28A – Taking the phone off the hook with Matt Price

Matt Price

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher


00 28A! Welcome in!

Wash your hands and face for 20 seconds like Jimmy! Not 30 like Matt! He knows the truth now, imagine the time he’ll save!

We have a normal president now!

Do late night hosts need Trump?

Jimmy confused Steve Carrell for Stephen Colbert and Eliot calls him on it.

More Late Night Talk Show talk.

Wal-mart colored vinyl going pretty high on ebay!

15 – Matt and Jimmy rant about Hit Parade and record charts.

Early Inkmasters on Netflix! Jimmy loved the first season. Season 2 starts the produced stuff basically immediately.

Jimmy talks about his ring camera situation.

30 – Matt Price is joining us! He sent a Jimmy’s Choice for Jimmy’s Records and Tapes that Jimmy used on the show.

We’ll be right back!

Welcome back!

Jimmy updates us on Dane Cook’s daughter who got hurt while we were recording the Isolation Files. She’s fine! Just a little cut.

Welcome to Matt Price!

He gave Jimmy the choice of Elton John or Queen. Turns out Jimmy went with Elton John.

35 – Matt Price talks about falling into a deep Billy Joel hole.

Jimmy talks about coming around on Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen.
Matt Price talks about angering the Sklars with his Springsteen opinions.

Billy Joel talk!

40 – Lots of Billy Joel songs can be used as euphemisms for masturbating apparently.

Matt Price talks about crying over his daughter’s dance.

Jimmy has to take a call and leaves while Matt Price is talking about it.

Jimmy’s back and Matt P. finishes his story.

45 – Jimmy watched Judas and the Black Messiah! He and Oliver enjoyed it a lot! Jimmy’s glad that Oliver is getting to the point of watching movies that aren’t big action/comic related.

Matt remembers Glory being his first “Serious” movie.

Fantasy baseball team names? Black Soldiers? White Saviors? Is this racist?

Jimmy talks about a minor league team being called Wizards and him doing a joke saying they should be called the Grand Wizards, and talked about it being a racist team.

50 – Jimmy is available for Corey Lewandowsky, Matt Price is ready for Louis Dejoy, and Matt is prepared for Josh Hawley!

Eliot tries to snatch the Stephen Miller from Jon Cryer.

Dylan Walsh gets that Corey Lewandowsky job.

Info on Dejoy


Round the horn!

60 – Bump it up! I talk about almost losing my entire music collection and saving it.

Vinyl talk!

Talking the Stevie Wonder conspiracy that he isn’t really blind.


1h5m – Only the best! It’s me!

Abby Elliot is my guess.

The Matt’s discuss shows they watch with their kids.

Jimmy brings up the sitcom Stath Lets Flats – https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7524382/

The American remake is called Bren Rents.

Now the Pardo fam is going down an Alan Partridge/Steve Coogan hole.

Doc Talk!

Jasper Mall Documentary about a mall in Alabama. Jimmy both recommends and doesn’t recommend the film.

1h15m – Jasper Mall is still open! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jasper_Mall

The Dissident – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dissident

Gordon Sondland is the ambassador.

1h20m – Eliot had some managerial stuff before we recorded the isolation files. He talks about it and reads us something from the management company.

Turns out it was not an individual unit inspection, it was an overall building alarm test.

How often do we check smoke alarms?

Matt Price talks about replacing smoke detector batteries.

1h25m – Matt talks about a neighbor who might not be in town whose smoke alarm is chirping at night.

Eliot’s A is Andrew Dice Clay!

Matt Price talks about Dice’s acting career.

Surprise Woody Doc dropping this weekend?

Matt watched Barb and Starr and really liked it. He describes it has Kristen Wiig’s Austin Powers.

1h30m – Alley Mac Kay will not be friends with anyone who dislikes Barb and Starr.

Matt Price’s A guess is: Ana Gasteyer.

Jimmy is unsure who to choose from his list! He’s going with his first thought: Andy Kindler. He fears it might be Andy Daly.

No fan guesses this week so Eliot reveals his other options.

Matt’s answers:

5) Adam Sandler
4) Adam McKay (North Hollywood – Pilot

3) Aaron Lee
2) Andrea Savage
1) Andy Daly

1h40m – Talking Adam McKay!


Andy Daly! No winner! Jimmy is furious!

Stupid Questions:

What is one accomplishment you’ve made in your life that you are particularly proud of? If you could “re-live” that moment again, would you? – TOO SERIOUS MATTHEW!

If you could choose which one to never do again would you choose going to bathroom or sleeping

Bathroom seems to be the general answer except with Eliot who chooses sleep.

What if you sweat or cried pee?

Phone call! Not the right one.
Bed sheets tucked or untucked?

Jimmy tucks, Matt doesn’t. Eliot doesn’t have a top sheet. (I don’t either) but I like it tucked so I can kick it loose!

Eliot talks about a Electromagnetic Wave blocking hoodies and freezes.

Thanks Matt Price!! He thanks us.

See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth