15M – Stirring it Up with Greg Warren

Greg Warren

Greg Warren

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

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00 – The door is open as it is each and every episode.

15 M as in it will be revealed later.

Jimmy names as may American Idol winners as he can

Ruben and Truman’s win was shocking.

Jimmy got an allergy shot today. He’s a little fuzzy headed today. Matt thinks its an excuse for delaying his America Idol list.


05 – Jimmy details his route getting here from the doctors. Sounds like it was a nightmare. He was also stuck behind a mailman.

10 – Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack chat and snippets.
Movie 1984
Soundtrack 1985 MCA

15 – Our guest is here! Greg Warren. He is sitting politely while we still talk Beverly hills cop.

20 – Jimmy and Matt talk about the gopro video of the woman walking and getting cat calls. http://www.cnn.com/2014/10/28/living/hollaback-10-hours-walking-in-nyc/index.html

The guys talk how they’d react to a woman with large bosom.

25 – Greg knows how to handle himself in a radio format he has to know he doesn’t have a mic. Danielle is a big fan of Greg Warren!

Matt drops a 9/11 joke that doesn’t land very well. There’s not a bigger fan of 9/11 jokes than Jimmy and he takes offense to Matt’s joke. Ya understand!?

Suck a dick if you don’t like the jokes!

Jimmy is seeing Kiss tonight courtesy of his LAKiss season tickets.

30 – Matt wants Jimmy to ask Skylar about his hair product.

We’ll be back!

We’re back to 15 Morrisey! No winner! Jimmy went sad sack emo Hispanic music.

Matt guessed Marillian.

Greg and Jimmy have known each other a while. They met in Ohio.

Greg used to work at Proctor and Gamble. The guys talk about it and Sunny D.

olestra35 – Proctor and Gamble appears to be dropping Duracell 

Another link.

Apparently Greg was part of the Olestra issue

40 – back to Beverly hills cop.

Jimmy got into a fight with billy squire over a mic.

Apparently Billy Idol’s new album is flawless. 

3/3 world series!

Michael Morse my m word.

45 – More Beverly Hills Cop! We go through the Singles chart placemens.

55 – Eliots M word is Miagi. No one can name a marillian song. Jimmy took Greg and Matt to lunch at Soup Plantation years ago.

Greg lives in NY. He moved from Ohio to LA and then to NY.

Eliot has received jimmy’s text to look up “Fuck off.” Jimmy realizes he should have texted something nice as a surprise.

60 – Greg was here in LA for 5 years, then went to St. Louis for another five years before going to NY. He has a comic roommate Ryan Beck.

Jimmy tells his Beck joke he did at conan. If the audience doesn’t cheer enough he’ll get sad and sell one of his turn tables.

Greg’s visiting to do comics unleashed and a Henry Phillips movie and some meetings with agent.

JK Simmons is in the movie Greg will be in.

65 – We’re gonna take a second break so jimmy can hit the rest room. We’re gonna test Greg on some bad segue. Jimmy saw Byron Allen recently and he said, “good job baby!”

Jimmy talks about a comic’s behavior on Comics unleashed. This person stepped on jokes and didn’t laugh at anyone.


We’re back to 15 Morrissey! We’re recording on Wednesday and perhaps the people weren’t ready for that.

Jimmy and Greg talk about the time they worked with Richard Lewis.

70 – 99 and The Seventh One are not on the same TOTO album. The Seventh One is a album itself and 99 is on Hydra.

Kellog’s owns Pringles.

Greg talks about Lays Stacks the Pringles knockoff.

75 – Matt wants to know why diapers don’t say Front and Back on them. Greg says he is going to take this to his P&G friend who is a marketing director.

Jimmy resets!

Greg still works the road a lot.

Jimmy uses the term “billies.” Love it.

Greg talks about the SNL shirt headshot. Jimmy got caught trying to take that shot down at a Jokers club.

80 – Sunny D parody song! I get by with a little help from my juice.

On the road, Greg does half and half. Takes his own opener and uses who the club provides.

Jimmy talks about his openers and how he chooses them.

85 – Jimmy calls the Bob and Tom shows great shows.

Greg and Jimmy have a mutual friend that Jimmy hasn’t seen in 20 years, JP Madison. Greg tells the story when he recently saw him.

90 – Jimmy resets and tries to give Greg a bad segue. He does it again but for a bit that Greg did 25 years ago.

Alan Jackson’s 9/11 song. 

Greg is going trick or treating with a friend’s family. He doesn’t want to dress up.

Greg asks about Oliver’s quidditch team.

95 – Jimmy wants to take his quidditch script to shark tank. The guys wonder if they’d take a comic on.

Greg and Matt pitch the 20mile ranged restaurant buzzer to Shark Tank jimmy. Jimmy’s out. Greg tries me.

100 – This thing flew by!

From gregwarren.com: I am Greg Warren. I rule the world.
It was such a great idea to get gregwarren.com and just look at all the great things I have done with it.
The Internet rules.
I rule.

The guys talk Peanut Butter and Kix cereal.

Here is the Hamm’s beer bear 

Jim Glass, Dustin, KC, go see Greg in Peoria. Matt says to bring the Sunshine Band.

We’re done.
The door is closed!
My pleasure,

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