27G – Lending your Voice with Jess McKenna

Jessica McKenna

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher



00 Welcome in!

Jimmy talks about his haircut. He thinks it’s the worst one yet. 

Talking VP flies. 

Matt’s in the market for a new TV but doesn’t want someone to come in. 

Eliot helped his ex lady friend with installing a new TV. 

Lots of TV talk. Matt might never get a new TV again. 

Round the horn early! 

20 – Cats out of the bag. I’m moving home for a while.  

We’re talking more about Michigan and my move. 

Mail! The song got screwed up but mail anyway! 

30 – Big fish in Michigan, minnow in LA. 

Josh Godfrey from Toledo, OH! Future neighbor. He sent us some Hamilton masks! 

Thanks Josh and wife! 

Turtlebox Handmade on Etsy! 

35 – Talking volunteering for text banking, etc. 

We’ll be right back! 

We’re back with Jess McKenna! She had a voice over gig and talks about it for us. 

She has a handful of recurring parts on cartoons. 

45 – Jess talks about her husband Morgan and how they met. 

Jimmy gives us a Dane update.  It clears up nothing.

50 – Talking progressive puppets. Kermit?  

Pen15 talk. The guys love it.  

Jimmy’s also watching Normal People. Talks about how great the acting is. 


Jess is indeed Irish. Her dad was born there. 

Talking drinking age in Ireland: It’s 18. 

55 – Jimmy talks about a teacher who would yell at kids for failing tests and accuse them of drinking in the “PREserves.” This same teacher once showed a film on Jimmy’s face. 

Round the horn! 

60 – My G is Gary Gulman!! 

We get a lot of facts about Gary. 


We almost lose Jimmy! We’ve been very lucky with Zoom so far. 

Eliot! The Cinnamon Stick! 

Nothing going on in Palms. He did have a fly battle though. 

Talking about the Fly episode of Breaking Bad. 

Rian Johnson did direct the Fly episode of Breaking Bad. 

Beth talks about Breaking Bad. 

Larry’s back!

1h5m – Joe DiMaggio was indeed the Mr. Coffee spokesman. 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joe_Garagiola_Sr. he turned into a game show host. 

Talking regional accident lawyers. 

1h10m – Jess talks about Keyes on Van Nuys. 

Obama caught his fly. 

If Donald Trump drove there is no way he would let someone merge. 

1h15m – Does Trump even have a license? 

Eliot’s guess is Greg Giraldo. 

Matt talks about the status of the studio. 

Let’s be fair to the tripod! 

Matt’s 20th anniversary is tomorrow! 27 years together and 20 married! 

Beth is not into it. 

1h20m – Matt’s G is Jim Gaffigan. Neither Jimmy nor Jess guessed that. 

Jim Gaffigan got 1 billion streams on Pandora apparently. 

Jess’s guess is Gilbert Gottfried. That was Jimmy’s guess also.

Jimmy’s got a car related question. Turns out it’s a Kars 4 Kids related question. 

1h25m – Jimmy’s guess is not George Goebel but it might fit Dane’s thought process. His guess is gonna be Paul Gilmartin. 

Matt and Jimmy bet $1 that none of us get it right. 

Eliot gives the fan guesses.

1h30m – More mosquito talk!

The correct answer is…

5) Gilbert Godfried

4) Dana Gould

3) Janene Garofalo

2) Todd Glass

1) Gallagher

No winner except Matt wins $1. 

Gallagher talk! Jess talks about going after watermelons. 

We’re done! 

Off Book is still on earwolf! 

Thanks Jess! 

1h40m – 

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth