709 – Greg Proops

Released 7/14/2010

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Intro: Dan is a little sharper than Matt. And why does Jimmy build up the guest when we already know who it is?

2:00 Eliot is doing fine, and Dan has a podcast which will not NOT get a plug on this show!

2:45 Jimmy is a modern-day Rickles

3:00 Matt is wearing a shirt, and he looks terrific

3:15 Nice guy talk

4:05 Forget the nice guy talk, Greg is an asshole

4:45 Jimmy’s new character: Enthusiasm Guy

5:00 Greg’s credits, including the highest grossing, worst movie ever made

5:45 Greg’s warmth is lost on himself

6:15 Jimmy got into a fake fight with Eliot

7:15 How to get psyched up for a show

8:00 Greg may not be Mr. Warm and Fuzzy on stage

9:45 Jimmy just might get fired by Jon Hamm

10:15 Greg (not being a sellout to the Man) is on AST Records

11:00 Greg’s Nickelodeon character is neither gay nor Jewish, yet both

11:15 Jimmy’s appearance on True Jackson, VP

12:00 Jimmy’s early days meeting Greg

13:45 Greg gets reminded of his rudeness

15:00 A brief history of Jimmy’s stage clothing

15:50 “Tompkins wears vintage…”

16:00 Should the performer look like the audience?

16:30 Is there a cut-off age to wear something ironically?

17:30 Could Greg wear a wife-beater and flip flops?

19:00 We all know the comic is better than the audience

21:00 Jim Brown wore a suit to his NFL games

22:00 Greg meets the retired, kneeless Jim Brown

22:45 Don’t Wanna Fall in Love (Jane Childs)

23:00 Prince dresses up for the mall, and a footrace

24:40 The internet is over!

24:50 The Rat Pack Rules for dress and behavior

26:00 Selling out to the mob

26:45 Larry Luckenbill’s mob deal

27:40 The Paul Anka rant

28:50 The Buddy Rich rant

29:00 The Casey Kasem rant

29:30 Don’t make the star look bad on stage

31:00 Greg on The List with Duncan Shiek, Carnie Wilson and Tia Carrerra

32:15 Is Greg a blow-up doll victim?

33:30 Jimmy’s pilot for The Test

34:30 Go Gos puns galore!

36:30 Matt drops some Public Enemy knowledge

37:15 Sheryl Crow was really nice to Jimmy

38:00 Band members love Whose Line is it Anyway?

39:15 Funny for a musician…

40:00 Eddie Money, hairy breasts, and odd gesticulation

45:45 Steven Pearl and San Francisco days

46:30 Inappropriate anger and cursing about the success of the White Sox

47:30 The glory days of baseball nicknames

48:30 How Yogi Berra got his nickname

50:15 Intricacies of Greg’s fantasy baseball team

51:45 Crazydog is a good thing

52:00 The much-hated  A.J. Brezinski and

53:30 The phone is not ringing

54:30 World Cup vs. Baseballfootball

56:25 Break time!

57:17 Have we ever been a two-fer? (Yes, #401 with Maria Bamford and Dave Holmes)

58:20 The big Eddie Money story payoff

58:30 An exciting segment of “who sang this song”?

1:00:30 Look what I did!

1:01:30 The New York Dolls / Traffic / Blind Faith / Steve Winwood

1:03:00 “You’re talkin’ stupid!”

1:03:40 Moonlight Feels Right (Starbuck)

1:04:00 The great Darryl Hall and the mediocre John Oates

1:05:20 Matt is almost fired

1:05:45 Matt’s Greatest Ever Callback

1:06:00 Greg’s extensive knowledge of early 70s track

1:07:30 Drug, drink, weed, and sport

1:08:00 Look at this cat!

1:09:30 Jimmy finds Greg’s boundary

1:11:00 Teenagers are ignorant. Or busy.

1:14:10 Improv: Why not prepare something funny?

1:14:30 College kids… they’re just kids

1:16:00 Greg saw Steve Allen speak… get this… before he died!

1:18:00 Jimmy has become get-off-my-lawn-guy (and say-effin’-guy)

1:19:15 What makes Greg see red?

1:20:00 Here’s a tip: if you want to meet someone, introduce yourself

1:22:10 Ryan Stiles and George Clooney

1:23:30 What was Greg’s role in the highest grossing worst movie ever?

1:24:30 Did Greg just say ‘Spoes?

1:25:10 “Just wait a beat and see what happens!”

1:26:00 Baseball announcer quirkiness

1:26:30 This episode flew by!

1:27:10 Onnnn the podcast!

AK-47 gone, not forgotten