27C – Dicking Around with Al Romas

Al Romas

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In studio notes by Garon Cockrell
Editing and additional notes by Darryl Asher

NNF Platinum 27C – Al Romas


00 We’re here!

Jimmy sings a song and tries to figure out where it’s from. 

Jimmy had a doctor visit. And talks about how his doctor had to have a chaperone in the room to check out his testicles. He apologized to them once it was done. 

Jimmy talks about the security at a hospital and having multiple check in stations for anyone coming in. 

Welcome in! 

Talking about my aunt! 

10 – We had a great Bingo Night (Sunday Morning)! 


Tim included a letter with the wood etchings! It was shrink wrapped to the box.  It answers the wood situation! 

15 – Eliot has confirmed he is not a carpenter! 

Thanks Tim! 

Scott Brooks sent us a record! It’s a Chicago related vinyl that he does already have. 

Thanks Scott! 

20 – Jimmy talks about the album and seeing them live in the past. 

Another package from Tim Quick! 

We’ll be right back with Al Romas

Here’s his book – https://www.amazon.com/How-About-Hand-Last-Guy-ebook/dp/B00DF7G7IY/ref=sr_1_2

30 – We’re back!

27C! Al Romas is here!

Al Romas takes down Jimmy’s background. 

He says it looks like a comedy club green room trying too hard. 

Jimmy and Al talk Chicago area Zainies and shows they’ve done as headliners with stronger middles that buried them, 

35 – Al talks about his book and the origin of the title being from an MC who never said his name. “How about a hand for the last guy!” 

Round the horn! 

40 – I played video games with friends. 

Al talks about his web series Two Dicks. Look for them on YouTube! And Amazon Prime soon enough. 

We talk about Al’s merch Coaster. 

45 – Michigan talk! 

Jimmy asks Al about Florida. He moved down there because he does a lot of cruises and is not sure when the cruise ship work is going to return. 

50 – Jimmy talks about the comedians he saw on a cruise 2 were great 2 were atrocious. One of which Oliver said they could leave because he stinks. 

My C is Chevy Chase! Cornelius Crane “Chevy” Chase!

55 – Eliot’s here! He had to let someone in and appeared extremely frustrated by it. 

Al talks about his history listening to NNF. He’s been there since the beginning.

60 – Talking about Jimmy’s old headphones. 


Nick Cannon was named CFO of Radio Shack in 2015. They were bought out by General Wireless the same year. 

Eliot talks about the cactus leaves he got from Imperfect Box. They were not dethorned and one ended up in a tomato. He talks about cooking them. 

Matt says the cactus leaves paid for themselves with the great story Eliot got out of it. 

1h5m – Al and Jimmy talk about the time they met in vegas. Jimmy and Mike insisted on seeing Al’s set. Al wanted them to stay out but Jimmy said he likes to laugh. It put Al in his hand a lot.  

1h10m – Jimmy talks about the time at Joey’s comedy club where there was a table of Hecklers who they refused to get rid of. Jimmy went to the manager and started poking her until she asked him what he was doing. “Im doing what they’re doing to him (comic on stage.)” She finally got it. 

Eliot’s C is George Carlin. 

Talking comics who say “Im just kidding!” after their jokes. 

Jimmy sets Al up for a story. He tells about going drinking with someone until 3 am who then mentioned they have a radio gig at 6am. Al asked if the middle act could come too. It was some 17 year old kid. At the radio, Al just sat back and this kid killed it on the show. He brought people out to see the show thanks to his radio appearance! It was Jimmy Fallon! 

1h15m – Eliot blanked out. Nods in response to Jimmy’s question and admits he has no idea what Jimmy asked him,

The Honcho! 

Jimmy returned Matt’s projector and the guys talk about Adam Sandler, Bill Madison, Happy Gilmore, and Happy Madison productions. 


Talking Uncut Gems. 

Al’s just been watching a lot of sports. White Sox are doing well! 

Talking sports with and without a crowd. 

Reggie Miller talk. 

I teach Eliot about the fundamentals of baseball.

1h30m – Doc Talk!

The Dawn Wall 

Apparently, Matt’s cousin is the youngest person to climb El Capitan?! He did it with ropes. 

The current youngest climber is a 10 year old girl – https://buckrail.com/meet-el-caps-youngest-climber/

Matt’s C word is Jim Carrey! 

The Belknaps watched Ace Ventura! The kids did not enjoy it and may have altered Matt’s own feelings on the film. 

Is it Transphobic?

1h35m – Jimmy talk about seeing Jennie McCarthy on a plane and her working her assistant to death.

Al’s C  word is Carrot Top!

Jimmy’s mom on Bobby Collins: “Does this guy have ANY other jokes?!”

The guys talk about Carrot Top. 

Jimmy’s C is: Bill Cosby 

Al and Jimmy thought that is who I was going to say. The guys talk about Cosby and his impact and inspiration on comics when they were younger. 

Al talks about his heroes: Steve Martin, Seinfeld, Letterman. Richard Pryor/Leno but not a lot of “current” comics in his age group. 

1h45m – Jimmy talks about his own history with stand ups and how his mom was into a lot of stand-ups growing up. 

Talking how Bobby Collins would bring people in based on a Certz commercial. Bobby Collins told Al he would get him on the VH1 comedy show His manager, Bruce, said he was just being nice. A week later, Bobby calls and Al is on the show. 

Eliot reads the fan guesses: INCLUDING ME?! 

1h55m – The guys do not accept me as a valid answer! 

2h talking about Anthony Clark and how Jimmy and Mike Siegel went to a bar with him once that they had to go down an alley and knock on a door to get into. 

Dane Cooks guesses: 

5) Anthony Clark

4) Andrew Dice Clay

3) George Carlin

2) Billy Crystal

1) Bobby Collins!

No winner! Everyone is shocked at Bobby Collins since we’ve been talking about him the entire show. 

We’re done! See you next time!

My pleasure,

Garon/The Beast/Mush Mouth Shy Guy/The Notekeeper/Lazy Queen/Sloth