805 – Andrew Daly


These show notes were taken by Dan Katz in-studio during the taping of the episode, and slightly supplemented by me. Thanks tons Dan!

0 – Jimmy wonders why people in the Midwest stay in the Midwest because the weather here is so good. The weather there: so bad.
Jimmy served with General Buffoon, you asshole!
Which is a greater rank? General or Admiral?
Documentary filmmaker Jordan Brady is here taping today’s episode.

5 – Star of several truck-related films and programs, Andy Daly, is today’s guest.
Jimmy received, as a Hanukkah present, a Fonzie hood ornament who was actually James Dean.

10 – Deep analysis of the relationship between Oliver and Lisa on Green Acres.

15 – The guys do extensive research into the Gabor family tree. Really, really extensive. Like, in-depth.

20 – Andrew stars in the movie about Yogi Berra.
More attempts to understand Aflac.

25 – What’s up with Jetblue commercials catering to the tall guy?
Andy makes an amazing short person joke; Jimmy loves it; but don’t YOU dare make a short joke, you motherfucker!
30 – The guys talk about McCartney’s recent performance on SNL.
Lot of disappointing Harveys out there in the world.

35 – The guys talk about Harvey Danger and Disturbing Behavior. Jimmy knows his WHAM!.

40 – Yogi Bear is going up against Tron. Tron is scared. It would take Jeff Bridges taking Jimmy hostage to get him to see Tron.
No Beau Bridges! Beau Bridges has pulled the dick in the popcorn bit too many times.

45 – Andy talks about the Yogi Bear premiere.

50 – Big stars Noah Wylie and Brendan Frasier were also at the premiere. Jimmy played a funny song for Oliver 50 times, but muted the curse words. Mostly.


0 – Andy battles some demons.
Jimmy and Andy did New Years together.
When Andy goes back to New Jersey to visit his family he may have to take down an antenna from a house.
Andy had a scene with Jamie Lee Curtis in Christmas With The Kranks.

5 – Andy tells some not so flattering Jamie Lee Curtis stories.
Comedy Death Ray Christmas album plug.
The guys discuss the talented Mark Lynn Baker.

10 – Jimmy has sung many Christmas songs with Scott Aukerman over the year.

15 – The guys discuss shot-for-shot examples.
Jimmy thinks Weird Al needs a haircut.

20 – Jimmy gets bogged down by his Chicago accent.
Jimmy sees into the future regarding a really awkward exchange with Weird Al.

25 – The guys talk about the awfulness of Jay Leno.
Andy is on a show with Leno’s best friend, Paul Reiser. Everyone loves Paul Reiser. (And Raymond.)

30 – The guys discuss the difference between multi vs single camera shows.
And everyone really loves Paul Reiser. (And Raymond.)

35 – Andy did a scene with John Malkovich in Transformers 3.

40 – The guys talk about how The Big Lebowski has been ruined by the obsessive
Rocky horror-ish fandom. Also they talk about idiots who take pictures and videos at

45 – Jimmy cried like a baby at 127 Hours.

AK-47 gone, not forgotten.