2723 – Roller Skating with Cristela Alonzo

Cristela Alonzo

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher




00 Hello! 

Winnie The Pooh type day!

Jimmy talks about the wind. 

Matt did not ride his bike today! Too windy. 

Bike talk! 

“She rides a Schwinn…” – She’s like the wind…Danielle spoof. 

Jimmy talks about Ari Melber patting himself on the back. 

Rain Rain In LA! 

Talking American Beauty! 

Jimmy’s got bag problems now that they got rid of a tree. 

10 – Talking trash grabbers and gift shops!

15 – Tom Bergeron guest stars in Oliver’s Batman activities!

Talking Alfonso Ribero and AFV


How od is he?

Jimmy: 47

Matt: 48

Eliot: 52

Garon: 46 


Matt wins. 

20 – Jimmy got an email and gives a shout out to Mark Regan. Best wishes and get well to you Mark! Be well! 

Masks Forever! 

Jimmy’s dick can barely handle the bag under it now let alone adding another one to it.


A package from Sam Normington! 

It’s a baseball signed by most of the 77 White Sox! 

30 – Whole lotta lot talk. No one got Eliot’s Lot reference. 

Jimmy doesn’t realize he might be getting some acne due to the mask. 

35 – Jimmy talks about a survey! Podlistener.com/nevernotfunny

We’ll be right back with Cristela Alonzo!

40 – Welcome back! 

Jimmy remembers something on Sirus XM with Sammy Hagar over the weekend. He talks about it. 

It was unlistenable! The sound was terrible.

Cristela loves classic rock! She’s not a big Hagar fan though. She can only think of Right Now when she thinks of Hagar. 

No time for Van! 

Cristela talks about renting a restored 50s camper to write in. 

45 – Cristela talks about her first Roller Skating lesson! It was TODAY! 

Talking Karate Kid franchise. 

Talking this years Oscars. 

Audience singing at concerts talk and Garth Brooks! 

55 – Talking Ronnie James Dio talking to his audience about singing. 

60 – Cristela talks about seeing Lionel Richie and hoping to see We Are The World. Her friend made them leave before the encore, during which he sang We Are The World. 

60 – More Lionel Richie talk. 

Cristela talks about her crush on Ari Melber. 

Jimmy tells Cristela about the Pardo-Koenig MSNBC crushes. 

Trivia time!

Plus Round the horn!

1h5m – Trivia:

Category: Original Uses

Question: What Clothing Item Was Originally Used By Soldiers To Make Riding A Horse Easier? 

Results at the end!

We’re all wondering about the question. Sounds like it might be a tough one! 

1h10m – Jimmy talks about McCloud. 

Talking names and personalized gift shop name items. 

1h15m –  Talking Foo Fighters Times Like These. 


Talking Bon Jovi doing Here Comes The Sun 

1h20m – Cristela hosted the FIRST official inauguration event a week before the actual event. 

She talks about throwing to artists like Black Puma who were great! 

She talks more about it. 

My answer is belt. 

Talking about my horse attack. 

Jimmy talks about the New Radicals reuniting. 


1h30m – Eliot’s here! He fixed the tech issue!


Matt goes with Socks. 

“Yeah!” – Eliot

Cristela goes with Garters! 

Jimmy goes with Gloves!

The answer is High Heels!

We’ll be right back!

We’re back!

Talking Midterms and Cristela traveling.

1h35m – Jimmy wants to give Cristela a trophy but not willing to risk it. 

Matt plays some theme songs for Cristela!

She Loves them! 

Stupid Question: 

Austin Brungardt @ad_brungardt 

Two knives for a PB & J, or just one? 

It’s one. One. 

Stupid Question: 

Austin Brungardt @ad_brungardt 

Two knives for a PB & J, or just one? 

Simon McKim @SimonMcKim

Order of operations when you get in the car: seatbelt, mirror, seat, start the engine?   

Garon: you can include where talking to the driver falls in your list in place of starting the engine

Lots of options! Jimmy starts driving before he puts a seatbelt! 

1h55m – We’re done! 

Win column! 

Trivia results:

Category: Original Uses

Question: What Clothing Item Was Originally Used By Soldiers To Make Riding A Horse Easier? 

Garon: Belt (13pts) (alt answer Suspenders)

Eliot: Underpant (25 pts)

Matt: Socks (23 pts)

Cristela: Garter (3 pts)

Jimmy: Gloves (7 pts)

The answer is: high heels! 

No one right.

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth