15L – Wheeling and Dealing with Oscar Nunez

Oscar Nunez, happy to be back on Never Not Funny

Oscar Nunez, happy to be back on Never Not Funny

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


My guess L as in Loverboy

00 – Welcome to Epitode 15L!

Joe Pepitone 


Mad Dog is here! He and Matt talk about Seinfeld. Mad Dog True or False’s Matt!


So long Mad Dog!

05 – He’s back! Shut the fuck up Mad Dog is Matt’s suggestion so they can learn the Pepitone Jersey #.

Mad Dog’s father apparently enjoyed the beer and beat him.

Gary Gulman had a great phone app joke on Conan.

Jimmy was close to the right number with his 22 guess.

Mad Dog is taking off again.

Jimmy enjoys when people ask Mad Dog questions.

10 – Jimmy calls bullshit on Mad Dog’s father issues. Tells him to “Frozen it (let it go)”

Jimmy confirms Matt is in his MCI five.

ING changes name to Voya. 

Matt talks about Quick Books.

Eliot’s got a friend is in. Joseph Limbaugh. He’s worked with Jimmy a few times over the year including a short film and some sketches for Acme Saturday Night.

brady15 – Jimmy talks more about the acme show and it having a light house because it was up against a Max Fun show.

Eliot is training Joseph just in case he gets sick. Jimmy wants to make sure Eliot isn’t training him for other darker reasons.
The guys talk about the first time Eliot was in here with Andrew.

20 – Jimmy would like Eliot to not say True Dat for his own safety.

Jimmy says Eliot is the only guy who can shut down a rally. When he gets on his soap box flags come down banners are rolled up.

Joesph thinks there is just the right amount of cameras.

Eliot dropped a lens cover and Jimmy said it sounded like a Polynesian band was coming in.

Jimmy’s dad was in a Polynesian band as a drummer.

The Brady Bunch Hawaii storyline was 3 episodes!

25 – Brady Bunch episode chat! The Cincinnati Kids 

Perm or Sean Cassidy feather were the hairstyles for kids.

Robert Reed was 37 when the Brady Bunch started.

We’re taking a break! Oscar Nunez is here! Joseph is here shadowing Eliot. Jimmy hopes Eliot gets sick often.

Oscar thinks this is a great idea. He’s got a replacement guy outside.

We’ll be back!

We’re back!

Joseph gave the best countdown we’ve had in the history of the show.

30 – Jimmy wasn’t aware Joseph was taking over but acknowledging he’s doing a good job.

Oscar thinks Jimmy is too nice to Eliot.

Jimmy says Eliot’s work is phenomenal but he cant stand him as a person.

Oscar relates it to The Office and the Toby character.

Jimmy not familiar with network contracts.

Oscar doesn’t like his voice. Jimmy disagrees.

35 – I saw Pippin last night. Jimmy was invited but couldn’t make it.

Jimmy not a fan of calling appetizers apps. Tizers he is on board with.

Ben Vereen is alive! 

He was hit by David Foster on a Malibu highway 

Oscar compliments us all.

40 – We talk about Pippin and celebs!
Oscar might want to get his 2 year old some therapy.

45 – Oscar has moved into the mountains.

Oscar gives the Pippin rundown.

Jimmy talks about getting into the Academy of Dramatic Arts.

50 – A Thousand Clowns 

Oscar asks Jimmy’s favorite musical. Evita, Les Mis, or Jesus Christ Superstar.

More musical talk.

Oscar is able to hum the Mannix theme.

Jimmy is impressed and gives him five bucks.

Oscar says that is in his wheel barrel.

Jimmy wants us all to come up with a 4-wheeled wheel barrel to take onto Shark Tank.

55 – It’s also called a Wheelbarrow not a wheel barrel like I typed and thought earlier.

Jimmy is insisting he is going on Shark Tank.

Jimmy Pardo on Shark Tank. (Artist's conception. Artist may have misunderstood the premise.)

Jimmy Pardo on Shark Tank. (Artist’s conception. Artist may have misunderstood the premise.)

Oscar not on board with Shark Tank apparently.

Jimmy is WAY into Shark Tank.

60 – “We gotta build a better garden.” Andy Preboy, not Ava Gardner like Matt guessed. Jimmy tells Oscar about Andy Preboy.

Eliot’s on the couch today! The thumb is up!!

Oscar can’t get his headphones on.

No break guys. No break.

Jimmy also watches The Profit 

Utility Patent: The utility patent protects a new invention or improvements on existing inventions which are functional. Utility patents are issued to any functional new inventions or improvements on a machine, process, product or to the composition of matter.

Patent: a government authority or license conferring a right or title for a set period, especially the sole right to exclude others from making, using, or selling an invention.

15 Lamal? The lead singer of kajagoogoo. Or limestone which was last season.

Mine was Loverboy.
Eliot had Lorenzo

Oscar calls Kajagoogoo Kakajewjew

65 – Lead singer of Dead or Alive is Pete Burns 

70 – Jimmy sharktanks Oscar.

Joseph’s L word was Lancelot. Like the knight.

Jimmy enjoyed the movie Ghostwriter with Ewan Macgregor not an Ian.

Oscar’s L word is Lavender.

75 – Kayleigh went to #74. 


Oscar is watching the Roosevelt documentary. 

Matt’s L word: Lozenge

Jimmy could use a lozenge. He took some Nyquil last night.

Oscar brings up the Hand Foot Mouth illness. 

Jimmy brings up Andrea Martin and how great SCTV was. 

Some are great, some might now hold up so well.

80 – Oliver went to Conan with Jimmy the other day after a rough day at school. Jimmy says it’s awful to deal with his kid being upset over someone saying mean things to him.

Had a great audience for the warm-up!

Dana Carvey was the guest, star of Oliver’s favorite movie! Oliver met him and Dana did all the characters from the movie.

Jimmy says Dana was the greatest guy in the world that day.

85 – The guys talk the name Oscar and whether he did Acme Saturday Night. Jimmy great at Conan warmup but doesn’t think he’d be good in a sitcom warm up scenario.

Oscar’s new show Benched premieres October 28!

90 – Everyone wants Playing House renewed!

What did one fly say to the other one? Time sure funs when you’re having flies.

Jimmy thinks he meant Frogs. What did one FROG say to the other? Time’s sure fun when you’re having flies.

05 – Oscar played Jose Paez, attorney of Casey Anthony, in the lifetime movie. 

Jimmy wonders if he got any backlash for it. Oscar didn’t get any that he is aware of. He didn’t go looking for it.

Jimmy rents a private jet and flies to each and every radio interview.f

Oscar Nunez, Benched, USA, the night is almost upon us (Tuesday 10/28).

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Old Queen