Episode 5 – Vegas, Baseball, and a Sketchy Wal-Mart

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“Hello everybody indeed, welcome to Never Not Funny, I am Jimmy Pardo.”

Weather: gloomy

Jimmy is tired of the bullshit and reveals they are recording in his dining room

Matt Belknap and Michael Glenn Schmidt, the third baseman, are here

Baseball talk

Wide World of Sports

A lot has gone down since last episode: NNF is in the top 100 comedy podcasts on iTunes

New podcast name: Three Channels of Matt Belknap

700 subscribers so far, based on Jimmy obsessively checking stats every 30 minutes

There’s nothing to do in Vegas

Danny Gans with a sign around his neck (RIP, but probably too early to be called a death curse)

Smoking in Vegas

Golfer John Daley’s $60,000,000 gambling losses

Slot machines: you may as well be playing “guess which hand?”

Jimmy’s gambling days

How to gamble and have fun

Every idiot in the world thinks they are poker pros

Triple-K is not a good nickname for Mike’s wife

Matt: “I don’t listen, I just talk.”

Jimmy: “Doesn’t apply, Jim!”

David Blaine sits in an aquarium and sucks off a castle!

Jimmy does a good Hal Linden and a good David Blaine

Crying ball player Mike Schmidt

Mike went to Cooperstown with his crew / boys / friends

Jimmy and Doug Benson get kicked out of a casino in Vegas

Walking the strip in Vegas

Gilmartin wears sandals on the plane

Jimmy gets overly literal about the phrase “were you born in a barn?”

Josh Grayson in concertzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mike’s video game coming soon: Saint’s Row

Jimmy’s (lack of) elevator etiquette

Jimmy is a nice guy in life; but maybe not in the moment

Jimmy is Frances McDormand in Friends with Money

Matt seems easy-going, but he sometimes screams and punches things

Matt’s wife gets her hubcaps stolen

Matt visits a sketchy Wal-Mart for replacement hubcaps, and philosophizes about poverty and regret

(Matt’s not wrong. Click to check the reviews.)
My favorite review: DON’T EVER GO HERE They will give you an EYE INFECTION. By “Jimmy.” Hmmmm…

Mike says parking is a racket

There’s a Staple Center parking spot that’s worth driving across the country for

An abrupt ending to a wonderful episode

Plugs for the websites you already know about

See ya next time on Never Not Funny

Running time: 43:34