shows from what was before a safe place.

Jimmy never got the “wrath of Belknap.”

85 – Hit Me Baby One More Time

Vernon Kay

Beat the Star

90 – Joe has some things he wants to get off his chest. Including possibly an apology.
Joe talks about Paul Blart 2.
Joe went to the festival of books and saw a live reading of Swingers featuring Ben Schwartz.
Joe talks about winning a copy of Eddie and the Cruisers on vinyl as a kid.

Eddie and the Cruisers – 

Mini-Kiss appears in Paul Blart 2.

Eddie and the Cruisers 2: 

Joe wants Jimmy to guess his favorite Kiss song. It’s psycho circus. Jimmy says it’s a great song.

Joe also loves Shark Tank. It brings him to tears often.

Jimmy thinks Barbara Corcoran is in fact friendly and fun and not a big rich cooze.

Text fued between Barbara and Kevin O’Leary – 

The guys talk more Shark Tank.

Marc Singer played a blind musician – 

Joe apologize for dyeing his hair bright red the day of Jimmy’s wedding. He tells the story about going into the bathroom and seeing that he was sweating and the red dye was running down his face like he was bleeding.

Jimmy says no one saw his red hair everyone was too busy staring at the woman in the white dress who may or may not having been wearing a bra.

Jimmy talks more about his wedding and Joe being one of the people who never left the dance floor.

Joe talks about his experience at the last wedding he went to and how he starting thinking about the wasn’t with anyone.

Jimmy gives Joe a life hack. Use a clothespin when hammering in a nail.

Listener Tommy Verdone created an app that is like the pyramid!

Eliot got a bell for the games.

There is a different show happening in Eliot’s head apparently.

No one knows how to play the game though.

Jimmy figures it out and here we go! Jimmy gives clues to Joe.

Joe gets six/seven with Jimmy (16)
He gets five/seven with Matt (14)

Eliot collects his bell.

Jimmy gives celebrities to Matt. They are not doing well. 2/7. (8 points)

Jimmy wants to guess. Joe gives to Matt.

Jimmy got none?

The game is called Seven in Seven from listener Tom!

We’re done!

Great stuff Joe! He wants to plug the show on amazon prime about Brody Stevens.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth