710 – Pat Francis

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Released 7/21/2010

Intro: Jimmy is breathless due to a donut / donette. This is a successful show, hosted by a cocky asshole.


2:35 Murders in the Rue Morgue (Iron Maiden)

3:20 Welcome to MaidenTalk

3:35 Dan Katz is keeping his beverage on a high shelf in the sun

4:00 Eliot admits he ruined Jimmy’s intro of Pat

5:00 Eric Gosselin gave Matt a Whale Wars shirt, which Matt shakes his ass to show

5:45 Pat does a voice that’s a mixture of deaf Adam Sandler and Jimmy-doing-Brian-Dennehy-as-John-Wayne-Gacy

6:45 Captain Paul has no sense of humor, and sits safely in his cabin in the Southern Ocean

7:30 Staying warm in black, like a Dan Katz beverage: Pat Francis.

8:10 The Geico spot with Elmer Fudd

9:00 “What’s goin’ down, fishstick?”

9:20 Eliot’s gift for Pat: an Actorfest bag for album autographs

9:30 “Let me know how that looks in your trash can.”

10:30 Dan gave Jimmy The Best of 707, featuring the world’s worst cover art

12:00 Jimmy’s cover art for Uno is better (photo by Pat!)

13:00 Is that Dan, or the lead singer from The Buggles?

14:00 The Jimmy Pardo Quiz, printed out in the World’s Smallest Font

15:00 Jimmy forgot his reading glasses, but is rescued by a pair of Pilar’s, left in a drawer

16:00 Amanda (Bremmer)-Zimmerman wrote this quiz

17:30 Andy Richter looks great in a suit! Or maybe not.

17:45 Just enjoy Jimmy looking over his glasses like an asshole

19:15 Jimmy would refuse to open for Harry Connick, Jr.

19:45 Jimmy would be a low-rate Rickles opening for a low-rent Sinatra

20:00 Ed O’Neil is a good actor, even if you hate him

22:10 Jimmy is hurt by Pat’s age joke

22:45 Fiero sponsored the 1984 Hall and Oates tour

24:00 Oliver Griffin Pardo Goose, and his religious training

25:00 Discussion of what CCD stands for

25:30 James Ronald John Paul Pardo

26:00 The guys will be on Doug Loves Movies

26:30 Matt excels at fake detatchement

28:45 Jimmy and Pat might open a record store / Best Buy / CB radio store

29:30 Jimmy has someone already picked out if something happens to Danielle

30:00 Shockingly, Jimmy might be a little hard to live with

30:00 Jimmy eats his cereal out of a bowl the size of a sombrero

31:00 Everything (and more) you need to know about milk

33:00 Jimmy’s brief Archie Bunker impression

33:45 Jimmy was on Craig Kilborn’s new show

34:20 The acting career of Elton John

34:50 Jimmy is wearing his un-ironic Miami Vice shirt

36:30 Danielle was on Simon & Simon as a young actress

36:45 “Let’s go check his laundry.” “I bet it’s DIRTY!!!!!!!”

37:30 The potential Miami Vice spinoff

38:15 Dan spoils a 25 year old show for Jimmy

38:45 DVD special feature: interview with an extra!

40:15 Time to mock the listener (by Matt!)

41:15 The Wiggles vs. KISS

41:40 Oliver’s favorite TV show

42:00 Jimmy least favorite job

43:20 Jimmy, Pat, and Graham worked as telemarketers

44:15 Pat’s desperate measures to get a look at the pretty secretary

45:30 Jimmy’s remarkable endurance in the telemarketing industry

47:00 Remaking Conquest of the Planet of the Apes with James Franco

47:00 Other possible quasi-related Planet of the Apes movies

48:30 Jimmy doesn’t like Matt’s new asshole strategy

49:00 The quiz continues: cartoon characters and trees

50:00 The Trees (Rush)

50:15 Mocking Captain Jack and Piano Man

51:15 This may be Jimmy’s favorite episode

52:30 Jimmy got the Time-Life Flower Power music collection in his own way because he is impatient and dumb

55:20 The quiz ends with a close score! (Scroll to the bottom of the page for all the questions and answers.)


56:15 Get Together (The Youngbloods)

56:45 Reciting the lyrics to Trees (warning: this may be painful)

58:20  Rush Free Will lyric “If you choose not to decide, you’ve already made a choice”

58:45 The Rush Documentary, a gift from Pat to Jimmy

59:45 Pat figures out his communication issue with Pilar

1:00 Denture talk

1:00:45 “If I could take my teeth out, I wouldn’t leave my house!” (What?)

1:01:00 Mashing up Trees and Piano Man

1:01:45 Shocking art on the Work of Art TV show

1:03:00 Duran Duran album cover by Nagel

1:04:30 The Poco Album cover

1:04:45 How did Rush get the name Rush? (We may never know.)

1:05:30 Jimmy’s naked ass makes Todd Glass fall off his treadmill

1:05:45 Can you request videos on YouTube?

1:07:00 Martha Quinn’s dislike for Jimmy

1:08:00 Put Martha Stewart at a Jiffy Lube! PUT HER AT A JIFFY LUBE!

1:08:15 The Seinfeld T-Bone episode

1:09:45 Pat still treats 21-year-old Kyle as if he is 6

1:11:00 What Pat does with his nephew

1:11:40 Winter’s Bone vs. Frozen River

1:12:30 Predators is a good movie! Trust Pat!

1:13:20 Car alarm inspires The Trailing Off Bad Comic

1:13:45 The internet and the mundane observation. And earthquakes.

1:14:30 Pat is finally caught up on the Twilight movies, and defends them

1:17:00 Pat has a date with Matt’s wife

1:17:45 Solo old guys do go see the Twilight movies

1:19:30 Jimmy will never, ever, ever see those movies

1:20 When Jimmy sees a movie, he brings it!

1:20:20 The acting chops of Taylor Lautner

1:21:40 Matt is hesitant to report that there is a Stretch Armstrong movie in development

1:23:20 Dan bought everything off the mannequin at Urban Outfitters

1:24:00 Pat has inappropriate anger toward clothing tags

1:24:20 Stupid Question of the Week

1:24:30 Totally undeserved and inappropriate Darryl Shoutout

1:24:38 Thanks to Jason Wilcox for the video graphic

1:25:00 From Pat’s nephew: What is the best remade song?

1:26:30 Callback to MaxFunCon: “Remember this smell the next time you buy garbage bags!”

1:27:00 Pat stalls for time by saying “no no no”

1:27:15 Who is the best Dracula?

1:29:00 The covering of Springsteen songs. (“lick my sores” vs. “fight my wars”)

1:30:45 Abrupt subject change: Jimmy has dishwasher trouble

1:32:50 From J.W. Duck: “What’s the best TV show theme song, and what song would best fit if you had a show?”

1:33:45 Pratt & McClain and the Great Happy Days Theme Song controversy

1:35:00 Matt named his childhood dog Axel Foley

1:35:30 “How many times were you shoved in a locker?”

1:37:00 Good theme songs vs. bad theme songs

1:38:00 Modern theme songs can be measured in mere seconds

1:40:00 Back to best cover: Buble covers the Spiderman theme

1:40:00 What if the All in the Family theme song was truthful?

1:42:00 Outro over a music bed of Buble’s Spiderman cover

Onnn the podcast

AK-47 gone, not forgotten


1- How many suits does Jimmy own? 6

2-What was the name of Jimmy’s high school Band? Rainbow Bridge

3-What was Jimmy’s first car? 1969 Firebird

4-What is Jimmy’s favorite cereal? Raisin Bran Crunch

5-What is Jimmy’s son’s name? Oliver Griffin Pardo

6-What is the worst album Jimmy ever bought? Pop Smear by Verve Pipe

7-If Jimmy was forced to leave California, where would he move? Oregon

8- How old was Jimmy when he went to his first concert? 13, KISS Dynasty tour

9-What was Jimmy’s worst job? Telemarketer

10- What is the first movie Jimmy remembers seeing in a theater? Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

11-If Jimmy could be any cartoon character, which would it be? Hong Kong Fooey

12-What is the best attribute of trees? Shade

13-What TV ad product would Jimmy most like to receive as a gift? Sham Wow

14-What is the name of Jimmy’s award winning podcast? NEVER NOT FUNNY

15-In 2009 the 9 hour Pardcast-a-thon raised money for what charity? Smile Train