717 – Todd Levin

Released 9/8/2010

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Intro: Jimmy opens strong as always with a breathy, choking, awkward introduction, and hopes this is someone’s first episode

1:10 The 717 might be an airplane, and model numbers are based on number of seats

1:45 Jimmy gets concerned about Matt’s water-drinking Nozeroftoo (sic) face

2:00 Pronunciation lessons for Jimmy: NOSFERATU

2:40 Jimmy cannot speak more highly about this gorgeous day

3:00 Eliot salutes his superior

3:15: Eliot needs to get (a) a mic or (b) out of here

3:25 Jimmy talks about his construction plans for the asshole room

3:45 Danny is still not fired. Yet.

4:00 Introducing Italian Matt

4:30 Matt doesn’t even want a window in the asshole room

5:00 Giving Dan a personality was a big mistake

5:25 Todd Levin is author number 4 this season: Sex: Our Bodies, Our Junk

6:00 Dan is very helpful but at the totally wrong time

6:30 Jimmy has still not forgiven Dan’s lack of Googling skills on the last episode

7:30 Bearded Todd Levin looks like Cat Stevens

8:00 Jimmy avoids hackey snarkiness on Facebook, but brings it out here

8:30 Todd’s bandana tells us he is “on the fuck”

8:40 Al Pacino doing “Al Pacino” at the Emmys

9:40 “Ahhh, we just saw the Emmys you guys.”

9:50 Maybe Temple Grandin could have stood up more at the Emmys

11:00 Inside podcast talk regarding Labor Day

11:30 Cesar Chavez boxer, street, or activist?

12:15 Todd was nominated for writing at the ponytail Emmys

13:30 Todd’s patience with the ponytail Emmys and Ann-Margaret

14:30 Was Betty White there, or was it Jaleel?

15:00 East Bound and Down (Jerry Reed)

15:05 Remembering the glory of Footloose

16:00 Todd’s extensive and enviable audition and acting resume

17:00 Jimmy has read 80% of Todd’s book

17:15 Jimmy misunderstands how to read a bathroom book

18:00 Todd’s book is really funny, despite the guy who gave it one star on Amazon after he “received it”

20:00 WARNING: Todd’s comedy sex book is in no way informative or educational

20:45 Todd warns his parents: don’t brag about his book

23:00 The writing collaboration process, and Andy Richter’s contribution

25:30 Todd’s piece in GQ magazine’s comedy issue

26:00 Jimmy’ is angry at not being mentioned in GQ, but he was

27:45 The handsomeness, career, and age of Paul Rudd

28:10 “42 is the answer to everything in the universe”

28:30 Matt steals Jimmy’s age joke right in front of him

29:15 8th grade class reunion talk

30:50 Todd’s moved a lot since his folks were possibly in the CIA

31:50 Hometown, Illinois, history and location

32:30 Racism is still alive in south Chicago

33:10 Nosferatu, the other N word

33:30 Barry said the wrong thing to the wrong people

35:20 Jimmy was raised to n

ot say such things

36:15 Jimmy goes ape over Eliot yelling out

37:00 Jimmy gets to the bottom of the Chapstick story

38:50 Warning, The Chapstick story is a real letdown

39:45 Many girls had their first kiss with Jimmy Pardo

40:00 Jimmy does the Chapstick Chomp

40:30 Todd thinks Jimmy’s shits must have looked laminated

41:30 JImmy was an 8th grade lothario

41:50 Jimmy makes up a special asshole song just for Todd

42:15 Eating Chapstick: funny or territorial?

43:30 Matt’s self-inflicted itching powder

44:30 Was Jimmy a funny kid, or just an asshole?

44:45 Don’t talk to your teacher about wet dreams

45:00 Todd’s pranks with the hearing impaired

46:45 Danielle’s work on The Dish is very popular at the reunion

47:55 “It’s just constructive criticism.”

48:30 Loving Jimmy, hating The Dish

49:30 The reunion attendee from London

50:00 The old friends saw Jimmy on a coupla goofy things. And Becker.

51:00 There’s some funny on Family Guy

52:30 “Any press is good press, congrats.”

53:30 At the reunion, Jimmy was Jimmy Lite

54:15 Strangers shouldn’t make ball-busting jokes, even to comedians

55:15 Todd’s go-to: “You seem nice.”

55:45 If Jimmy mentioned mean emails again, stop him

56:00 Rain Wilson doesn’t need to know your negative thoughts about Jimmy

57:00 Insult comics love being insulted.

57:20 “Careful Don, that’s how Houdini died!”


57:50 Tope 5 breaks of all time

58:00 This was not a pulling-apart break, but a growing together break

58:15 The TV Hat contest is a FAILURE!

58:50 The bar was too high, since there were no entries! (But the deadline is not yet up at the time of recording.)

59:00 Scorcese, the former cokehead, may submit a video

1:00:00 Todd’s celebrity crushes Julie Delfy from Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, and Topol

1:01:20 Which toothpastes are now gone?

1:02:00 Jimmy loves the idea of the 30-Second Smile

1:02:45 Al Gore invented the Interplak

1:04:30 “Darryl, put this on Never Not Notes!”

1:05:00 Oral Hygiene talk

1:06:00 Gummy candy works the best for getting cavities

1:07:30 Back to TV Hat contest failure

1:08:50 There’s 2 more days left before deadline, so it might not be a failure

1:09:45 “Pardo’s Folly” calling Matt’s dad

1:10:15 Checking in with Matt on the fallout of the phone call

1:10:40 Todd’s camera-take

1:13:00 Matt’s dad was just sorry that he wasn’t funny during the call

1:14:30 Matt now agrees with Jimmy that grown-ups shouldn’t go overboard with getting presents

1:15:30 Eliot needs Dan’s approval for his “dual birthday / birthday duel” joke

1:17:00 Matt’s eclectic mix of gifts

1:19:15 Homeboy large tee shirt

1:22:00 Jimmy’s gift: a George Foreman Grill, and not a USB turntable

1:24:30 Todd’s most disappointing Christmas present

1:28:20 Itchy ear, itchy ear, itchy ear, itchy ear, itchy ear

1:28:40 Todd was not as terrified this time, and hydrated before hand

1:29:40 Who should read The Fountainhead?

1:31:20 Weird, coincidental Fountainhead related email

1:32:00 Do you get a letter when Emmy-nominated?

1:33:00 Can the listener hear Eliot? Should they?

1:33:50 Matt may need mental-health help

1:34:00 Matt is the skinny, happier-go-lucky, white guy

1:34:15 Matt Besser’s qualifications to judge a show at UCB

1:35:45 Jimmy’s POP Cycling Classic

1:36:15 Matt’s parking-lot giveaway tee shirt gift

Onnnnn the podcast!

AK-47 gone, not forgotten