706 – Sarah Silverman

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Released 6/23/2010

Intro: Figuring out the seasons of Never Not Funny, and how it compares to the Breaking Bad cliffhanger.

2:00 Rugby Matt goes on and on with his opinions regarding the World Cup

2:20 Eliot projects his voice and androgynous Dan nibbles

2:50 White jean rules

3:00 Our second author in a row: Sarah Silverman, author of The Bedwetter

3:30 Why has Sarah refused to be on Never Not Funny for 6 seasons?

4:00 What Sarah does in her apartment

4:30 What movies are better than Avatar?

5:30 How Avatar was about Cher, which leads to general all-encopassing Cher talk

7:30 Sarah’s beauty and Cher’s weirdass measurements

8:40 Robin Von Swank did the cover photo for Sarah’s book

9:00 How Target is unloading Sarah’s book

9:30 Jimmy’s Father’s Day card bit

10:30 The demographics of non-emotional Father’s Day cards

12:00 Jimmy’s greeting card budget

12:30 Is Jimmy’s ex-stepdad card-worthy?

13:30 Jimmy wants his mom to move to L.A. to earn her keep

14:00 VHS vs. Tivo and the fear of change among oldsters

15:30 Laverne and Shirley, and the move to L.A.

16:30 The spinoffs of Happy Days


17:45 Dan is either the worst intern in the world, or the embodiment of joy

19:15 Canceling The Sarah Silverman Program

20:00 Jon Hamm’s hat on Sarah’s show

20:45 Dan was late today, but had a good reason

21:30 The noises and joy of living in West Hollywood

22:00 Sarah’s movie: Jesus is Magic

22:20 The over-laughers want to prove they get it

23:00 Frasier, smart show or smart character?

24:00 Sarah’s standup and the UCB

25:00 Famous and bombing

25:45 Sarah constructs an elaborate sentence-like thing to explain her thought process in regards to performing

27:00 Promo quote: “I’m in awe of you, Jimmy Pardo!”

28:00 Jimmy wants to tell more stories on stage instead of just attacking Mr. Sweatervest

29:00 The frequency of Sarah’s self-Googling

30:30 Sarah comes dangerously close to sounding like she has spent time in the building across the street from the UCB Theatre

31:50 The Rush documentary and the top 5 drummers

33:30 Sarah is waiting for Oliver

34:15 Oliver shows Jimmy his Bat Cave

35:00 Jimmy is not a fan of poo humor

36:00 Sarah read her whole book for the audio version

36:15 Campbell Scott and Damages

37:00 Martin Short as Jackie Rogers Jr.

38:00 Aukerman’s movie night and Clifford

39:45 Drew Hastings and $2 bills

40:45 The new season of Last Comic Standing

41:00 Sarah’s woman-crush on Natasha Leggero

41:45 The wonderfulness of Joan Rivers and her documentary

49:00 Sarah meets Joan

50:30 Figuring out Roman numerals

51:00 People love Jimmy’s same old horseshit

53:00 Future prospects for young comedians

54:45 Jimmy Pardo: the guy in the back of the tram

55:30 Jimmy’s compliment to Kindler breaks bad

56:20 Sarah gets body-image help from a fan

56:45 BREAK TIME [Go buy a Never Not Funny Tee Shirt why dontcha!]

57:30 Sarah and Jimmy get personal texts from Barack Obama

58:30 CONTEST: Win a signed book from Sarah, and a signed Father’s Day card from Jimmy [for the rules, listen to the Primo]

1:00:30 Never Not Funny’s rapey, filthy bathroom

1:02:45 Sarah doesn’t know amounts

1:04:10 Good luck to America in the World Cup!

1:04:45 Sarah talks TV sports and ratings

1:05:45 What kind of people ran Comedy Central?

1:07:00 “Who are Tim and Eric?”

1:08:00 “No, you’re the more important guest.”

1:08:30 Confusing Africa with Texas may, or may not, deserve face-shooting

1:11:30 Do kids have to get the references to laugh at the jokes?

1:12:30 The hardest part of losing the Sarah Silverman Program

1:13:45 Sarah’s Paris Hilton joke controversy

1:19:0 Alan Rachins on Kindler’s alternative show

1:21:15 The skyline backdrop molestation story

1:23:00 “You were great, not like that bullshit guitar act before you!”

1:24:00 Henry Phillips movie Punching the Clown

1:24:30 Jimmy’s shrinking cable TV budget

1:25:30 Paul Provenza’s Comics Only

1:26:00 Ha! and The Comedy Channel played any comics videotape. Including Jimmy’s.

1:28:00 More Oliver talk, featuring underwear and diapers

1:30:00 What is Sarah going to eat for dinner tonight?

1:32:00 Should Jimmy be a vegetarian?

1:33:30 Plugging Sarah’s book

1:34:00 Jimmy calls Sarah an asshole, but she gets the last word in

1:34:40 On the podcast!

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