716 – Kevin Pollak

Released 9/1/2010

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Intro: Too excited about the 7-1-6. We’ll be talking about Jimmy’s TV days at length today

1:30 Eliot is here, but Dan is TOO MUCH here, and way too close to Jimmy

3:00 Why is Dan still here? He was supposed to be fired

3:20 The last time someone was fired, Jimmy took full responsibility

3:40 I slice like a fuckin’ hammer!

5:10 Finishing up the longest anti-Dan rant in NNF history

5:30 Helen Kushnick and closet-hiding with Jay Leno

5:50 Jimmy feels great “I say that for the notes… for Darryl”

6:00 Jimmy is going to steal Dr. Laura’s jingle

6:30 Meeting Kevin Pollack on Bob and Tom

6:50 Chet Coppock’s endless introductions

7:50 The Whole Nine Yards vs. The Whole Ten Yards

8:30 Ikea: Kevin’s accurate and funny joke

9:00 Living in the Valley

9:50 Awkward conversation about Kevin’s old roommate

11:00 Kevin’s domicile history

11:20 Kevin is anti Oliver splashing in a fountain outside a movie theater

12:00 Jimmy’s keen child psychology insight: a fountain is a magnet for children!

12:45 Backlash against Jimmy’s opinion regarding treating pets like children

13:45 Kevin thinks cats are superior to children

14:00 Kevin has 2 iconic movie credits

14:30 Avalon, a classic Jew movie

15:20 The Usual Suspects and Casino

16:45 Barry Levinson would not allow Avalon to be tested because people are too stupid

18:00 Barry Levinson’s love of using standup comedians in his movies

19:30 Kevin as a dramatic actor in Avalon

21:00 Daniell is a huge fan of Kevin’s standup, while Jimmy is entirely clueless that Kevin even does standup

21:45 Rich Little: great technician, but not funny

23:00 The history of impressionists

23:50 Kevin’s Shatner/Star Trek bit featuring Rev. Jim

24:45 Kevin describes his Capt. Kirk impression for Shatner’s book Get a Life

26:00 September 7, POLLACK DVD!!!!!!!

27:15 Jerry Lewis’ call to Kevin

30:00 Jerry Lewis: Fan of Pollack. Jerry’s daughter: not a fan.

30:45 Kevin wants the Totie Fields spot on Jerry’s telethon

32:20 The Jerry Lewis elevator scene

32:30 The lack of respect for Jerry in later years

33:30 Is Johnny Carson really funny?

34:15 Johnny Carson vs. Mel Brooks

35:30 Albert Brooks and Woody Allen

36:00 Don Rickles and the put-down act

37:00 The comedy Mount Rushmore

37:30 Debating the REAL Mount Rushmore

38:00 This is the fastest Dan has done anything, and Kevin wants him for his own show

39:00 Dan may have ruined his chance to get paid for his internship

40:20 Kevin’s current movie, Middle Men

43:00 The history of Christopher Walken impressions

44:00 Kevin’s girlfriend keeps him in check and humble

45:30 Kevin’s childhood lip-syncing to comedy albums

47:00 Impersonating the football coach may be dangerous

48:30 Kevin as Peter Falk, with one eye moving

49:20 Why does Kevin torture his audience?

51:00 A normal conversation with Christopher Walken

52:00 Kevin does Christopher Walken for his whole act

53:45 “Does he think he’s Christopher Walken?”

55:00 Impersonations are as instinctual as cats burying their own poo

56:00 The good Denzel Washington impression

57:00 The difference between good and bad impressions

57:30 The careers trajectories of Dana Carvey and Kevin

58:30 Ross Perot, Dana Carvey’s best impression

59:50 Over-explaining the meaning of “Let’s take a break”

1:00:50 Jimmy is grateful that Kevin is obviously such a huge fan of the show

1:01:30 Prepping the guests for Kevin’s Chat Show

1:03:00 Once again, Danny might get fired

1:03:45 Kevin wants to do Jimmy’s pre-interview for his own show right now

1:04:45 BREAK TIME!

1:05:15 A relaxing break, but a horrible sentence

1:05:30 Just the site of Dan infuriates Jimmy, due to his extracurricular activities

1:06:30 Kevin’s hat

1:07:00 Bob Odenkirk onBreaking Bad

1:07:30 Has anyone ever won a best leading actor Emmy three years in a row, prior to Bryan Cranston?

1:08:30 Apparently you can get the big guests on Sunday

1:09:30 The incredibleness of Breaking Bad

1:10:00 The Streamy Award winning Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show

1:11:00 Kevin’s sincere compliments about the trailblazing Never Not Funny

1:12:00 Podcast audio vs. video

1:12:45 Jimmy runs into a fan listening to the podcast at the gym

1:13:00 With a simple pointing finger, Kevin fires Dan

1:13:10 Pardcastathon is coming up

1:14:00 Kevin misunderstands current internet fund-raising technology

1:15:00 Kevin make s suggestion for Pardcastathon that will never happen

1:16:00 Jimmy wants to go the whole show without mentioning Kevin’s other iconic movie

1:16:30 Dan is still looking for 3-time drama Emmy winners

1:17:30 Racism and The White Shadow

1:18:15 Dan finally finds the previous 3-Emmy winner lead actor!

1:19:00 Andrew Koenig was mentioned in the Emmy’s In Memorium segment

1:20:30 Is this a safe place to talk about being tired of Betty White doing dirty jokes?

1:21:30 Three-time drama Emmy winners

1:22:20 Kevin brought his entourage for the last 20 minutes

1:22:45 Samm Levine is very helpful to Kevin

1:23:30 Kevin was in Indian Summer with Bill Paxton

1:24:00 Did Kevin want to punch Bill Paxton?

1:24:45 “Look at him, he’s just sitting there being boring!”

1:25:20 Bill Paxton: affable asshole

1:26:10 “Does your audience know that you technically don’t need a guest?”

1:26:45 Chaplin should be on the real Mount Rushmore

1:27:00 Michael Jordan, sitting on a plane with a Hitler mustache

1:28:00 Kevin and Jimmy get into a ball-busting contest

1:29:00 Why didn’t Conan win an Emmy?

1:30:00 The new Conan show starts November 8

1:30:20 Kevin in The Littlest Suspect

1:30:45 Jimmy compares his shortness with others

1:30:45 Danny Strong, writer of Recount, and actor on Mad Men

1:31:40 We did the entire show without mentioning Kevin’s other iconic movie

1:31:30 Matt has a photo of Kevin on the beach at Cannes while promoting The Usual Suspects

1:33:00 Kevin treats Samm better than Jimmy treats Dan

1:34:00 Let’s talk about boxes before ending the show

1:35:00 Two of the biggest movie stars in history, an older one and a younger one, were in the unnamed movie

1:36:15 Jimmy doesn’t know who was older, Jack Lemmon or Walter Matthau

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