15A – Jamming Out with Bil Dwyer

Bil Dwyer

Bil Dwyer

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF  Players Club 15A  – Bil Dwyer


A for Automobile

00 – Hello indeed! The Players Club! The door is open! Jimmy got here in 22 minutes. Give him 22 he’ll give us the world.

Jimmy was mad a the world on Monday.  Jimmy recants his Alex Chilton Replacements comment. He apologizes to everyone except the freebies.

The new Pop Culture Beast is LIVE!

Piece of mail from Kilgore TX. Someone sent The Baseball Ballads and The Baseball Ballads part 2. Jimmy unsure how to accept the gifts.

Happy birthday, Matt!

Jimmy reads a letter from Clyde Willoughby.  Jimmy quotes the Twilight Zone.

Thanks Clyde!!  60 Miles west of Shreveport!

05 – We preview the Disco Demolition song from Baseball Ballads 2.


Check out Chuck Brodsky – http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Baseball%20ballads

Jimmy texts Steve Dahl.

Everything about this gift is a win! Good job Clyde.

Matt mentions an Andrew Wiggins who won a contest back on episode 302. Is it the same Andrew Wiggins who just got drafted to the Cavaliers?!!?


10 – Jimmy quotes The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden.

10 Day wait period for guns in CA – http://smartgunlaws.org/category/state-waiting-periods-for-guns/

Jimmy points out some lettuce teeth for Matt.

Ear hair!

Jimmy says the Canadian black is different than the American black according to Jimmy the Greek.  HUMOR GUYS!

15 – Jimmy talks about the Ruth Buzie Lincoln car ad.  Jimmy refers again to Robert Klein taking down Ruth Buzie for no reason in 2014.

Jimmy jumps into a Design our T-shirt Contest and win season 16 free!

Jimmy talks about Captain Wham-O.

He also went to see a guy from Once perform Bat Out of Hell.

He also tells some folks to get a gun, wait their 10 days, go to your car, and dirty that windshield.

The guy stalk about titular lines.

20 – Jimmy talks about poor bobby darin taking a bath and people coming in and having a party.

Jimmy is proud of our guest’s restraint.

Don’t flip Jimmy’s mood Eliot! He’s gonna flip it like a coin at half-field.

Jimmy can’t say how humiliated he is about this whole Alex Chilton/Replacements thing.

Knocking Alligator: http://www.firstcoastnews.com/story/news/2014/08/07/gator-knocks-door-florida-home/13724553/

Jet Ski video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmfWkAS583o

25 – The guys talk swearing in Guardians.

Lee Cramp gas station worker always reacted when a Japanese car came on, “There  goes my goddamn knee!”

30 – Jimmy talks the difference between Canadian Negro and Canadian Black. He also talks about LGBT night at the White Sox and the south side Chicago guys reaction. “What about white guy night?” You don’t need a night average white guy!

BIL DWYER IS HERE!!!! Jimmy wants to give him a trophy!

Quick break!

We’re back! Jimmy thinks he is a little shiny.  He takes care of that with his compact.

35 – Jimmy does Bil Dwyer’s act.

The door was open but we closed it to keep out the broads.  Jimmy feels alive today! Might want to bump Monday records to Tuesday if he has a flight the night before.

Eliot’s place is all rented.

Jimmy talks about his mom’s place and her rent going up.

Born to hang job baby!

Jimmy’s joyful today!

15 Applebox!

I had Automobile. Incorrect.

40 – The Manager! Eliot Hochberg.  He guesses Arnold. Incorrect.

The Honcho goes Armadillo. Incorrect.

Happy birthday Matt!

Happy birthday to our guest Bil Dwyer! March 30.

Looks great! He had a state farm audition this morning.  He talks about it.  There is humor in the commercial.  It was a callback!

Bil wants to have Showbiz Corner.  310 I Buy Jam.

Captain Wham-o talk!

Matt is full of terrific show biz questions.

Bil says it’s not for everybody.

45 – Matt’s Mobius strip knowledge will fail him in showbiz.

Jimmy calls I Buy Jam and Bil admits it isn’t his number. Jimmy panics and claims that was good clean fun!

Matt suggests state farm gets real insurance salesman for there commercials. Jimmy calls him a fucking rube.

Jimmy does a pop quiz from his one man show Attention Must Be Paid!

The guys talk about Chicago. Aquapool

50 – Bill talks about nearly jumping off the diving board on the side and almost hit the cement.

Jimmy talks irrational fear: Jump off high dive, hit the low dive and bounce onto the cement.  Jimmy goes into it further and why is freaks him out.

Mario Lopez indeed hosts a radio show On with Mario Lopez. – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mario_Lopez#Hosting_duties

55 – All Gay Panel on Bil’s game show “I’ve got a secret.”

Jimmy’s trying to get this Steve Dahl phone call happening.
Bill doesn’t like Trembler.

60 – Bil’s favorite pipe tobacco is Canadian Black.

“Boy that jurasic park looks good. It’s by that Michael CriCHton.” – Jimmy. A guy so politely corrected him that he will never forget it.

Jimmy said we’re Howard Stern on E on steroids! Right guys?

Matt is forever associated with Happy.

Who wrote Stand Back? To Be Continued!

Steve Dahl is on the phone!

65 – He talks Disco Demolition Night. Steve had never heard the song and had no idea he was mentioned on it.

We’re taking a break!

Welcome back! Steve Dahl! Jimmy tried to take steve off speaker but didn’t do it so the speaker went off in his ear.

He blames Matt.

Bil sat quietly for 30 minutes at the top of the show. Jimmy was amazed.

Off air, Bil asked Jimmy if he had ever stayed in a comedy condo when on the road.  The last time Jimmy was in a condo was 8-10 years

70 – Bil goes back into his showbiz teachings for Matt.  Bil only answers showbiz questions.

Matt asks if you were a pickpocket would you take the money/credit cards and return the wallet? Jimmy gives the wallet back.  So does Bil.

75 – Bil wonders if Matt has any more showbiz questions.

Jimmy goes back to the meatloaf story. He saw Evan Harrington perform Bat out of Hell live at Rockwell. He said it was phenomenal.



Jimmy’s favorite song off Bat Out Of Hell is For Crying Out Loud.

The cast of Once was there to support their costar! They gave him standing ovations after every song. Jimmy says it is DESERVED. Lots of porkpie hats and vests.

Jimmy loved it and recommends you see it if he does it again.  He says calling it a grandslam isn’t strong enough. He hit it out of the goddamn park.

Jimmy sings some Meatloaf!

Bil wants us to name the female singer in that song.  He says it’s Kat Von Dee.

Jimmy knows both the video and the album singer. Ellen Foley and Carla DeVito.

80 – Jimmy and Bill talk Bat or Bats out of hell.  Matt wonders if anyone would jump into a pool of bats.  Bil has lots of questions.

Bil needs to get 13K to jump into the bat pool.

85 – Matt doesn’t understand showbiz.

Uncle Clive Barrow is apparently Bil’s old DJ name.

Matt takes the finger very seriously.

Jimmy’s leaning on the table playing the piano.  He’s ready to get into the studio.  Bil says we need a glass door with a guy behind it.

Jimmy Dore’s book – http://www.amazon.com/Your-Country-Just-That-Into/dp/0762453516/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1407447548&sr=8-1&keywords=jimmy+dore

Bil talks about Jimmy Dore’s sexual magnetism.

Jimmy does a creepy laugh. Matt wants me to write the script but it already exists: Magic.

Anthony Perkins – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000578/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Bil was a tour guide at universal from 84 – 86. He was voted funniest tour guide and funniest stage host by his peers. Anthony Perkins spoke to them and they had to watch psycho 2.

Matt visited universal in 84! Odds are good he saw Bil there.

90 – Jimmy auditioned to be a tour guide. He mentions the tour guides joke about King Kong having more hair than Michael Landon.

Bil says the Jaws part of the tour was WAY better back when he was there. Now it’s just embarrassing.
Bil knows magic!

95 – Jimmy talks the recent tight rope walk across the canyon.  Just over 22 minutes. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/23/skywire-nik-wallenda_n_3488161.html

Bil says he had a couple BRCs.

Jimmy asks Eliot if he is doing a remake of Cruising.

We’re betting on the time to cross the canyon.


Matt – 13m20s

Eliot – 20m15s

Jimmy – 22m14s

Bil – 23m30s

1400 feet (430 m) in 22 minutes, 54 seconds. Jimmy wins!


The guys talk Last Comic Standing.

We are done!

Thank you listeners for Reupping! We love you! Tell your friends to come into The Players Club!

My pleasure,

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