1605 – Reporting for Duty with Graham Elwood

Graham Elwood says "Hello" and "Goodbye" with a single tee shirt.

Graham Elwood says “Hello” and “Goodbye” with a single tee shirt.

In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – NICKEL! Welcome in guys. Jimmy was sick as hell on Saturday. Bad throat pains, flu like symptoms, but he still did a show in Santa Barbara. A beautiful drive in the dark!

It was a campus show and the entire audience was 18-20. Jimmy calls them good kids. Respectful and listened! They enjoyed the show.

Three students were on the line-up and Jimmy thought they all did well! Lot of campus jokes but with some local changes, they could play elsewhere.

Jimmy told one of the guys to stop working out because he’s too funny to be too good looking.

05 – Why DST? 

Matt had a weekend Disney trip. They stayed at the Grand Californian Hotel.

Join the Players Club!

The 7/11 Sign has been replaced. Matt saw the changing of the board. He took one photo of it.

Jimmy heard that steel and plastics are good to build with. Jimmy’s not gonna let Sir Tom Jones turn him off .

10 –  Live in Caeser’s Palace released in 1971.

Possible origin of Hotlanta? 



15 – Jimmy is watching and enjoying The Jinx on HBO.

Lots of funny on the Conan in Cuba episode.

Matt enjoys The Unsinkable Kelly Shmidt.

No idea who Carol Kane is married to.

Sharon stone was married to Phil Bronstein.

Jimmy needs to wake up.jinx

20 – We need to change the clocks.

Automatically updated clocks?

Jimmy is going to be up in San Francisco for a show at Docs Labs.

STAT, Short Turn Around Time, most often used in the medical field for a procedure that needs to be done very quickly

Eliot is flying to Vegas.

Jimmy talks to him about his car.

Cool the engines! – Boston

“Open the door!!”

25 – Graham Elwood is here. He’s sporting all black and shades. Johnny Cash audition? His shirt has Aloha on it.

Jimmy thinks Graham should move to the islands.

Graham talks about the flight in Montana. He’s been doing Comics on Duty and traveling to various bases.

30 – Graham gives merch for free in warzones. In country, they sell.

Gary Brightwell was on the tour with them.

Area code talk. 

Don’t forget your valley roots!

Rosanne Cash

She is Johnny Cash’s daughter with his first wife.

We’re gonna take a break for Jimmy to take some Dayquil or do some blow off a homeless guys cock.


35 – We’re back! Muted Beep! Jimmy panics over the clock.

The 9/11 of beeps according to Graham.

Eliot had some emergen-c for Jimmy.

He just downed a bottle of water and now has no water for his emergen-c.

Larry might have to go over to the 7/11 or I will.

White vs Black (cases).

40 – Graham doesn’t want germs. Jimmy holds his phone with a kleenex.

Johnny Cash was one of our best trackers per the guys.

Jimmy fills Graham in on the 7/11 incident.

The wind broke the sign apparently.

Is Graham gonna go over there?

I am a Mush mouth shy idiot.

Great Santini Therapy.

“Good Bounce?” – Movie quote.

Jimmy sings 9 to 4 again.

45 – The movie has Al Pacino in it. 80s movie. Maybe same year as Tootsie.

Arthur! Arthur! Is the film 

50 – Lots of Al Pacino talk. Graham is not a fan of Heat. Says it has good moments.

55 – Im off for water and recon! Trip was a bust. Phone fails, and the lady gave me no info.

60 – The guys talk past trips. Jimmy recounts yelling “Unreal” when the film broke at a movie he and graham went to.

65 – Graham talks about accommodations on his base shows. On base vs a hotel.

Graham talks about giving a show for a small unit of soldiers. 10 men 2 women.

We’re gonna take a break and then Graham is going in-country to 7/11!

We’re back.

Graham is going to 7/11.

70 – Matt wants that tarp.

Jimmy sickened that no one else thought of the 7×11 sign size joke.

75 – Graham is on the way to 7/11. He’s in full recon mode.


Gives us an update on the lotto.

He gets all the info for us.

Congrats on the new sign guys! He did it. Sold it, great job.

80 – Graham brought back cashew peanuts. Graham goes 27 – 32 for that woman he spoke with. He also gives her story. Jimmy wants to long con this and have Graham date her to get to that tarp.

Graham gives us the rundown on his trip.

Can’t write off parking meters?

We go to Eliot for some info. Jimmy thinks he is a jew so he knows about money.

85 – The guys talk their accountant. They’re scared he’s gonna yell at them whenever they’re there.

John in Cincinnati.

90 – 7/11 party for the new sign? Matt wants to take one of those video game trucks. Graham thinks there is a sign cover-up. It’s a 7/11 conspiracy! Top Level person stacking sundries!?

Graham thinks there was a battery attack on the sign.

95 – We need eyes on that 7/11 24/7.

I might be getting a job at 7/11.

He’s buying batteries and cards….

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth