27J – Smashing Vases with Annabelle Gurwitch

Annabelle Gurwitch

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 welcome in! 27J

Jimmy talks arm rests and raspy voices. Breaking White Sox news! They hired a new manager and Jimmy doesn’t seem happy about it. 

Why is Jimmy raspy??

Jack Nichlaus talk. 

Talking about Justin Turner and his getting covid and still getting on the field.  

10 – Talking the bumper balls. 

It’s hippie day at Oliver’s school! 

Jimmy talks about The Trial of the Chicago 7. 

The guys talk about The Vow and the ending not being great. 

Tiger King cast going on tour?! Who cares?

Bad packing!

Jimmy has Starz on streaming. 

15 – Do I join a cult?

We all enjoy cult media! 

20 – We got some mail!

It’s a record! 

SituationChicago.com to benefit local Chicago music venues! 

Vinyl talk!

One more piece of mail! 

30 – It’s Edmund Fitzgerald memorabilia!

Hat problems!

We’ll be back with Annabelle Gurwitch!

We’ll be right back!

We’re back with Sleepy Jimmy! 

Annabelle Gurwitch is here!

She has a new podcast with Laura House called Tiny Victories on Max Fun. 

35 – Annabelle talks about her podcast and the idea behind it. 

Talking Doom Scrolling and Jimmy’s hope that by the end of the scroll, the issue is resolved. 

The first episode of Tiny Victories is about reinterpreting cave drawings. 

Annabelle found her happy place that is actually a traffic intersection in LA. It’s a six-way intersection in Beverly hills at Beverly and Lomitas. 

Jimmy and Eliot hate it. 

45 – Talking why the human figures in cave drawings are so simple whereas animals etc are more elaborate. 

50 – Annabelle talks about doing something during the pandemic just to do it and not really get any better at it. 

Annabelle talks about living with her recent college grad child. 

She went to a smash room in Van Nuys!


Talking about the rage room. 

All Jimmy’s axes pay their taxes. 

For a politics free NNF vote Biden! 

60 – Round the horn! 

Talking T-shirts! 

1h5m – Marie Condo nay Townhouse.

My J is Anthony Jeselnik! 

Super nice! And so is Dave Attell apparently. 

Jimmy needs a tiny victory. 

Eliot has some traffic talk. 

1h15m – Jimmy is upset with Eliot’s traffic information. 

Orangutans and Otters!! 


1h20m – Eliot’s J is Richard Jeni.

Back to normal in 2022?

Vaccine talk. 

Jimmy’s advice for young actors: Always have a lab coat! 

Matt’s J is Colin Jost. 

Annabelle talks about her feelings on Colin. 

Talking SNL. 

1h30m – Annabelle’s guess is Julia Sweeny?! 

Victoria Jackson talk. 

Fan guesses!

1h35m – Jimmy’s five!

5) Leslie Jones

4) Angela Johnson

3) Colin Jost

2) Richard Jeni

1) Tommy Johnagin! 

No winner!

Listen to Tiny Victories wherever you get your podcasts! 


All done! See you next time! 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth