The New PARDO Game! It’s like BINGO, but fun!

PARDO Boards are Here!!


What’s this PARDO Game all about? 

It’s like BINGO! (But it’s way more fun!) Crystalinne – Darryl’s daughter – wanted to make something fun to play along during Never Not Funny and Pardcast-a-Thon! Download some – or all – of the boards and play along at home. This is launched just in time for you to play along during Pardcast-a-Thon (November 29, 2013)! Be sure to watch at home and donate to Smile Train!

What do I do?

Great question! Click the links to get the PDF files. You’ll need at least 1 board, 1 chips file, and the list if you are curious! These PDFs have a centered board image. They should print perfectly on standard paper. Cut out your marker chips for when you land a phrase, action, or character by Jimmy Pardo! Then try to get a PARDO!
Like always, we wish you the best of luck!

Share the word and let’s play some PARDO!

Pardo Board 1
Pardo Board 2
Pardo Board 3
Pardo Board 4
Pardo Board 5
Pardo Board 6
Pardo Game Chips
Pardo Item List

Contact Crystalinne  on her website if you have huge questions or problems.
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