16G – Doing the Backstroke with John Butler

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell

00 – Hello! Welcome! Door is open and closed. Jimmy is signing a flip flop from the 500th episode. Going up for auction to benefit smile train. We’re signing both!

Jimmy wonders if Pat has any spare vinyl so he can hang on the wall.

Get out Pat.

All proceeds go to smile train for those flip flop signatures!!

05 – Jimmy and Matt talk about the mud run again. Jimmy shows off the Avengers shorts he wore. They are underwear.

They are thinner than a bike short!

I lost my job. Again.

Our guest is here!

10 – Jimmy makes Matt apologize.

We’ve ruined Jimmy’s day.

Jimmy up all night watching our guest’s film The Stag. 

Eliot’s out! Jimmy makes him take a walk.

Jimmy wants to give Eliot a swirly.

Welcome to 16 G.

Jimmy had a great morning. He cleaned his windows. Felt good doing it.

15 – Jimmy talks about The Stag and a character The Machine.

Jimmy’s gonna put Eliot in a snuff film.

Tender is the Night

Jimmy got his autograph. AND Lindsay Buckingham. His pleasure.

Oliver’s been sick, projectile vomiting!

Our guest is here! Filmmaker John Butler!

Jimmy lays out what he’s gonna do to both Eliot and Matt in the bathroom.


20 – Hello and welcome back! Jimmy took a chill pill in the break.

16 G…gawk, grrranimals, garage bang, gape. No winner!

My word was Gravity.

Chris De Burgh chat 

His daughter posed for playboy –  NSFW!

25 – Jimmy plays us some Chris De Burgh.

I talk Uber.

30 – Eliot’s word was Gentleman.

Matt’s word was Goose.

Welcome back Eliot! Joseph did a good job.

Jimmy and Matt both admit to missing Eliot!

35 – John is here for TV and Film!

John did crossfit with Dave Holmes. It was terrifying. He is too polite for it.

John and Jimmy taking Geisha Gym to Shark Tank.

John talks about his projects he is pitching around town and various meetings.

John talks about being afraid on the plane that his concentration is keeping it in the air so he doesn’t concentrate much on reading or movies or WiFi.

Jimmy really enjoyed The Stag, even tearing up at the end.

40 – Jimmy wants to know if john considers his movie a comedy or a dramedy. He says comedy because it ends on an up note.

Jimmy and John talk about the cast of The Stage.

John reveals he and his co-writer were in competing bands in high school.

John lived in San Francisco for 4 years. He worked at a .com company even though he could barely turn on a computer.

45 – John gives a recount of his music history. He saw The Frames and realized he didn’t have music in him.

Jimmy and John talk about U2’s Under a Blood Red Sky. Jimmy confirms he just bought that album on 180 Gram Vinyl. Matt threatens to take Jimmy into the bathroom if he mentions 180 grams again.

John talks about the John Taylor autobiography. 

More John Taylor


50 – We’re betting on Bono’s age!

Bono is 54.

No winner!

John talks about U2 letting him use one of their songs for peanuts after reading the script.

John swims at the Rose Bowl.

John talks about a friend who got into a fight with a Swan during a triathlon.

John on the swans, “I think there was trouble.”

Lincoln nose –

Roadside America

55 – Boston is from Boston – 

Elizabeth Taylor is buried “near” Michael Jackson – 

60 – John loves the song Ordinary World. Jimmy is very outspoken that John Taylor is underrated as a bassist, and the band is underrated as well.

John is wearing a Bears hat simply because of the color.

Here are the Top 10 NFL Fight songs: 

More NFL Fight Songs – 

Fake kidnapping: 

pelicans65 – Pelicans logo 

Pelicans are the state bird of lousiana.

Jimmy asks how John knows Dave Holmes.

70 – Jimmy was on the first and last show Dave Holmes Heavens show.

Dave and John are good friends. Dave is one of Jimmy’s favorite people on the planet.

John thinks smiling makes people look fat.

Pierre the Pelican – 

75 – More team name chat.

Defunct pro football leagues – 

John wants to be named Fuzzy Zoeller.

US vs Ireland Golf Chat.

Jimmy doesn’t golf as much as he’d like.
John is okay at golf. He can play.

80 – Matt talks about a Real Sports story on how to make Golf more popular. 

“You drive for show, you put for dough.” – Jimmy

John talks about Snooker being an endangered sport. 

Jimmy talks about Frisbee going the same way.

180 gram vinyl

Jimmy prefers a 180 gram Frisbee.

Aerobie – 

They also make that coffee thing.

Jimmy brings up how many countries John has sold The Stag now.

The movie in America is called The Bachelor Weekend. 

John likes Bears.

If Jimmy were gay, bears would not be his bag. He wants pretty like a John Taylor.

90 – John’s got two sisters and a brother.

John talks about a former job at Macy’s where he was terrible with money. He was just giving random amounts of change.

He started working at CNET back in 95.

95 – Jimmy takes offense at the idea that the library is not fun.

Why CDs may sound better than vinyl

MP3 ghostly sounds

We’re done! What a joy!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth