14O – Coming in for a Landing with Rich Sommer


Rich Sommer, reporting live.

Rich Sommer, reporting live.

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In-studio notes by Garon Cockrell

NNF Players Club 14O – Rich Sommer

14 O for OZZY

00 – Welcome in! The door will shut as it is members only! 14 Orangutan. No one guessed correctly. Planet of the Apes related. Matt is apparently dressed like an assassin or a serial killer.

Jimmy’s got a little change in his pocket.

Matt mentions the NNF Spotify Play list courtesy of Oddvar Roste!

Eliot is talking too much. Jimmy talks about having to hide and avoid a former neighbor who fancied himself a comedy writer. Now he is apparently between 88 and dead.

Jimmy paid $525 for that apartment.

05 – Matt’s O was operator. Eliot’s was Ozzy as was mine.

Hello Mad Dog! He is a very polarizing character. Jimmy agrees with the haters.

So long Mad Dog! Oh wait, he’s back.

10 – Darryl Strawberry – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daryl_strawberry apparently he was great!

Jimmy talks about someone talking about Spandau Ballet performing True and the crowd going crazy. No Shit!

15 – We got some mail from Ryan Walsh. Jimmy may have given himself a paper cut.

Jimmy loves a great PS.

Our guest better have airplane info!

Jimmy goes through the band line up of Ryan’s band Hallelujah the Hills.

20 – Jack Wagner has a new album out! Check it out at jackwagner.com

Matt snuck an almond while jimmy talks about a Fallon joke.

25 – Jimmy is enjoying Hallelujah the Hills! He might go check them out on their tour!

Jimmy is on the latest episode of U talking U2 to me? http://www.earwolf.com/episode/slowing-it-down-2/

Jimmy is STRONGLY considering a Chicago based podcast. Matt is apparently out.

30 – Matt blew the big Chicago announcement. Jimmy needs a super fan to co-host the show with him. Eliot’s hand goes up, Jimmy says he is about to murder someone. Eliot thinks Matt should be the guy who learns about Chicago. Matt is strongly against it.

Rich Sommer is here!

We’ll be back!

We’re back. Shadoe Stevens has the same hair.

They found Casey Kasem! http://www.cnn.com/2014/05/15/showbiz/casey-kasem-whereabouts/

Rich Sommer is our guest!

35 – Jimmy gets confirmation on a line from Mad Men.

Jimmy was Edgy man! His joke was about River Phoenix flopping around like a fish outside the viper room.

Rich wants Jimmy Pardo: On The Edge one night only.

Kurt Cobain died in April of 94. Jimmy and Jennifer (Aniston?!) broke up in August.

Matt is popping ANOTHER almond. Jimmy describes him like a seal eating a fish.

40 – Adjusting Rich’s mics. I’m fine! I dislike my smile, everyone seems to think I have a nice smile! I’ll use it more often.

Wii U Console! http://smile.amazon.com/Nintendo-Wii-Mario-Luigi-Deluxe-U/dp/B00G0OYHCW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1400182427&sr=8-1&keywords=wii+u+console

Rich doesn’t have a Wii U. He has a PS3 and an XBOX One.

45 – Jimmy thinks Rich is the right guy for the podcast. He’s not music minded though so maybe he’s the wrong guy!

Jimmy goes through co-host requirements.

New Chicago album July 8!

50 – Who actually takes criticism well?! Rich wonders if Jimmy had had any negative twitter interactions. Only twice apparently. so far, he had to block two people. Rich gives his recent musings on twitter.

Jimmy asks if he’s okay if he doesn’t consider him for the Chicago podcast.

Jimmy shoots Chicago trivia at Rich, asking various Chicago album titles. Only one album is not numbered. 12 – Hot Streets.

55 – Jimmy wants it to go back to the old days where you only saw them on Match Game.

Rich is not in the Chicago podcast but Jimmy confirms AUDIO ONLY.

Matt asks what Jimmy will call it. Eliot suggests Chicago Infinity. “sigh shit.” – Rich. Jimmy hits the floor laughing.

Matt suggests The Chicago Podcast Authority. Jimmy is on board with that.

60 – Jimmy brings up Matt’s comedy writing days. Matt brings up the JD Salinger documentary. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salinger_(film)

Another rec for The Source Family.

Jimmy finally watched The Woman Who Wasn’t There. Rich brings up the story about a woman who made up an entire Holocaust book.

65 – http://news.yahoo.com/author-made-holocaust-memoir-told-repay-22-5-222631320.html

Rich talks about Confessions of a Super Hero about the people that dress like heroes on Hollywood Blvd.

The guys discuss the people who do the costume stuff.

70 – Kevin clash cleared due to statute of limitations actually – http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/kevin-clash-puppeteer-voiced-elmo-cleared-sexual-abuse-lawsuits-article-1.1767940

Matt does his Elmo impression and explains that is the only way Charlie will eat. Jimmy to Oliver: “Keep it up and I’m gonna spank you.” Oliver: LAUGHS.

We’ve all been spanked apparently.

75 – Rich and his family now use damage as a swear after his daughter used it like damnit. One day Rich went off on his daughter because she said “I forgot my ship.” Rich thought she said Shit and he instantly yelled at her. He realized he was wrong and it was “hugs all day.” He then had to teach her about the word shit.

Jimmy and Rich both enjoyed Neighbors. He and Danielle saw it together to beat the heat. He thought the first ten minutes were a little “written” but there was a lot of funny.

80 – Nashville is back for 22 episodes next season. Jimmy talks about the General Hospital Nurses Ball. http://general-hospital.wikia.com/wiki/The_Nurses’_Ball

This year: http://community.ew.com/2014/05/11/nurses-ball-sonny-busted-luke-tracy-wed/

This years was CRINGE-WORTHY and UNBEARABLE. Jimmy had to fast forward through most of it.

Jimmy recounts the events of the Nurses Ball. Including the appearance of Player.

Baby Come Back originated in 1977. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baby_Come_Back_(Player_song)

There was an ALIEN on GH in 80s. Jimmy fine with that. Infurated that a 5 year old knows who Player is.

Jimmy knows it is wrong to hate children but he hates this kid on the show. The boyfriend of Emma. Jimmy does not understand why this is happening.

Jimmy now considering a GH podcast. The General Hospital Podcast Authority.

Jimmy calls Matt dick lick and dick fuck in the same rant about the Chicago Podcast.

90 – Jimmy doesn’t have the energy for another podcast but he really wants to do it.

Rich does OnStar commercials still.

Rich is considering going all electric with his new car. Maybe a Leaf or a Volt. He is still worried about it breaking down though.

Jimmy is enjoying his electric car and does wish he had investigated the leaf more. He recommends Rich get on board and wishes him a lot of luck.

Chevy Volt Podcast Authority?

We’re done! This was great!

Rich is always welcome! Jimmy thinks Rich needs to tell his wife what it is he wants to do regarding the Pardcastathon.

Jimmy doesn’t like thanksgiving turkey being referred to as a bird. Carving The Bird is a phrase he hates.

Rich tells a story about his daughter learning the truth about their chicken dinner. She might be done with chicken.

Rich Sommer’s Chicken Hands wings restaurant didn’t take. Or Different Fly according to Jimmy.

Jimmy talks about seeing the guy dressed as Charlie Chaplin waiting for the bus every day. So sad.

Stay in shape spidermen!

We’ve been sponsored by Rich Sommer’s Chicken Hands.

We’ll see you next time when we open the doors to the Players Club!!

My pleasure,

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