1508 – Crossing Wires with Eddie Pepitone

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 – Eliot’s showing off for the guests! Welcome to 1508! We’re off to a great start! Jimmy’s chair is screwed up. Someone was in the studio. Bob Odenkirk used Jimmy’s chair. Jimmy wants matt to stand up for himself and make Bob using a different chair. Jimmy drops his favorite Less Than Zero quote again.

Welcome to the show!

Jimmy sings “I Testify.”

We have guests in the studio!

Eliot’s hat gets some love.

Jimmy on survivalists: go bury your tuna and get off my TV.

Naked and Afraid officially gets the NNF Seal of Approval.

05 – The guy talks about it. Jimmy wants to see bush. Matt says after 21 days it’s a jungle out there.

Jimmy True or Falses his use of House shoe to an African American gentleman who came to take care of a tree.

Jimmy reiterates the Eliot Facebook Post Challenge.

Matt wonders if Jimmy would pay to wire Eliot’s jaw shut. He would not.

10 – Cost of jaw wiring: over $2300. 

Thriller came out in 1982. 

Apparently Wang Chung have been denied work visas to tour in the US.

15 – Eliot day five of no comments. He hasn’t done anything to hide or fake comments.

If Jimmy ever cuts meat out chicken is the first to go.

Jimmy doesn’t think Eliot’s adjustment of his FB followers is in the spirit of the bet.

Jimmy says “It’s not in the spirit” five more times.

More chat about Eliot’s comments.

20 – Jimmy watched three Kojak episodes yesterday. It’s back baby!

kojakTelly Savalas has a deformed index finger.

Guess the Player Club letters at NNFIntern@gmail.com

Joe Blankenship, Jim Glass, and Darryl Asher are great fans!

Matt: Darryl Asher creating a Cooze in the Carpool Lane icon right now

Darryl Asher is a great fan. So are Joe Blankenship and Jim Glass, but they don’t get an icon.

25 – Hello to the Kickstarters! Mark donated to come sit in. Jimmy guesses how long Mark and Jessica have been together right on the money.

Old PCB sucked! New PCB is great!

Mark makes money on Vine.

MarksBasementRecords on Vine/Twitter.

Mark sent in some designs for the recent shirt contest. One of his designs has a cult following in Matt’s family.

His quote shirt almost made the cut.

Mark explains how he made the shirts.

30 – Mark talks about Never Not Fungi.

Jimmy’s ready to go off the grid!

The teen storylines apparently are dwindling on GH.

35 – Stop eating out of Chinese food boxes movie people!

Eddie Pepitone is here! 4th banana from Old School!

Hanoi Jane! On Golden Pond is not a documentary. 

Jimmy combines Scarface and Training Day!


40 – We’re back. Quick trip around the horn!

Soft openings and massage parlors. Eddie talks about his friend who goes to massage parlors for happy endings.

Fear of being the guy busted for it is what keeps him from prostitutes, that and his wife and kid. Even if Danielle left, this fear would keep him from doing it.

Two for two Ethan Hawke references.

Eddie says you can jerk off anywhere on an indie set. Jimmy wonders if they welcome it or tolerate it.

45 – Matt has no thoughts on Happy Ending places.

Jimmy asks about the podcast (The Pop Culture Beast Show relaunching soon!) and asks about Eddie’s.


Eddie’s podcast is called Pep Talk.

Guy who jumped the White House fence 

Jimmy True or Falses about breaking a wrist jumping a fence. TRUE and it ruined his summer.

Jimmy and Eddie dispute agreeing with Eddie’s premise of pretending his cast was a sandwich.

55 – Eddie doesn’t go into water. He talks about the YMCA he used to go to.

The guys talk about the NoHo Arts District.

The Shim! The Koenig Theater is fantastic. Eddie believed that exists for a moment.

First crossed wire was Jimmy emailing Eddie to come be on the show.

We have Canadians in here!

Eddie did an episode of Mulaney! He said he had a blast and he worked with Martin Short the whole time.

60 – Panel talks about commercials. Superbowl commercials aren’t funny anymore. Once it started to become a “thing” it stopped being funny. Eddie gets bummed out by celebrities doing commercials, IE Bob Dylan (Chrysler, Victoria’s Secret).

Jimmy brings up the Sam Jackson Capital One commercials. He also doesn’t get the Viking commercial.

Eddie talks about an audition he was sickened during. He basically left once they got what they wanted from him.

65 – Jimmy tells the story about an audition he want on where they said he waved wrong so he gave another wave asked if that was okay and just walked out.

Mr. Limpet 

We briefly talk about my name and the Elvis connection.

The panel talks about autograph conventions.

Eddie says when people talk to him and like his stuff he turns extremely friendly.

Mark has Alan Thicke connections.

Blurred Lines info 

Robin Thicke is distancing himself from Blurred Lines.

70 – Little Steven’s Underground Garage 

Jimmy’s above board!

Jimmy doesn’t know anything about new music. Every now and then he’ll hear something new on Conan.

Jimmy talks about being infuriated by a one name female dj on Sirius who says shes not a fan of Stephen Colbert because he is too snarky, after she does snark snark snark the entire time. Also, per matt, Colbert isn’t snarky.

Jimmy hasn’t seen Dennis Miller in 21 years.

Definition of Snark:

verb (used without object)
to be critical in a rude or sarcastic way:
to snark about the neighbors.
rude or sarcastic criticism.

75 – Jimmy runs down our preshow activities. Elvis, Denis Miller, Prayer Circle, show.

Eddie’s dog is in the vet for surgery for a hernia.

EB White wrote Charlotte’s Web. 

Eddie worked with JJ Walker on a project “pilot.” Apparently, he refuses to say Dynamite. It angered people at a show that Jimmy opened for.


We’re back!

Mark and Jessica are here! 100% improved! The last time a comedian was in the room he proposed to his wife shortly after. (Jason Thompson)

80 – Eddie and Jimmy do a charity event together around Christmas.

Hello Eliot!
Hello Matt!

Jimmy enjoy Eddie’s tweets. Eddie talks about the instant gratification of twitter responses/favorites. He loves it and gets sick of it.

Jimmy again says he was wrong about twitter. He loves it.

85 – Dukakis beat Edward J King in the primary. 

Good Times

Animal Farm 


John Holmes played the horse! – Me

90 – Eddie’s dad lives in Stanton Island. His house was pristine after the hurricane.

Jimmy 15 years sober! Pat Francis maintains Jimmy was a lot of fun to be with as a drunk.

Eddie is 5 years sober.

95 – Matt drops a great joke about Strangling the Condor being the Vietnamese phrase for masturbating.

Jimmy just realized he called a condor a reptile earlier. He thought Eddie had said Komodo.

The guys talk about Green Peace and Sea Shepherds.

Eddie can’t even handle the Time Warner Phone Tree let alone whalers.

Three! – Matt yelling into the automated phone system.

Robots are going to hate us.

Good Charlotte? No one can name a hit.

Cajun Jimmy is here talking about spices. 

Eddie’s Cajun immediately turned into Jimmy Stewart.

My cousin had a caiman. I might be wrong about the growth thing.

Otis Nixon

Eddie does what his podcast would be with the Otis my man character.

105 – Jimmy has 99 Problems and a bitch ain’t one. Then panics that he got the song wrong. He’s right and correctly states the artist.

Eddie talks about moving from Brooklyn to Staten Island.

Eddie remembers his mom crying over the Kennedy assassination.

Kix Cereal

110 – Eddie’s special is called In Ruins. It is available on Netflix.

Eddie talks about how apparently Edge is ruining Malibu. 

He got approval. 

Who does Vines?

Mark’s vines are found at MarksBasementRecords!

The guys talk Gotham.

We’re done!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper